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  1. _LoneWolf13_

    Update stopped...

    Ive had the same problem before, DONT STOP the download it becomes impossible to resume.
  2. _LoneWolf13_

    Really 12 bucks to change name?

    Ok everyone pls report My name thank you.
  3. _LoneWolf13_

    Really 12 bucks to change name?

    No but good joke. I'm changing it to GrantWolf
  4. _LoneWolf13_

    Really 12 bucks to change name?

    It's 2500 look it up.
  5. _LoneWolf13_

    Really 12 bucks to change name?

    Its actually 2500 gold and yes its 12 bucks
  6. _LoneWolf13_

    Really 12 bucks to change name?

    Come on 12 bucks for a name change. Your kidding me.
  7. I want to change My account name but it says to pay 2500 doubloons is there a free way to do it?
  8. _LoneWolf13_

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    Is there much of a difference
  9. _LoneWolf13_

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    Does it have the same amount as aslain
  10. _LoneWolf13_

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    Can you Your commanders name?
  11. _LoneWolf13_

    Aslain Mod Pack.

    I'm pretty New to wows and heard a lot of people use Aslain for reticles and visuals.Can you get banned? Thanks Z.L
  12. _LoneWolf13_

    Games getting harder.

    Thanks m8
  13. _LoneWolf13_

    Games getting harder.

    I downloaded replays from Wows Website.
  14. _LoneWolf13_

    Games getting harder.

    I do. How can i send you one?