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  1. Sparverius1

    matchmaking concern

    I hear about getting into a division, but don't know anyone else in wows. it would be good to have some friends out there to team with. Is there a way to meet players with similar skill levels to be in a division? Thanks for the advice! How does one look at their scoring trends?
  2. Sparverius1

    matchmaking concern

    Thanks for the input. What did you do differently to get out of potatoville?
  3. Sparverius1

    matchmaking concern

    I've been playing this game for 6 months or so, about a thousand games in. Slowly getting better, I hope anyway. There is something I don't understand, losing streaks. It is not unusual to lose 6, 7, 8 games in a row. Okay, I'm open to the fact that I'm not very good. Actually, I'm not that bad, and am usually in the top end of scoring for my losing team. Even so, the odds of a random matchmaking resulting in 8 constitutive losses seems to be beyond random chance, even if I just hid behind an island each game. When i look at the winning teams members they often have 2 or 3 players with ten or 15 thousand games in, and great stats. My losing team does has typical players like me. Random chance should even this sort of thing out, but that does not seem to be what is happening. Is there a chance the matchmaking is not random?