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  1. GrayPanther2018

    An Idea: Unified Event Currency

    Don't they already have a unified currency, called credits?
  2. GrayPanther2018

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    A managnent skill; don't ask the question if you're not going to like the answer.
  3. GrayPanther2018

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    SBS! I still have some of the books I bought in 6-7-8 th grade. One was a WW2 history of US PT boats, still a good read.
  4. GrayPanther2018

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    Nah, Texas is tier 5, never see a TX battle. You are just a victim of acronym creation like me most of the time.
  5. GrayPanther2018

    Been playing too much CV/DD

    Torps 33 meters/sec. 10 (maybe) per salvo 120 sec reload time, can be spotted coming over 1 km away. 14 to 16" shells, 750+? meters/sec 8 to 12 per salvo 30 +/- sec reload time, can go over islands.
  6. GrayPanther2018

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    Yep. I do not play T 8 because of the matchmaking. I tried , once last week PvE just to play my Atago. Two t 8 one to and the rest t10. Why bother. But I did play out the match, for as long as I lasted anyway. Will not be back or getting any t8 or higher ships for a long time.
  7. GrayPanther2018

    WNN 54: Italians!

    I was making the point that empires have the keep expanding to be profitable. A British historian I heard made the claim that the British Empire did not profit all that much from all the colonies when the administrative and military costs are added in. The US just sells it's clients stuff and let's them bear their own costs. Just an observation for what it was worth somewhat in jest.
  8. GrayPanther2018

    WNN 54: Italians!

    Ah, but we have am empire we can farm but don't have to support or protect all that much.
  9. GrayPanther2018

    WNN 54: Italians!

    My brother has a theory that humans are actually aliens too. There was an alien mental hospital ship transporting hospital inmates that crashed here on the way to a different planet and the aliens never bothered to look for them or at least recover them.
  10. GrayPanther2018

    ST: Many Changes to Test Ships!

    If the Yuduchi continues as is I guess will be spending even more time with the French DDs. Yuduchi over performing? Who do they have playing that ship?? The Agile has a 7.5 km detection with 8 km torps so I guess the line will be similar. Any word on the nerf to IFHE? I have a captain who needs to know if he needs the get his tuition ready for IFHE school or not.
  11. GrayPanther2018

    Captains that say they have a specialty to a certain ship

    There is some thought that the new captains (French?) may have enhanced skills that may make them better at DDs but that may not be completely true. Love your and LWM reviews by the way.
  12. GrayPanther2018

    WNN 54: Italians!

    Being from the south that rings true after a little difficulty back in 1861.
  13. GrayPanther2018

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    I picked up the DeGrasse yesterday 50% off. Took it out once and seemed to work well. Now I need to decide if I should pick up the IFHE skill for my De Grasse and DD captain or wait to see if WG is going to need the skill to death
  14. GrayPanther2018

    AI improvements in CO-OP?

    I had bots torping into smoke yesterday. Hope your GK has good torp protection,
  15. GrayPanther2018

    Scapa Flow Naval Base.

    I use the Philippines port as most of my ships are IJN and the Japan ports are to modern and plain. But one thing I like about the Black Sea port is that in the containers screen you can see your in port ship, gives a nice view. Maybe there is a port that, at some point, every nation would have visited. Hong Kong or Rio de Janeiro? Maybe Gibraltar too?