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  1. TYPHOON0216

    Twilight Hunt

    Ye, Columbus re-found India again. Ye!
  2. TYPHOON0216

    Armada: Brandenburg

    This one should be CA like Alaska, why it is classified as a BB?
  3. TYPHOON0216

    Lighthouse Auction how did you do?

    $100 for a thing that you can't even touch? nah.
  4. TYPHOON0216

    Dry Dock: California

    95 tokens...95 ..95...lol.
  5. TYPHOON0216


    So what could the next? CV with Depth charge planes or sonobuoy? I guess it would be French CVs. Could be towed array sonar from DDs, make it to slow down to detect any subs, and why can UK DDs have hedgehogs? Also I think deleting sub sonar ping with damage control is a dumb idea, it would more make sense to use depth charge to erase it. Underwater explosions would erase such contact or confuse the system, say it erase sonar ping in radius of 4km?
  6. TYPHOON0216

    New Map: Voting Results

    I don't care what is look like, I care where the rocks are.
  7. No more community token give away on news letters.
  8. TYPHOON0216

    What should I spend my free XP on.

    Come back again when you have 2mil points, so you can use 1 mil for something you want and 1 mil for emergency use, like buying a ship that will get banned. All good ships are got banned at this point so why not saving them?
  9. I got Genova, they always give me something I don't want, they must have a very expensive crystal ball.
  10. I will believe it when I see it.
  11. TYPHOON0216

    ST 0.10.7, changes to submarines

    I hope when depth charges explode it disable any hydro's capability of detecting any ships, torps and subs in radius of 8Km until all depth charge done exploding, also prevent any homing torps following the target.
  12. TYPHOON0216

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    I don't buy lottery.
  13. TYPHOON0216

    A Look Through Time: Dutch Cruisers

    Yes, and you don't get any reward so why not?
  14. No Jingles, No deal.