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  1. GrayPanther2018

    IJN Naval Ensign mod

    I like to use the WG Mods to add the IJN naval ensign to my ships. But since the last update that mod has yet to be put back in. Is that a choice or is WG just being slower than normal to add it in?
  2. I loaded the Public Test game to see what it was like. Played it yesterday without an issue. But today when I tried to fire the guns or launch torps the mouse button that worked yesterday, and in the normal game still today, does not work. I did find a button that worked but it is not one I use normally. I use a Razor lefthanded mouse but since it does not work on the PTS but works on the regular game is interesting. I did not see any settings for that in the settings page. Imagine rant here:
  3. GrayPanther2018

    what mods are good for a japanease destroyer

    True, for that reason I generally do not use any mods/skills (for torp boats) that increase the gun range so the gun range is about the same, or less, than the torp range.( Somewhat like the RM DDs except the IJN torps hit much harder) It helps to wait to use the guns when other ships do not have a good shot at you.
  4. GrayPanther2018

    what mods are good for a japanease destroyer

    I would not rule out using the guns. They are slow to reload and the mounts turn slow, but they work better than many expect. And if you are rather close to a broadside squishy cruiser, your AP can have them rethink their life choices.
  5. GrayPanther2018

    what mods are good for a japanease destroyer

    Ah, I thought he may have been trolling a bit. LOL I play mostly CoOp IJN torp DDs. I usually get the Armory special speed boost. iJN DDs tend to be slow. And I often use the TRB instead of smoke. Just make sure you have your stealth game in order. Torp from a flank be ready to punish the unwary. (I play French DDs too so get used to not having smoke.)
  6. GrayPanther2018

    what mods are good for a japanease destroyer

    Yeh, you can skip camos and leave the captain ashore too.
  7. GrayPanther2018

    Ideal Submarine Hunting Example

    Decrease sub ramming damage, oh yes, increase the sub torp arming distance? Very Yes! I mostly play CoOp, DD main. I have been sunk several times by the bot sub surfacing under me when I try to depth charge it. Also I went over a bot sub, stern to bow, depth charged it, and sank it. But not before it launched every bow torp at me from 200m. It would have sunk me but the match ended right then. I rarely encounter subs, a very good thing, but I don't have much experience hunting them because of it. They are usually sunk by the BBs and CAs LOL. Already I do not really care about the game with all this sub crap but still play a little. And will as long as subs don't push me past the edge. PS. I try not to mention the fun police in the game either but it seems they have moderated some, at least the bots, even with their magic spotting ability.
  8. GrayPanther2018

    Not To Be Anti-Social....But

    Plus some of those green bots are quite good. I have even tried to give them "karma" points.
  9. GrayPanther2018

    T10 DD chasing a T10 SS

    Apparently WG decided that DDs were too busy dodging rockets, radar and other things to have time to hunt down subs, while being shot by other ships at so they made the sub gameplay completely independant of destroyers and then had to give the other ships airstrike so they could have a defense against subs. Some people were complaining about too many DDs in a match anyway so why encourage them. But to make it "fair" just give subs deep water torps that can't hit DDs and call it even.
  10. GrayPanther2018

    Italian Destroyers are absolutely unplayable

    They seem to be a little better than the Swedish DDs and their plush toy torpedoes. But add a class designed to kill DDs seems a rum choice for WG, but that is their thing. But historically the Italian DDs were iffy ships.
  11. GrayPanther2018

    So what happened to the promised hard modes for coop?

    What really annoys me is the bot planes will be going by outside of my air detection range with other ships in sight but then turn 90 degrees before they can see me to then spot and attack. Very irritating. Bots have always tended to attack the low hp ship, usually the DD. For giggles next time you play Two Brothers, send a DD down the middle at the start, every bot in the area will go down the channel after it. Seems I got WG survey about bot AI performance recently.
  12. GrayPanther2018

    Ocean Map

    It is a fun map, especially in an Asashio. But with that DD no longer available maybe we will see Ocean more.
  13. GrayPanther2018

    Japanese Cruiser- Tone or Atago?

    Yes, the Tone is a way to try carrier planes without getting a carrier. And it seems Tone's planes are nerfed compared to the other hybrids. Pus the long cool down makes the planes hard to use effectively in CoOp, where I play. But the is always something to do, shoot, torp, fly the planes or run. But thatcan make you busy and a challenge to focus. The Atago is probably the better choice. Though I am very happy WG put these historical ships in the game; Atago, Tone and Maya. The Maya even has a historical camo.
  14. GrayPanther2018

    Subs need clubbing with the nerf bat.

    You left out cruiser and BB torpedoes plus reinforceing your AA sector, if you have a ship with enough AA to be worth the bother. (looking at you Gallant and Asashiro)
  15. GrayPanther2018

    State of the game

    True, I hear you. But some things have become less than fun.