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  1. nonurdambiz

    New feature does not work

    yeah didn't think wargambling would answer this topic
  2. New feature of ship destroyed and supposed to be available before the last battl;e ends. Doesn't work. Thought I read that was new and would be working
  3. nonurdambiz

    So when will modstation be back in play?

    Okay I think I will work on that tomorrow..thanks
  4. nonurdambiz

    So when will modstation be back in play?

    I have thought about that but really have gottne used to modstation
  5. When will Mod station be fixed?
  6. nonurdambiz

    Feedback for Update 0.11.9 - Submarines

    So now we have subs in Brawls. This game is getting worse by the day. Spent so much and getting ready to play any other decent game or some such crap. I understand you dont give a phuck, but you are shooting yourself in the foot. So many players are leaving. You figure it out
  7. Ixs the North America server down again?
  8. nonurdambiz

    Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, wth, okay what the hell

    Well we just had an update and to my suprise (not) it still does the issue of waiting 5 to 10 minutes and haveing to stop using task manager and restart and it then works. Its not a firewall issue
  9. nonurdambiz

    blacklisted players

    You really dont think the functions to aid players workin the game? Pretty much a pipe dream
  10. nonurdambiz

    Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, wth, okay what the hell

    Wargambliing literally screwed up their coding. It is so frustrating to try and play the game when the people who run the game will not take notice
  11. nonurdambiz

    ModStation Combat Interface

    Many people ahving issues with the game being broke
  12. nonurdambiz

    Warship Masters Invitational

    You didn't think they would let anyone else participate
  13. So new update, open game center. hit play button, 5 minutes later still logging in. Task manager to kill the game, then reload game center, hit play and get in less than a minute later. That was this morning, get home fire up pc, open game center, hit play and 7 minutes later watching the logging in buffering and again, task manager kill game, open game center, play game, and less than one minute game runs. Nothing in is running in background. No updates, etc. 200 megabit connection and a gaming pc. wth? Everytime wargambling updates a patch there is this dread that I cant log in or there is some other bug that simply will pop up. Im not a coder, but you would think things like this would be checked. UGH wth
  14. Had this happen Wed night clan battles, couldnt switch to Bravo and wouldn't show. And it wasn't because I didn't have authority to change as I am the XO of m clan. I didn't play yesterday as was out of town but plan to check again tonight