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  1. GrayPanther2018

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Be glad you missed disco!
  2. GrayPanther2018

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Except sometimes during odd play hours when most of your team are bots also. Sometimes I think my team bots are double agents working for the red team. At least "they " haven't shot at me, yet.
  3. GrayPanther2018

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    Plus the Kii just got buffed one second faster main battery reload and the torps range increased to 8km, I think. I would like to get a Kamakize DD in the crates, so far no luck. Only a one in 56 chance anyway. Didn't get and super cool ships, some good, Murmansk, Kii, Haida, Texas and Anshan some meh, but interesting anyway
  4. I think it is to find out how much difference captains with different skill points will make in game outcome.
  5. GrayPanther2018

    Your very first Premium was?

    Yubari, it was a nice step up from the Tenryu, had better AA and was cheap. Now a XP gainer for my DD captian.
  6. I suppose keep the damage to AA and limit the number of aircraft, seems fair. But to make things equal they could also limit the number of torpedoes and shells carried by all ships. At the end of a long match everyone could be out of ammo with nothing but ramming left. Speed, turn rate and rudder shift could be king. Only kidding, kind of.
  7. GrayPanther2018

    Key commands list

    Thanks for the info. It helps some. I tried chat and somewhere the TAB and maybe the X key or hitting the H key that was displayed the chat controls locked up my keyboard so I could not control the ship at all. And there are still some keys that are not listed.
  8. GrayPanther2018

    New Ship

    Depending on how the CV rework goes we may all want one. Though torpedoes would be nice too.
  9. GrayPanther2018

    Key commands list

    I am rather new to the game and only rely on this forum,Youtube and the WOWS game guides. (No facebook, twitter, or other "social" media) It seems that the WOWS game guide of what the keyboard keys do is rather incomplete. There seems to be nothing on how the game chat works for instrance. I could just randomly hit keys in the game to see what they do but I think that may annoy other players and I have accidentaly hit a key (maybe the number pad 1) that completely locks out my keyboard from the game, not good for gameplay. Is there a list or directory somewhere that has that information? I have done searches of this forum with poor results. Thanks for the help!
  10. GrayPanther2018

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    It may depend on the location of the light, it may not be part of a light flow system. In a TV show about elevators, one company person said the close door button does nothing. But we digress.
  11. GrayPanther2018

    Die Cast Metal Ships

    In the US you can check out Alnavco. They have their own cast as well as import from Britain. 1/1200, 1/1250 and 1/2400. Some are a little plain as they were originally WW2 recognition models. But the have been upgrading them for decades. Some are very nice depending on your budget. Quite an extensive WW2 collection. Superior, Navis/Neptune and Clydeside. Originally they were mostly cast lead, they had to upgrade to pewter Baca use of safety rules. www.alnavco.com Most are unpainted.
  12. GrayPanther2018

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    I got Monaghan, Krasny Krym, Aushan, Ashitaka, Z39, Nueve De Julio, Huanghe and lastly the Murmansk. I think that was in order in which received. Many of the last were in super conatiners, meaning I already had what I was going to get). I laready had a Yubari and Atago that I had bought some time ago. Since I am in the Japanese line most don't do a lot for me as captian XP earners. Though the Murmansk, Z39, Aushan and maybe the Monaghan are supposed to be good ships.( I am not up to the skill level to use them, Atago too.) The Krasny Krym has been more fun that expected for drowning DDs in splashes if not hitting them.
  13. GrayPanther2018

    Thoughts on the Asashio

    I am new to the game and very new to DDs. Seems like it works best for my Umikaze to flank the red team's ships and fire torps undetected. It helps if there is a friendly CL to keep the other DDs distracted. Seems like I get killed acting like other DDs, rushing caps and so forth.
  14. GrayPanther2018

    Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    I know that, though I have not looked at the campain that much since I have one tier VIII ship (Atago) that I have only used once in the snowflake event and then only in CoOp. Maybe in the distant future. Right now I only annoy people in Random, not that I don't in CoOp just half as many though. But now that the lust for new ships is over, maybe, I will just work my way up and just play the game.
  15. GrayPanther2018

    Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Do ships like this stay aviliable in the Preimum shop for a long time or are they rotated out? Is there any notification of when a ship is going to be removed from the shop? I just started working my way up the destroyer line and wonder how long the ship would be around if and when I might have a use for it? But since I am mostly in CoOp and with the CV rework comming it might not be a good choice, but still better than some of the ships I got in the Santa gifts. I would like a mid tier Japanese DD to work up captians. I have used my Yubari, it's about as fragile as a DD. A Kamikaze would be wonderful but less that a 1 in 56 chance of getting one.