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  1. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    My thoughts exactly. THAT is why I made this post....to make a point of what needs to be done. I am not here to lecture everyone on what they need/should do per say….. I am merely conveying Zoup's message here to this Forum website, and stating that I agree with his message. .............................And that is the last thing I am going to say on this Forum post of mine. Good day to everyone! May your winds be fair, and your seas calm!
  2. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    I was actually in a Tier X game recently where there was a player on my team who was playing the Puerto Rico. He proceeded to help my team immensely by getting the First Blood achievement and sinking 3 enemy ships on a key flank that my team and I were in danger of losing......I of course complimented him for being a great team player. I judge not the player for whatever ship that they sail.....I judge them only by their actions and the behavior of their character. THAT is how I use the karma system.
  3. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    I guess what I was getting at before is that WoWS does not have a proper "social" atmosphere. Instead of hearing and talking with all the other players that you are playing with in, say Random Battles, all you see is in-game chat messages, like "Requesting Support!" and "Wilco!" and "Concentrate fire on the enemy target" and only some actually typed out messages. When you are in a Division of players, such as Clanmates, and you are all on Discord or TeamSpeak, then you are better able to communicate and be social with those players. But WoWS Random Battle will put you randomly with players that are not really looking to socially interact with you: they just want to play the game and have fun. Sure, once in a while during a game some people will being a in-game discussion about something such has, "Hey man, you heard about the new upcoming Tier VII premium ship, the USS California?" I thank @Burnsy, @Bguk, and @eviltane for making it more clear to me that videogames ARE social interactions with the multiplayer setting. If is just difficult for me to see the true social aspect of the game, when talking with other players is difficult to establish given the current limitations of the chat system.
  4. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    I stand corrected. Thank you Burnsy. (truly, I mean it)
  5. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    By that I meant the ACT of playing games. The heart of game playing is not exactly social....talking about video games are social. What we are doing right now, for instance, is a social discussion about WoWS. Clans chatting to themselves in their own separate chat rooms is also socializing....but when if comes to playing the video game itself....it is hardly social.
  6. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Exactly. I, Ciryandil, much rather prefer to compliment than to report others. I only report those players who truly are being rude and disrespectful against other players.
  7. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Who says that I cannot stand the actions of other people? I interact plenty with other people, and I get along with them in the most part. My clan, the Brothers Grimm Armada, is a wonderful clan. I am proud to be a part of them, and we go on TeamSpeak a lot to chat up and talk about social life and the WoWS gameplay, and so on. The benefit form being in a clan, is that said clan can set up their own form of communication, like TeamSpeak or Discord, that can get AWAY from the forms of communication that Wargaming has set up in the Chat system in WoWS. If you have played with a Division before, then you know that commutation is key to working efficiently to fight the enemy. Using Discord or TeamSpeak is a lot faster and more efficient than the type-communication chat system that WoWS has. What I was suggesting earlier is that, perhaps, Wargaming should maybe look into improving the Chat system that we currently have. A few months ago, they did add a change that made it possible to mute other players. That is a step in the right direction. ….as to this Forum post that I have created, I am simply making the point that it is not right to report other players simply for them playing a certain ship, when that ship being in the game is not the players' fault....it is WARGAMING'S fault, and that players should not be bullied for doing whatever they want. I am not saying this because I am butt-hurt about it...….I am saying this because I have listened to what NoZoupForYOu have said and I am merely saying that I agree with him. That's all.
  8. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    But why would that be "unsporting" for playing a CV? What if the CV player actually helped defend your team's destroyers from the enemy CV with well-placed Fighter Squadrons? How is that "unsporting" if the CV player is doing work for his team by assisting them?
  9. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Video games are not really meant to be social atmospheres...they are modes of entertainment. If you want to engage socially with other people, then best of you to go to Facebook or Twitter....or even this here WoWS Forum page. When it come to video games, the bottom line is that players just want to play and have fun.
  10. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Isn't it funny? WG adds the karma system to help prevent player rage from disturbing other players, but all it serves is another conduit of more player rage.
  11. Ciryandil

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Has the karma system really solved that though? By some accounts, there are players who still suffer from being chased back to port by other players and being chat-abused. ….perhaps WG should just remove the ability to communicate entirely from WoWS, just like in WoT.
  12. It is not right to Report players who play the Puerto Rico, just like it is not right to report players for playing the Smolensk or aircraft carriers...… because who is responsible for bringing those ships in the game? Not the players.....it was Wargaming. And even if you ARE going to be using the Report system.....better to do it against players who are behaving like [edited] or who truly are playing poorly. Do not make other good players' lives miserable just because they wanted to play a certain ship! This game--World of Warships--is wonderful because there are lots of ships and that means a loot of favorites, unfavorites. So I am in concurrence with what Zoup here says.
  13. Georgia is actually inferior to Iowa in terms of armor and hit points. For such a strong ship with mighty guns and fantastic secondary armaments she is somewhat....fragile. But of course, she is still a blast to play!
  14. Video games are really just forms of entertainment....but entertainment can be fleeting. What do you mean? Would you mind explaining?