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  1. The Cossack is an incredible DD, and one of the main balancing factors is its poor defense against carriers.
  2. Might want to add another tip: If you're in GZ, just fly straight ahead for spotting, since tge teams will always spawn accross each other all together, and use your insta drops on the DBs to avoid AA and get some more spotting in
  3. They're actually hecka fun, so you should definitely give them a try! I play them entirely because I find them fun, and because I love spotting for my team. Sorry if peeps don't, but it's just a part of the game y'know, it's not perfect but it's not as bad as some peeps say. Just enjoy the game I say! Try and have fun even when focused, because you can be focused by any class at any point in the game anyways, and alpt of the time it's just a matter of when. Good luck captains!
  4. Cheeezzy

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    After looking at what the new dispersion for GZ rockets are, I gotta ask: Why? Why nerf an already struggling ship? This is her second consecutive nerf, could she at least get SOME buffs to make up for them?
  5. Cheeezzy

    Dockyard directive 5 not completed

    Hm, my guess is you got a lot of that damage through fires. You'll have to do direct damage with the actual shells instead of fires. I used pure AP for that mission. Sorry!
  6. Cheeezzy

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Holy cow, she's back baby! I'm gonna make some extra spicy torp soup to celebrate!
  7. Cheeezzy

    To salt or not to salt a CV

    I mean, I don't have a problem with em and they're fun! I understand why some peeps may not like it and that's ok, everyone has an opinion. Mine is that they're a fun class to play as and against, not yet perfect by any means but then again what is?
  8. Fair fair. It WOULD be pretty broken if it's got secondaries that big, even if it were just 5-ish per side
  9. I'm all for it! If you go the full secondary no torps route, what about giving her Kaga's 200mm secondaries?
  10. Cheeezzy

    PT, balance changes

    Hm, sad to see carriers nerfed again. Think they could get a buff to compensate for the spotting nerf? I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but surely something can be done :D
  11. Cheeezzy

    Who have you seen in game

    @Ban_CV_ComplainersHey good game man! I was the Kitakaze in a recent game, you were great as a Haku dude!
  12. Cheeezzy

    Impero T8 premium or Italian BB line?

    Oh snap, if she's really gonna be an ALship, I'll have to tell out "Yurification Beam! Fire!" to my friend
  13. Cheeezzy

    ST, changes to test ships

    Why not just improve Agir's gun angles? I would've loved to play a close range Supercruiser
  14. Cheeezzy

    ST, Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    Well, hopefully the planes get some love, especially those torps. 25kts seems super slow. But I'm sure you guys will buff em hopefully!
  15. Cheeezzy

    DDs are NOT dead!

    Peeps: DDs are dead! OP: Haha gun go pew pew and torps go swish swish! Awesome game man!