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  1. ToadyJanker

    Smol MOD question..am I missing something?

    LWM's paradox: LWM is never wrong BECASUE LMW is often wrong. (Derivative of the Socratic paradox)
  2. ToadyJanker

    Are Community Contributors / WG Failing Us?

    Skuggsja, While this isn't my battle, I think I may understand where your views may not be meshing with some/most of the CC's Generally speaking, people reference information that they find knowledgeable/intelligent. Now, hopefully I'm not stepping on any CC's toes here, but if we have to generalize about CC's, my guess is quite a few of them are motivated in part want to be thought of as being highly knowledgeable about WoWS, and maybe even an expert in the field of WoWS. Where I think this tips over is that leadership is often used/demonstrated as a call to action. While I suspect most people would say they want their leaders to be highly knowledgeable, knowledge and leadership don't always go hand in hand. Sometimes experts in a field aren't good leaders, or, more pertinently to this conversation, don't want the responsibility of leadership. To use LWM as an example, I think she's unconformable speaking for and representing players she doesn't know (maybe I should be following her example) to Wargaming. I also suspect she doesn't want to feel like she's responsible for the actions of the player base. Based, in part on her conclusion in the Azuma review I think what she does want is to be a source of information to help the player base make informed choices about how to spend their money: On the one hand, it's nice that my job is done for me: the player base is cautious and they're not going to throw money recklessly at Wargaming over the newest shiny on offer. On the other hand, it concerns me how many times I've heard the same inaccuracies about the ship repeated over and over. Azuma isn't a bad ship. And that's the key... I don't think she's ever put in her reviews a statement advocating that a ship should or should not be bought... she discuses her opinions on premium ships, and the facts and information that led her to her opinion. I can't think of a single time she's called for a boycott of a ship, or that everyone needs to buy a particular premium. Had she done either of those, then yes, she would be acting as a leader of the player base. If you're singling out CC's who have used their following to stand at the bully pulpit and try to influence the player bases behavior as having failed you, you may have a point. But please don't generalize, especially here in the forums, where the more prevalent CC's view their role as informing and educating. Imagine going to a school where all of teachers are volunteers and asking "Are our teachers failing us?" because the school buildings are in bad shape. No matter your intent, it's going to feel like a very personal attack to them.
  3. ToadyJanker

    Videos that make you laugh harder than you probably should have

    Although I would have preferred to have a video on the USS Second Amendment.
  4. ToadyJanker

    Are Community Contributors / WG Failing Us?

    Thank you for everything you do @LittleWhiteMouse, and for sticking to your moral/logical standards and not changing them to make a few more bucks. But because of this post I've decided that thanking you doesn't cut it anymore, and I needed to put my money where my mouth is. I realize that one extra Patron isn't going get you to the point you can retire from your real job and just create content, but hopefully it helps.
  5. ToadyJanker

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I'm sure you meant Seafire, not Spitfire.
  6. ToadyJanker

    Are you ready for

    … or sleep?
  7. ToadyJanker

    Are you ready for

    Looking at the numbers myself I thought that was the case. I was all prepped to go to the C hull to try and survive the 0.8.0 menace. Much to my surprise I noticed that even though the number of mount's went up, the DPM goes down.