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  1. GrayPanther2018

    Weekend Spree

    I am in the same place about the Tone. But is seems there is an embargo on Tone reviews by WG. I have seen some but nothing from my usual sources, like LWM for instance. It may be interesting to play but rather liminted by it's compromises.
  2. GrayPanther2018

    Not many Tones out

    The planes need a buff. The three minute cooldown, especially at the start, is too long. That was Tone's reason for being was to scout. The only reason I can think of is WG wanted to force the cruiser gameplay over using, or over using, the planes. This against tier 10 ships may be an issue. I noticed that on LWM's guide she has it listed as a tier ten ship. I can only guess WG gimped the planes to put it at tier eight. I just figured it out. WG is trolling us. At Midway, one reason the IJN lost was because one of Tone's planes launched late. So in the game Tone's planes will always launch late. Talk about being historical.
  3. GrayPanther2018

    Tone Torpedo Bombers

    Right, I said temporary spotting because it is for as long as your planes last. Better against larger ships that have a air detection larger than the AA range. But mostly you will know where the ships were. It seems WG knows there is a plane overpopulation and tried to make them as harmless as possible. The lack of a post release review is troubling. I saw a "Sealord Mountbatten " video, his recommendation was do not buy. But to be fair he did not seem to be an IJN CA main. But there it is.
  4. GrayPanther2018

    What Does This Symbol Resemble?

    They had NASCAR that long ago? No wonder some of the drivers are so old.
  5. While that is true, WG is still working on it, hence the new rocket attack changes. But also there is the "new" commander skills rework that has caused interaction issues with CVs, as well as many other things. And that isn't finished as it is due a large adjustment in the fall. I have much more issues with the commander rework than the CVs (well maybe). I will often keep a captain at tier 5 until they have more skills, >12 points preferably 15.
  6. GrayPanther2018

    Tone Torpedo Bombers

    That does seem to be the issue. I do not have the ship, waiting for reviews, so I cannot test it myself. But I have been waiting for LWM and others to review actual games. It seems you only have time for maybe three uses of the planes. Then just for temporarily locating ships, harassing island campers and forcing your target to maneuver seems to be their function. But I do get it. I don't think WG wants to make them too powerful as ,IMHO, there are too many planes in the game. And these are not much of a threat to DDs since if they are close enough to spot them they can be shot down and their torp spreads should be fairly easy to dodge. Okay for Ise but for Tone two tiers higher, not so much. That is just my opinion from very limited sources and knowledge. I want the ship, but not if it is much weaker than Atago.
  7. GrayPanther2018

    Tone Torpedo Bombers

    She has the same expendable bombers as Ise that is two tiers lower plus has a 50% longer cool down. I guess WG doesn't really want you to use them except for spotting for the team, but not herself.
  8. GrayPanther2018

    That time again to look at upcoming ship purchases

    It does have it's issues but can become habit forming. The Ise could be vulnerable to it when the captain is in the planes. But the likelihood of MM putting them in the same match is low.
  9. GrayPanther2018

    Y'all Notice The Flash Sale on Aisle 9?

    I was thinking about Tone. But the coupon will not apply to the "packages" in the Armory. Need to wait for more reviews to come in anyway. IMHO it's a weaker ship than Ise two tiers higher.
  10. GrayPanther2018

    Anyone remember when...

    You mean the Russian CVs might get torpedo planes with acoustic homing torpedoes so that "just dodge" will not work? Oh the horror, Stalin would have never permited it! CVs and DDs a match made in hell. Just in case , I am being quite sarcastic. Play DDs mostly too.
  11. GrayPanther2018

    5 DDs have not seen before.

    With more of the large DDs in the game, they are almost light cruisers, it is becoming DDs hunting DDs. So a large number of DDs in a match is as much a problem for torp boat DDs as other ships.
  12. GrayPanther2018

    Impressions of Tone?

    I have been wondering why WG has not brought the Maya into the game, it's in Blitz. I wonder when Mouse's review will be out. I see the ship has been added to her review list but no review yet so I assume it's inbound. I don't know but seems the Tone has a three minute cool down while Ise has only a two.
  13. GrayPanther2018

    new premium dd

    I'm thinking .003km. It's spotted when you run into it. It could be very deadly and hard to kill since 25mm or larger guns will just over pen. Aircraft, small drones with C4 packs. Torpedoes, two slung underneath on cables. Stinger SAMs and LAW rockets. Cigar, or pipe, for a smoke generator. There will be a name restriction, not enough stern to fit a large name. For example, instead of the Robert S McNamara it would be "Bob".
  14. A good guess could be; LAGG7 Fighter/ rocket plane,. IL2 dive bomber so armored that it would be very hard to shoot down And a PE-2 torpedo or skip bomber, because why not.
  15. Especially if you can increase the number of ships, maybe increase the size of the maps. Larger maps would make it harder for planes to cover the whole map and make ASW operations easier without a high ship density. And make it easier for subs to move on the surface. The downside would be trying to find the last red ship hiding at the end of the match. And it would make matches last longer which is something WG probably does not want. Maybe WG could test it in a special game mode.