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  1. SlavicGerman

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    Is there much of a difference
  2. SlavicGerman

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    Does it have the same amount as aslain
  3. SlavicGerman

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    Can you Your commanders name?
  4. SlavicGerman

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    I'm pretty New to wows and heard a lot of people use Aslain for reticles and visuals.Can you get banned? Thanks Z.L
  5. SlavicGerman

    Games getting harder.

    Thanks m8
  6. SlavicGerman

    Games getting harder.

    I downloaded replays from Wows Website.
  7. SlavicGerman

    Games getting harder.

    I do. How can i send you one?
  8. SlavicGerman

    Games getting harder.

    I will try.
  9. SlavicGerman

    Games getting harder.

    Tier 4
  10. SlavicGerman

    Games getting harder.

    I need help im playing players that are way better than me. How can i improve... Im a BB main and my entire team abandons me. So im easy prey for Destroyers. Any tips on how to get better?
  11. SlavicGerman

    Custom Bagdes?

    I noticed that some people have custom bagdes how can i make one?
  12. Hello all im fairly new to Wows and purchased my first carrier i enjoy it, but was confused when i saw the hate towards Cvs. Why should Carriers be removed from the game? Im just kinda confused Thx. Z.L
  13. SlavicGerman

    Need help with Carriers.

    So I just got my first carrier and took it out in Co op. But was confused when I didn't have the aircraft pov.Instead I had a huge map. Where i commanded my aircraft. (I did fine and had 2 kills but I want aircraft pov)How can I fix it? Thanks Z.L