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  1. ModDestroyer_1

    Losing half your HP to CV rockets by the 3 Min Mark

    Yea i'd [edited] out and run away too right now if I were you since you have nothing logical to say on the matter. No least because there is no [edited]logic or rational in the [edited]world that would ever justify the searing ineptitude at the heart of the CV rework. My rage is an emotional and reactionary response that is all I'm left with because their [edited] was just a compulsive brain dead [edited] up that defied all reason and sense. They've had 3 months to [edited]fix it and what they are doing in 8.4 is [edited]nothing compared to what needs to be done. It is past the ends of patience or reason with the inept crabs who have caused this and now failed to fix it.
  2. ModDestroyer_1

    Losing half your HP to CV rockets by the 3 Min Mark

    That would be an improvement with fewer islands for CVs to hide behind; they should just also make the teams start 5 times closer to one another withthe CV jack asses in the very front. Would be THE Best Map ever to exist in WoWs.
  3. ModDestroyer_1

    Losing half your HP to CV rockets by the 3 Min Mark

    Yep did that too; does [edited] all. You cannot dodge planes. Period. You can only hope the CV is a total scrub and whiffs.
  4. ModDestroyer_1

    Losing half your HP to CV rockets by the 3 Min Mark

    Sounds like a good idea to me; ill start it next game even if I have sail to the other side of the starting area to torp the SoB. Complete trash game with this scum class in the game and sick to [edited]crapof how brain dead incompetent WG is in regards to it. Biggest [edited] up in any game I have ever seen bar none. Complete and utter crapof the highest order. Seriously a brain dead blind chimpanzee couldn't have screwed a game up this bad.
  5. ModDestroyer_1

    Losing half your HP to CV rockets by the 3 Min Mark

    So if I can't cap, scout, or even shooting anything because my guns can't reach if I'm hiding in my teams AA bubble why even play a [edited]DD? What [edited]moron thought a class that really exists for no reason but to NOT stick by to have any sort of effect should be forced into doing nothing all game and that would be 'lol balanzed komrade.'
  6. ModDestroyer_1

    Losing half your HP to CV rockets by the 3 Min Mark

    Hahaha; yea I did that genius. Does not f-ing matter. You also fundamentally cannot out maneuver planes anyway.
  7. I wasn't even in the cap. In fact the red DD was capping while this was all going on. Rocket planes galore. Of course sector control does [edited] all. Of course rockets + planes are undodgable. Of course there seems to be barely anyone even trying to play DD tiers 8+ because lol why bother? Leaving the 1 or 2 DDs who do try extra screwed to getting CV focused from minute 1. [Edited]
  8. CVs are trash; deal with that fact of reality before you think you have a right to an opinion.
  9. Carriers need their spotting and ability to dps DDs reduced much more; just played a game where the CV took out half my HP in a DD with rockets before it was even 3 mins in and there was absolutely nothing I could do. You can't dodge rockets. Rockets just need to be removed or made much much harder to hit targets with. The concept of undodgable damage from an invulnerable player is complete [edited] and break every rule of game play established by the removal of OWSF and nerfing of smoke.
  10. ModDestroyer_1

    Update 0.8.4 Sounds Promising

    This isn't much of a nerf; it just sounds like more than it is. WG just trying to make a few token changes and not fix the fundamental broken underlying mechanics and interaction. Don't let them fool you with this piecemeal token crap change.
  11. Nah, there was very little wrong with their reactions and the little they could have done right that would have saved them. At most just meant they died one attack run later maybe. It did not take long to kill him. And more over the real point is never could he have done anything to mitigate himself dying. This invulnerable player on the other side of the map selected him for death and then it just become a count down. Zero counter play available. Absolute garbage gameplay of the highest order. It has already been proven beyond doubt that even full specced AA cruisers cannot defend themselves even with proper AA sector management; not even 2 of them together do the job. It is a joke. I just can't even take anyone who makes that sort of comment seriously. A cruiser has counter play against a BB; like islands, los, being outright faster and more maneuverable, and dodging long range shells that do not exist for a cruiser being hunted no matter where on the map he is. And then you know the cruiser can usually shoot back at the BB at least which no one can do against the CV. While a BB suffers huge penalites to accuracy and the flight time make them easier to dodge at long distance CVs can attack from anywhere with no penality rofl. Being an AA cruiser AA specced and hunted no matter where you are with no counter play is flat [edited] and if it is like that for AA cruisers what on earth do you imagine that means for every other ship? That's right, completely F'd and zero fun. What baboon designed this?
  12. ModDestroyer_1

    Super Unicum Seeking Advice on CV Counterplay

    Wait.... Wait a second.... ... ... I got it! I finally go it! I know the perfect counter CVs guys!! Actually it's really simple, all you got to do is ... ... Stop Playing.... Perfect counter. They can't touch you just like you can't touch them! As an added bonus, it kicks WG in the balls and speeds up how quick they scramble to fix the steaming crap they have turned the game into. Or improves the nature of their fix so it isn't just a token half [edited]'d fix. I seriously believe nothing else will work.
  13. ModDestroyer_1

    Trying to do a Well Phrased CV Complaint

    Seems pretty reliable; I mean stats show 1/3rd as many planes are shot down post rework compared to before. Every game I have tried I have never had to wait for planes on my deck. Too easy. Not really; they have to be group REALLY close together for the mid range constant dps to overlap. And frankly that is pretty rare even with ships supporting each other in a task force. Mostly just a few extra flak bursts that are easy to dodge. Besides we also have video of the strongest AA ships being fully AA specced being killed by CVs... its a total joke to pretend AA does much of anything to keep CV decks without fulls squadrons unless the CV is below average. And it is hard to be a below average CV these day imho. And here is a different video by iChase showing how it takes 3 AA specced AA cruisers being damn close together to really melt planes and prevent them from attacking. 2 is not enough. How many normal non AA specced not AA cruiser ships would it take being so close together for the same effect as 3 AA specced AA cruiser? Way too damn many rofl. There is zero balance here at all and being grouped isn't even that great.
  14. ModDestroyer_1

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Why? In practice CVs were gone from the game for the better part of 2 years. It was so rare to see them. And no one missed them. People just complained that they were broken and OP in the 1 in 8 games they did seem them before. And who knows if that 1 in 8 was even a game where the red CV was a unicum and your CV was a potato so they didn't kind of tie each other up/cancel the other out. So if people always thought CVs were broken and not fun to play against why be surprised when you make them ubiquitous the same complaints multiply accordingly? We can just also Nerf Cvs as that is really the other option but honestly the nature of that nerf would make the class as unpopular as it was before. Honestly, on the whole, probably either the previous system or just outright removal is best if it isn't just going to be a total convoluted joke... This rework has been an unmitigated failure. I could not have envisioned a worse outcome honestly from the perspective of loss of enjoyment from gameplay.