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  1. Yeah, I didn't have the time for all of it either, hence only having 600, rather than 750. I found the 1st week's combat missions the easiest, and only finished the 1st stage of the later 2, though I might finish the 2nd stage of this week's. I can see that some tasks might be too easy in space battles, like torpedo hits or spotting torpedoes in torpedo beats mode, but space battles are sufficiently similar to randoms that most don't look any easier there. Eg. damaging ship modules, receiving potential damage, ribbons, etc. You can also look at it the other way and say they could have designed the tasks better so they wouldn't be too easy in space battles. I've only finished the 3rd, but finishing the 4th looks doable in the next day or two. I originally wasn't sure I'd get through the credit grinds for the 3rd, so I've already gotten more than I thought I would.
  2. Pseudovector

    19 point captains

    Thanks for all your answers. The path to a 19 pt captain doesn't look quite as long as I had originally thought it was, seeing how quickly it can be done.
  3. If you did all the combat missions that gave Ironium, in addition to the 1st 3 directives, you'd have 750, enough for 5 space captains. I'm in almost exactly the position you describe. I unlocked the USN T6 CA just before this event and will get the French T6 CA once I get enough XP on the T5, and I have no expectation of getting any T10 for months. I actually did get 600 Ironium, enough for a UU, but I'm thinking I'd be better off getting the 10 pt space captains, which I can use now, instead of a UU, which I might not benefit from for a long time. I guess I have a couple days to make a final decision. It would have been nice for more of the directives to be doable in space battles, just to not feel like I needed to divide my time between space battles and directives.
  4. Pseudovector

    The overpen dilemma

    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration#Shell_Dispersion The dispersion value displayed in port is the horizontal length of the dispersion ellipse at the maximum fire range
  5. Pseudovector

    Crowd scour: The search for torpedo costs.

    Torpedo Beat space ships: Celestial 533 mm SoE-I, 72 fish for 18000, 250 each Comet Trace 533 mm Chrysalis TM, 150 fish for 41250, 275 each Rover 610 mm Kukoyamba XIX, 70 fish for 24500, 350 each
  6. Pseudovector

    Why I shoot the water

    Most fish float to the surface after being killed. Sharks are the only exception I know of that sink instead.
  7. So, if a ship with this commander has 10.0% hp, then takes 10.1% of its hp in damage from a single salvo (eg. from a citadel hit or torpedo), this skill never activates? It does look pretty big, but if I'm reading it right, it only lasts for 30s. Even with higher dispersion, lucky hits are still possible; misses aren't guaranteed.
  8. Pseudovector

    SUGGESTIONS: Air 'terrain' to balance CV play

    Agreed. Unfortunately, WG seems to disagree. I'm not so sure about that. Currently, in the absence of teammates spotting, ships in smoke and planes directly above them won't spot each other. I think assured detection only works ship to ship. Stealth AA is still an issue that this cloud mechanic could make worse. I thought it might be an interesting mechanic, because both sides potentially have ways exploit it to their advantage, but I don't see there being good enough counterplay for it to make the game more fun for both sides.
  9. Pseudovector

    19 point captains

    Was that from an event like space battles? I don't see how a new account would have enough coal, and there isn't an IJN commander there anyway, for coal or doubloons. I just looked up that camo in the wiki, since I don't have any of that one. I didn't realize there were camos with bonuses that large. I knew getting getting high bonuses was doable, but that makes it quite a bit easier, if you have the camos and signals. That brings up another question: how do you get so many of these camos and dragon flags?
  10. Pseudovector

    Convinced MM is rigged

    Does Matchmaking Monitor really average win rates without weighting by matches played, or something to deal with players with few matches played? If so, then those averages could be far more misleading than most people probably realize. Maybe more than whoever wrote it realizes too.
  11. Pseudovector

    19 point captains

    How did you get that much commander XP in so few battles? Obviously getting high base XP helps, but looking at your profile, even with 2483 average base XP over 196 random battles, you'd need, on average, a ~600% net bonus to get the ~3.4M commander XP needed for 2 19 pt captains.
  12. Pseudovector

    Top Ten Challenge: Week Three

    I wonder, is it really a good idea to explicitly incentivize playing for It's Just a Flesh Wound and Detonation achievements? There were many complaints about players playing for these achievements and hurting their team in the Exeter marathon, and that didn't even require these explicitly.
  13. Pseudovector

    SUGGESTIONS: Air 'terrain' to balance CV play

    WanderingGhost already said most of what I was going to say. I agree that low clouds blocking visibility should work both ways, just like smoke does. It could be an interesting mechanic, especially combined with altitude control, so players could control whether they fly above or below the clouds. Surface ships might not like it though, as planes would fly undetected over a ship under clouds, drop below the clouds briefly to drop bombs, then fly back through the clouds with minimal damage taken. The only counter to this I can think of is CAP fighters, as those would be able to fly above the clouds, spot the planes there, and intercept them. Maybe this isn't a good idea.
  14. Pseudovector

    Realistic crate drop odds?

    Given the probability of getting a CV from a single crate, p_CV, the probabilty of getting at least one CV in N crates, P(N), is: P(N) = 1 - (1 - p_CV)^N If we assume p_CV = 1/7.5, as the OP did, then P(5) = 51.11% P(35) = 99.33% Note that the function is an exponential function of N, so the probability of getting a CV is never 100%, no matter how many crates you open. Also remember that these numbers are dependent on an assumed value of p_CV, and do not necessarily reflect reality if that assumption is wrong.
  15. Well, you're both partially right. Nicholas only has a B hull, but does gain DFAA from the B hull. From the Wiki: Upgrade to Hull (B) for more hit points, a faster main battery rate of fire, and access to Defensive AA Fire ().