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  1. ModDestroyer_1

    Absolute WORST super-container opening?

  2. ModDestroyer_1

    Absolute WORST super-container opening?

    Um... I have gotten 50 dragon flags in a container. So you could get both. WG probably nerfed that because you know, they suck. Also you are missing my point. They are both 'flags' and it seems dumb to call the 'special' one regular old 'flags.' When I hear someone say "im putting flags on, one sec." I usually think the regular ones anyway. And that is what they usually mean. At any rate it is technically correct to call either 'flags' and it is WG's fault for not having better terminology for them. I bet they do in Russian....
  3. ModDestroyer_1

    Absolute WORST super-container opening?

    They are both 'flags'; signal flags and special flags. Honestly they should have just called the regular ones flags and special ones signals. To me in the game it'd only make more sense if the more standard ones were called something basic on like 'flags'. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19247/ Anyway I have gotten both signals and flags from SC in the past; probably know they only give you the less valuable flags since WG have totally gutted SCs in general. Both in drop rate and what you get when they do drop. Leaves me hyper disgusted with WG really.
  4. ModDestroyer_1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Why did he get face planted into lava? Recklessness in battle driven by hatred and fanatic idealism gone to extremism. At any rate, it doesn't hold him back and it is not by his design.
  5. Ugh... it does not even matter. And it is so simple why. You aren't seriously suggesting skilled players will all just like DDs the second they start the game are you? Indeed, players don't just start the game 'skilled' do they? I don't disagree DDs have the highest skill floor. This is well known. There is a reason for that and why I would even agree the most skilled players congregate in DDs in randoms over time. Because of that skill floor. There is an obvious reason why skilled players would tend to congregate in DDs over time; because other than CVs which is a totally different game, DDs are the class that allows skilled players to leverage their skill the most. It is natural for the most skilled players to end up favoring the class that allows them to maximize their influence. Likewise, for less skilled players they will congregate in BBs because it is easier and their influence is also maximized. But BBs also have a lower skill ceiling; so the difference between the most skilled and least skilled players in BBs is less than that in DDs. Most of the people who whine loudest on here about DDs are lower skilled players who don't want to play an easier class where their influence would be maximized for their skill level. That is the general fact I see. It is never the players with good stats complaining about balance.
  6. Wow... do you realize how pathetic your comment just came across? DDs are my most played class for the last year and a 1/2 lol. My best PR scores, most xp in any game, and highest damage in any solo damge are all in DDs. What am I going to taste genius? You mean caps? So DDs are automatically better players to people as deficient as you just because their lower concealment makes them better at playing the objective, contesting, and capping it?
  7. ModDestroyer_1

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Rofl, this guy uses the 20km torps to hide behind his own BBs in his own spawn, runs the second he gets rpf'd back into his spawn like that is an excuse, almost doesn't use any of his guns or torps for half the match he is complaining/posted a video about, and then doesn't like the ONLY DD that would actually suit his garbage play style? Biggest FACEPALM moment ever.... Why are people like this even allowed to post?
  8. ModDestroyer_1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Terribly scarred from reckless battles driven by hate to the point he needs the encasement to exist. The name is given as customary by the sith master as a moniker with which to strike fear above merely hiding his identity. Shameful? Yea Stalin was shameful too I guess. Of the ruthlessly effective sort. You could even characterize it as necessary pragmatism. People don't like unnecessary truths. In some circles Vader is something of a martyr. But yea sith and jedi just get their titles bestowed on them by old dudes or old aliens. Nothing specific to Vader there. Although why the need to point out the old dude is white? If anything in star wars that just mean he is an OG character and not some made up one from the crap new movies. And of course; "striking me down only makes me more powerful than you can possibly imagine," is appropriate.
  9. ModDestroyer_1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Nothing worth reading. Division don't matter when looking at everything overall since divisions don't apply specifically to any one class except CVs with no double CV division. Also we can look up solo stats and see similar trends. You don't have any analysis because you don't have any data. You have false claims to topics you haven't demonstrated data driven facts or knowledge over. Why does Darth Vader not use his real name and face?
  10. ModDestroyer_1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Keep reading our interaction. We end up agreeing and instead reinforcing the others credibility. We just took different implications from some of LWM comments at first.
  11. ModDestroyer_1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    I'm out of +1s also From what i gathered from LWM's comment I thought she was saying Bismarck and Mass are going to be massively OP as result of these changes because they are going to pen a lot more with their secondaries. Maybe I misread then. That is really my issue with this changes. It is a minor fix for DDs who already don't have an issue in my experienced getting penned as long as they don't angle in exchange for messing a lot of balance for BBs and even more so CAs.
  12. ModDestroyer_1

    USD 90.00 for a Sub I can't keep?

    You're right. No amount of reasoning can forcibly convince people of what is even in their own, and everyone's, long term interest. Kinda like the global warming problem. Idk how you can fault me for trying though.
  13. ModDestroyer_1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    BB will get torped unless they hide behind island with a DD having 20 minutes to sink him and able to stealth torp at minimum ranges with zero conerns. And even if they hide behind an island the DD just sail around wide enough he doesn't get spotted. The guy tried to do that too in our match up. At any rate the DD failing to sink the BB because the BB spent the entire game running away is still the DD essentially winning 1v1 since the DD could then get all the caps and only draws if they can't hit the helpless fish the the barrel the BB is in this match up. On the whole DD can only win or draw, BB can only draw or lose; on the whole pretty clear you can say DD beats BB 1v1 almost always....
  14. ModDestroyer_1

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    How on earth does even someone as thick as you imagine a BB is ever going to spot a DD with almost 1/3rd its detection radius and minimum 10 knots faster? DD never gets spotted. DD never dies. BB can only lose. DD always wins 1v1. End of story. I've had this debate with someone in the past. We went into a training room 1v1 where I beat him in an Umikaze while he was in a T5 BB.... and he had better stats than you so...