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  1. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    So WG... you still think this is a good idea?

    The torp wall is back, good old torp wall. I miss the glory days of shima torp walls.
  2. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    So WG... you still think this is a good idea?

    I look forward to torp spam.
  3. I would have bought some crates if when you POP a ship drop it gives you one of the ships you don't already have. But since it doesn't work this way, NOPE... no money from me.
  4. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    899 divisions?

    Just one of the many broken things about CVs, its hard to do anything about it.
  5. So these containers don't give you a ship drop unless you get a drop for that specific ship? By this I mean, that if I have all of them but the Mainz and I get a ship drop for say the Hipper which I already have, it wont automatically give me the ship I don't have but will give me a random reward which will prolly be flags?
  6. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    WG's Kitakami mistake.

    Yall stop trying to get the troll ship not released, I want this troll torp boat so bad!
  7. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    No Russian bias? PLEASE

    Don't worry, most sane people are not going to buy this ship because its a RB ship.
  8. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    Marblehead worth it?

    You have only played 71 games in total, you need to learn the game more and play the different classes and line ships before investing in any premium ships. And the majority of premium ships aren't any better then the ships you have access to in the lines.
  9. I know you don't want to hear this, but its 100 percent you. Your main battery hit rate is 26.65 % With that hit rate you're lucky your at 50 percent win rate. You need to get your hit rate over 30% I would suggest watching some aim videos guides, ect. This is a good one:
  10. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    NoZoup got me thinking

    All of this would make CV the most utter useless class of ship in game. The only way to counteract the changes you suggest is to make CV weapons hit as hard as other ships. So if these changes were to happen, then make there torps hit as hard as cruiser torps or dd torps ect. If that happens, then people will still complain when they got nuked out of a match by a good CV player.
  11. All i know is that kutuzov with the special Russian coal captain is a joy to play in ranked.
  12. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    It is really not the CVs

    Its spotting, DDs have to many counters
  13. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    exciting new clan battles meta with cv!

    wargaming seems this and is like, how can we nerf the graf spee clearly the problem is the graf spee.
  14. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    CV re-rework

    All they have to do to fix CVs is remove CV spotting, and then they're fixed.
  15. IXI_Kohaku_IXI

    Is Kuznetzov (sp?) getting nerfed?

    I heard his heal was getting nerfed that is why I have yet to buy him. If hes not getting nerfed, I'll buy him.