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  1. Hullo! New to the game here and was wondering what happened to the Batavian supplies section in the Armory under Dutch Cruisers? I was at 6 of 12 items collected yesterday, on july 31st, but upon opening on August 1st the click box is not there. Was there a time-limit posted somewhere? Thanks in advance for all helpful replies! -FPT
  2. FPTootles

    Dutch Cruiser Setups?

    Thanks for the replies so far, most helpful as I try to get the hang of this. -FPT
  3. Many thanks for the advce on builds and tactics! I sure do appreciate it!
  4. FPTootles

    Dutch Cruiser Setups?

    Hullo Everyone! New to the game here, have the tier 4 and 6 Dutch cruisers, and working the missions to be able to get more. Don't know much about optimizing ships yet, a lot of the information out there seems to be based on a system which has since been changed. Suggestions for optimizing this line of cruiser are appreciated! Thanks in advance! -FPT
  5. Hullo Everyone! Very new to the game, just having fun at this point. I always take a gamble with at least one exp award container each time I play. I happened to get the Tier V KK with a 10 pt commander. I kknow a lot of people rate her as garbage, so won't need additional comments on that line. That being said, can anyone give me an optimal set-up for the Commander and the equipment upgrades. Sure would appreciate it as I don't have too many ships right now and am trying to play with different types to see what I'll like. All helpful replies are appreciated in advance! Fair seas and following winds, FPT
  6. FPTootles

    Atlanta Commander Skills - July 2021

    Very much appreciate the advice here. Could you provide recommendations for the four mod slots on the equipment page? Thanks
  7. FPTootles

    Atlanta Post IFHE Nerf

    What is everyone putting in the mod slots on Atlanta currently?
  8. FPTootles

    Atlanta aggressive guide

    Meta man, Great video, what is the build you use on the Atlanta?