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  1. Title. Not paying you to be forced into a region or account. Fix this. Good day.
  2. Zero_Ducks

    Kamikaze is the new AFK?

    No, I get what the bots are... I'm talking about players (both teams) just literally going straight in and ramming each other. Maybe I'm on a weird night where it's "Woo hoo!" crazy. Seriously, if I knew how to capture vid, I would post it... I just watched 2 player DDs skirt an island and ram the red team DDs.... No bot horky AI. Deliberate. So odd... I didn't see this at tier 2 or 3.
  3. Just started a couple weeks ago, so I may be missing something... but are ships driving straight into each other at the start of the fight the new AFK? I see a lot in co-op and even regular battles (mind, I'm only in tier 3 and tier 4) just ramming each other... Is there a point to this, other than getting a quick XP kill then being able to watch netflix while the fight ends without suffering some TK/pink name penalty? In other words, even though I'm new and probably missing something, why else are DDs and CLs just ramming each other? I understand as we learn how to manage our boats but shouldn't we avoid collisions? Thanks in advance for answers... just curious if I'm seeing a lot of new navigators like myself or if the "ram ship, die, then enjoy free AFK without penalties" is some kind of credit/xp gain mode.