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  1. Cheeezzy

    Low tier RN BB in a +2?

    Hey man it happens, you're a pretty slow ship by T8 standards and I know how sad it feels when you've barely arrived to a dying battle. Take a small break and try again, usually when I'm on a losing streak, a nice break is all it takes! Best of luck in the seas, captain!
  2. Cheeezzy

    Low tier RN BB in a +2?

    Your flank kinda fell apart and my comrade and I were on our way to the other side anyways, you just happened to be heading there as well. Next time, try reading on wether or not you should stay in a side before retreating, since you might've lived a bit longer if you had made it to the Dunk (which killed me rather spectacularly). I was the Edinburgh btw. Something else, when uptiered, try shadowing an upper tier ship, that way they'll provide protection and you'll be able to deal with top tiered enemies. Best of luck!
  3. Cheeezzy

    Unfair advantage?

    BBs were definitely not useless during the Pacific war, maybe less effective but not useless, and besides, the Pacific was too vast to have many engagements that would benefit a BB, and so that's why carriers were so effective. Also, I'd say cruisers were on the same level of usefulness as battleships, since most relevant engagements with cruisers also had battleships engaging. In Europe though, that was still very BB-centric considering the close ranges of the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and cruisers also played a big role there, almost as big as BBs. But then again, this is an arcade game with an arcade level of balance, if you don't like it, there's another more realistic game that only has cruisers that you can play. Cruisers just got an armor buff and I can definitely feel it when sailing BBs and Cruisers, so it's not all bad.
  4. It'd be nice if she were the directives reward ship for a UK Battlecruisers line! :D
  5. Cheeezzy

    CV 42 F.D. Roosevelt inbound.

    Can't wait for the new CV! Maybe we'll get some more news on the new Axis CV line close to its release? Can't wait to try it out!
  6. Cheeezzy

    New Russian Warship Tech!?

    That's probably just the Eldridge that accidentally teleported into a Russian mountain
  7. Cheeezzy

    IFHE changes

    What did you do to incur the wrath of RNGesus?
  8. *Sees hundreds of posts about HE spam, Smolenks and Colbert complaining, and calls for an IFHE nerf* Yeah, I wonder who as well
  9. So Cruiser mains get a big buff to their survivability but cry about a nerf to an optional skill? Actually, I wouldn't really call it a nerf, since you can still set fires but pen more. It's like saying MFS should be able to target anyone and not 1 at a time. Powerful skills like these need a drawback, otherwise they'd be too good
  10. Cheeezzy

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Ok guys, I know you're trying to compensate for the irl Russian Navy, but these cruisers are way too much man, good thing they're in ST because they'll need huge nerfs to make them balanced
  11. Cheeezzy

    Next AL event

    No kidding, although the main fleet I use is KMS, and they usually weather the attacks really well, I got Bis/Tirp/Graf and Prinz/Roon/Hipper. Basically, they can't be killed for awhile lol, but Azuma is on another level of tankiness!
  12. Cheeezzy

    Next AL event

    Already got Azuma, grinding for Freddy now. Even still , holy begeesus shes so broken in PvP!
  13. Cheeezzy

    Next AL event

    Don't worry, I'll carry your work for you for Akagi. Darn fox just isn't appearing
  14. Cheeezzy

    Next AL event

    Not to worry, I have the MP on speed dial
  15. Cheeezzy

    Next AL event

    I'm glad fellow degenerates are as excited as I am! Hopefully they add Mama Zep into the WoWs captain roster. Would be great if she had a wedding skin in the actual game too! Also the 4 Starters to WoWs would be great!