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  1. Ciryandil

    Småland is a fun boat!

    You are right. I just verified the numbers with my own Smaland just a moment ago. My apologies. When I previously stated the numbers of Smaland, I guess it was because I did not actually sail my Smaland in a perfectly straight line to determine the values.
  2. Ciryandil

    Dmitri Donskoi — Soviet Tier IX cruiser.

    After seeing this video by the historical channel "Kings and Generals" about the famous historical figure that the ship is named after, I really want to grind my way to the Dmitri Donskoi.
  3. My guess is that they are buoys of some kind, but they look weird, especially as they hang over the side like some fruit from a tropical tree. Any ideas what they are?
  4. Ciryandil

    Thunderer, or Smolensk

    Here is the result of a great game that I had in my Thunderer. She sure is a lot of fun to play.
  5. Ciryandil

    Småland is a fun boat!

    Agreed. Kleber is pretty powerful as it stands in terms of Tier X DDs. Even after the huge nerfs that WG gave to Kleber and Mogador, they are still forces to be reckoned with. Kleber is actually effective at fighting enemy Smålands. I know because while in my Småland, I got sunk by 2 enemy Klebers.
  6. Ciryandil

    Småland is a fun boat!

    I do honestly think that WG ought to have made the price a bit lower for Småland. But having radar is quite valuable for a Tier X DD, you ahve to admit. 2 million Free XP price for the upcoming DD, Hayate, is absolutely ridiculous since that boat seems to be just a hybrid Shimakaze-Harugumo , a jack-of-all trades, and does not seem special enough to warrant a 2 million Free XP price tag. The wiki link on Småland says that her speed was 37 knots. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSwMS_Småland_(J19) The 32-33 knots base speed I think is WG trying to keep her balanced in relation with other Tier X DDs, as her fast-loading guns, extremely fast torps (and fast reload torps), a Repair Party heal, and Surveillance Radar already make Småland a powerhouse. The Speed Boost at least does enable Småland to reach 39 knots which is just a bit faster than her historical speed, and kinda makes up for the "nerf" that WG gave her. Of course, the Speed Boost itself does not last that long, so there is that to consider. Personally, I still think that Småland is a fine boat even with her somewhat low speed.
  7. Ciryandil

    NOOO! My flags! ;-(

    I actually wish that WG would make the League Flags permanent additions. But....would such a thing be too good of a bonus to the players? To have a permanent credit-reduction flag? Or do you think that it is a good thing that the League flags are only temporary and only periodically are used by the players? What are your thoughts?
  8. Ciryandil

    Småland is a fun boat!

    Here are the results of two battles that I had in the Småland. I am really enjoying her. I am beginning to think that the 2 million Free XP that I spent was actually worth it.....
  9. Ciryandil

    Visby AA suprisingly good

    Visby is quite good at her tier. She is extremely fast, and with a fast rudder shift and that makes up for the fact that she comes with no smoke. As for her AA, it is quite good too.
  10. Ciryandil

    Republique?? What happened?

    Did you know? That in all World War II, than the accuracy of battleships was only a measly 3% of all shots fired in anger? Than meant that battleships missed 97% of the time. WoWS on the other hand, you get more accuracy in every shot. You ought to be proud of those 30 hits you delivered to that Montana.
  11. Ciryandil

    King of the Sea X Collection

    Hey everyone, did the code for the new crates get released recently?
  12. Ciryandil


    This is solid advice, even though a lot of players ignore it. All the CV-complainers will keep on hating--and REFUSING---to play CVs and see what their true weaknesses are. If you play a ship class, you can gain intel on the nooks and crannies, pros and cons, with the ship class. It is that simple. If players want to know how to combat CVs effectively, then they ought to play them in at least Co-Op and see how they perform. That is the best way for the CV-complainers to learn how to fight CVs: by teaching themselves.
  13. Ciryandil


  14. Ciryandil


    There is counterplay to CVs. This can be done in several ways: Shoot down his aircraft. And the best way to do this is sail with friendly warships and combine AA bubbles. Sure, some of the torps, bombs, and rockets are still going to get off and hit your ship and the ships of your allies, but you ARE going to shoot down airplanes. And after 2,3, or 4 passes with squadrons, the CV player WILL be down a significant number of planes, believe me. I have seen it happen before many times. Defensive AA also helps in combating aircraft, and if you are in a fast, nimble aircraft you can dodge air attacks. A lot of players complain about "just dodge" but dodging actually works, if you arein the right place and time. Airplane squadrons do take a while to turn after they made a strike or missed a strike on an enemy vessel. Also, a clever DD who is stealthy, and makes good use of smokes can hide from CV attacks and frustrate the CV player. Then the DD can spot said CV to enable his friendly cruisers and battleships to shoot at the CV from long range. CVs have poor concealment (except the Japanese CVs) and are BIG targets.
  15. Ciryandil


    Fighter Consumable is usually a must if the ship you are spec-ing out has poor AA (like the Yamato). I play CVs, and I shall tell you: we CV players will think twice before attacking an enemy ship that has the Fighter Comsumable active. That is because we do not want to lose too many aircraft and become "deplaned" (i.e. when a CV loses so many planes too fast that your airplane replenishment process cannot keep up in bringing squadrons to even 1/4th strength)