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  1. Guns don't do enough damage to Subs to compensate for DC not working above 6m. I hope WG fixes this, it's become a common exploit and has only further diminished the fun DD's have. Sub mode is a joke, I haven't had a full *human* team since the first day of this. This mode deserved another go around on PTS, it is not ready for randoms.
  2. Maksimus54

    Bagration/Ochakov Missions?

    Awesome, thanks for the quick response!
  3. @Hapa_Fodder When should we expect these missions to reset so we can get earning again? It was stated in their notes that we could earn 840 tokens in it. I knocked out the first set this weekend. I assumed it would reset with each new set of directives but that doesn't appear to be the case. Some clarification please. Thanks!
  4. Maksimus54

    fix the match making

    Dude, Matchmaking has improved. I've seen quite the increase in single tier games. While there is much to be said about a lack of training, WG can't actually control the skill level of your compatriots. The most simple advice is div up with good players. This assures you of a known amount of talent.
  5. Maksimus54

    Which ship to get with my 1M free XP

    AK or bust. Lots of utility, can be built a number of different viable ways and is tanky as heck. I find it pretty fun
  6. Maksimus54

    EU DD Week 2 Mission code

    Thank you!
  7. Maksimus54

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    You could also uptier it to 10 and give it more consumables
  8. Maksimus54

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    I really want the Johnston in the game, but I'm just not sure I"m seeing where another fletcher class fits. Building for AA is just the Kidd, adding radar makes it a Black. I actually think making a special commander makes more sense in the short term. Captain Evans with an improved Prevantative Maintenance, Smokescreen Expert and Survivability Expert would be neat.
  9. Maksimus54

    Replay of broken team kill mechanic

    Pink happens. What is broken about the mechanic? If this happens often enough for you to go orange I think the problem lays with you. If it's the occasional pink from randoms running into your bullets/torpedoes just move on. It's literally two games of no team damage and thats it.
  10. Maksimus54

    When the Game is on the Line.....

    Massachusetts is the first ship that comes to mind.
  11. ugh was saving up for a couple other ships but instead outfitted a bunch of ships from Christmas crates
  12. Maksimus54

    Stat Shaming, why we do it, and why it must be done

    A recent CC miscue is Flamu's ambush build on the Kleber. Not to say you couldn't build it that way but the most efficient use was full gunboat. That is to say, if a newbie asked for advice on how to build out a Kleber and Dolphin suggested a certain gun build, but Flamu's supporters suggested concealment we would find ourselves in a stat shaming situation. That's not to say certain arguments are invalid, e.g. "i have more fun playing ambush Kleber" or "Full secondary GK is more enjoyable to play." But we need to be clear you are advocating for comfort rather than max efficiency.
  13. Maksimus54

    Stat Shaming, why we do it, and why it must be done

    Not exactly sure you got the point. Dolphin is not advocating stat shaming to shame, but rather as a reinforcement for their arguments about game mechanics with those less experienced/talented.
  14. Maksimus54

    Hindenburg build

    The problem with statistics is you haven't shown us the percentage of ships played. It's easy to say that Hindy only pens 1% ships with IFHE so the skill is useless, however if those 1% of ships show up in every match I don't think you're correct. I am not the engineer with a masters in statistics but I bet you'd find in T10 MM that there is at least 1 of these ships with 60mm plating in each round. That has been my personal experience at least. I don't subscribe to any of these stats sites, but could we get a breakdown on how often these ships are brought to matches? If a hindy only saw 60mm plate 1% of the matches it played I think your argument is sound, but my anecdotal evidence says otherwise.
  15. Picked up the Hawkins on the 3rd roll