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  1. Noob666_

    After 6 years...

    Amagi is a decent ship. Of course, she hasn't had a nerf or buff ever in WoWs and stayed good for 3 years, and her age is becoming obvious. Still isn't as bad as a Bismarck which imo is a mediocre ship.
  2. Noob666_

    New possible Ships

    HMS Habbakuk at tier ten. 200 tier 4 planes. Most fragile out of all tier 10 carriers. (What do you expect, its made out of pykrete.) Everything else uo to wg (totaly not going to be overpowered because its not russian and they has russian bias.)
  3. Noob666_

    ussr bb

    Beg wg
  4. Was playing in my Amagi when this had to happen. This bug is years old and needs a patch.
  5. Noob666_

    Event Maskarados?

    They use any ship but usually premiums. If you somehow kill it, you get doubloons, some camo, and signals.
  6. All of you people probably are aware of the CV rework. If you are a new player and you want to play CVs (aircraft carriers.) Well, think again. In this topic, I'll tell you why CVs aren't just worth to play with. 1. How you execute a attack is rather poor. No matter how much planes are in your squadron, torpedo bombers for example will only have 2 planes that will actually attack while the original CV mechanic will have all the planes left in the squadron attack. How you attack is basically doing a manual drop with the old CVs except the "drop area" moves with the squadron, and in 3rd person instead of a birds eye view which somewhat makes executing a attack worse. 2. They whatsoever had to remove tier 5,7, and 9 carriers and it also messes up with the matchmaking. Right now, it's possible for a tier 4 CV to be in a tier 7 match where common sense tells you the poor tier 4 CVs planes would just get shredded. 3. The micromanaging I'd say is worse than the old CVs and I mean a lot worse. All CVs are 1-1-1 instead of other flight systems. If this isn't bad, you can only control one squadron, and controlling that one squadron does not let you control the CV itself without autopilot. If you played before 0.8.0 and you played CVs, you can tell striking a ship with only one squadron is stupid and either you don't do enough damage or that squadron will get shredded. 4. Sometimes, the point of playing CVs is to have fun shredding the opponent's planes with your fighters. Now with the rework, its a pain to have the air superiority. Yes, there is a consumable on strike aircraft but it only patrol a certain area and the fighters are consumables and only circle your ship. Thats all I have to say about the CV rework. If I missed anything, feel free to comment down. This is just my opinion and it's ok to have a different opinion than me.