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  1. Don't think this is a good idea for the reason that many of T4 carrier opponents don't even have AA, so I don't think WG will implement something like this
  2. Aw man sorry! I couldn't make the stream D:
  3. Cheeezzy

    Smolensk too strong

    I guess you could call it... Swolensk
  4. Cheeezzy

    WINNERS - Revenge of Flag-o-Rama!

    Probably a bit of a tidbit on my part, but "announced" is mispelled on the portal @TheURLGuy
  5. Cheeezzy

    Why are the CV so overpowered?

    True that, and there was also the fact that Bismarck was one tough cookie, and many got firsthand experience of how tough she was!
  6. Cheeezzy

    Why are the CV so overpowered?

    Yep! Dang those tallboys! Still love how she scared Britain's pants off by just existing
  7. Cheeezzy

    Why are the CV so overpowered?

    Yeah, I've known that, I was mostly talking about how the Tirpitz got more AA guns as time went on
  8. Sweet! Thanks again for doing this for the community!
  9. My friend invited me to play this game, but we both did not know there were invite codes so we didn't get anything from it and to this day, we still cry over that missed Warspite Other than that, it was really fun because we both were really new so we kinda learned together, and the funniest thing was when I accidentally torpedoed him because we didn't think there was friendly fire, and that was one hard learned lesson! @PlantedChaos I shall pick lucky number 3!
  10. Cheeezzy

    Why are the CV so overpowered?

    Something like that, which is strange considering irl she had better AA than Bisko, but that's the price to pay for ultimate brawling power!
  11. Cheeezzy

    Why are the CV so overpowered?

    *Cries in Tirpitz*
  12. Cheeezzy

    CV Balance Propositions

    I would immediately get Graf Zeppelin if they implemented this, it would be so cool and fun!
  13. Cheeezzy

    CV reworks

    Wait they had them at one point? I'm guessing Bogue and Independence could be T5, Essex T9? Unless it's nuclear Independence, but wouldn't that be a bit too advanced?
  14. Cheeezzy

    PTS 0.8.5 AA change (reddit post)

    I don't want them gone of course, just changing them so they do not impact the game on the level they do now. CVs replaced surface ships irl for a reason, and this is just one step to make it more fair for everyone. Besides, it makes sense that AA crews focus on one target at a time, hopefully WG can get CVs right this time.
  15. Cheeezzy

    PTS 0.8.5 AA change (reddit post)

    I like this change! Makes it so my ships don't get constantly pounded by the full force of a squadron. It's like shooting in a BB with spread, some shells hit, some don't.