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  1. GrayPanther2018

    server overloaded!? WTH never saw this crap before?

    I had that happen a week or so ago. I just hit the play button again and all was well. Well as normal anyway.
  2. GrayPanther2018

    Today's Survey

    The FSB too!
  3. GrayPanther2018

    Got Alasaka for a cheap price

    Saw the title "Alasaka" and thought the IJN had a new super cruiser. Oh well, congratulations on the draw!
  4. I have seem bots blind firing into smoke this week didn't notice if they were hitting. Also seen a bot use radar. Seems I read in the patch notes that WG was going to step up the bot AI as you go up tiers.
  5. GrayPanther2018

    Lets Discuss Tone And Ise class Ships

    The Ise in the game, per conversion, would be ok. Modeling the planes could work as an enlarged fighter squadron could be done though it wasn't successful in real life, airflow off the superstructure made flight operations very difficult The Tone would have bad main battery firing arcs. But it could work. But having both fighters and spotter planes would require and extra consumable key, doable I suppose. I just don't see who practical it's gameplay would be. It would be interesting. I would prefer to see Dido and the AA version Maya.
  6. GrayPanther2018

    Low contrast on Torpedo Load Indicators

    It has been that way since I started playing the game more than a year ago. Yes more contrast or whatever makes them more readable would be nice.
  7. Yeh, I thought about that.(LOL) Sometimes they look like they are moving on the mini map, but that is just the relative movement of my range rings. And they might be wanting to see where they need to go because if they get it wrong the match might be over before they can correct. As you probably know, if the rear turrets have not turned they may not even be connected. AFK is not something I get really upset about as this is just a game and life in the real world happens. I will rarely even report it. With the new Champagne type ships coming out they may not even move from spawn, other than to get the rear turret in action.
  8. I had a match yesterday with the new California in it. They were AFK, we won anyway in PvE but a few matches before a player was AFK we lost that one.
  9. GrayPanther2018

    Should Kitakami Be a CL or DD?

    It would seem navies play with ship titles. The frigates of today are only a relative shadow of the frigates of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  10. GrayPanther2018

    WTB: second IJN 10 skills captain in armory!

    That has been my complaint for quite a while now. The only thing WG has done is add one historical captain, with no special skills, and cartoon girls, again with no special skills. Like how hard can it be! Yamamoto is the only special skills IJN captain but he can only be acquired by a PvP based campaign. While French, European, Italian and probably other navies have them that do not require PvP play. Maybe it is because the IJN line is old and does not have the home player base interest others like the USA and Russian fleets seem to have. Many of the new captains have been tied to new nation ship lines being introduced and there just is nothing much to add to the IJN line. When WG comes up with a new meta, like CVs, super cruisers, huge gun BBs and now very long ranged weak armoured "battleships" (more like battlecruisers) they have to come up with something so each nation will have one, eventually. Unless WG decides that nation is not "worthy " or there is nothing remotely historical such as the Finnish Navy's 457mm gunned super battleship.
  11. GrayPanther2018

    Am new to WoW Random Battles - have questions...

    As for targeting ships, while it is generally better to finish off a low health ship first. Sometimes there is a reason to shoot another. If the further ship is a better target. When the close ship is angled so it will bounce most of you shells but another that is further away is broadside so you can citadel it, it is the better target, if you can hit it. If the further ship is a bigger threat. Especially if you want to protect your teams DDs. it is helpful to kill the ships that have radar. Most people want to kill the DDs first too. They are very dangerous later in the match and to BBs. Is a enemy ship in your base cap circle? If an enemy ship is capping your base and they will win if they flip it, you target the ship so when you hit it it will reset the timer. For example, your are in the game type where the are only two caps (I forget what it is called) and an enemy enters your cap before you have a ship in theirs, the other team will win in two and a half minutes weather you have more ships and are ahead on points. But each time the enemy ship is hit it resets the timer giving your team time to win by capping their base or by points. I have won matches that way. And if there is a mission directive that requires "defended ribbons" shooting any enemy ship in a cap zone will get them. Unfortunately mission requirements often encourage players to play for the mission not the win. The IJN 205mm guns are very good, accurate and hit hard.
  12. GrayPanther2018

    Should Kitakami Be a CL or DD?

    The 3500 ton CLs (Tenryu) were meant to be DD leaders because they have more room than DDs (think Isokaze) but were too small. On to the 5500 ton CL, Kuma. But then came the Special Type DD Fubuki et al, that were as powerful as the CLs and faster, so the operational rational went away. But they were still used as squadron leaders because of their space for staff. It was an IJN thing. The Yahagi and Oyodo classes were leaders but of search planes and subs respectively. The Kitakami is as CL but a special attack version that would not have been organic to the DD squadrons. The Yubari was a test to replace the 5500 ton CLs but apparently it was decided not to continue with it. The Yubari could be called a CL that thought it was a DD while the Akizuki was a DD that thought it was a CL. I guess the Kitakami is going to be a CL as inconvenient as it may be. But it is not alone. The division of CA and BB is equally troublesome. There are BBs in the game that do not exactly fit as BBs and some of the super cruisers are a bit much. The Dunkerque at 26000 tons and 13" guns is a little small. The Giulio Cesare is similar. 25902 tons 12.6" guns. But fixing that is more than I expect WG is interested in doing at the moment. If testing shows the Kitakami is too fragile I expect WG will do their usual fast and loose numbers to "adjust" it. For added fun they could give the Kitakami Asashio torps instead of their version of Yuduchi torps. That would save half the ships in the game.
  13. GrayPanther2018

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    The definition of fear= a green bot Kitakami behind you.
  14. GrayPanther2018

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    It could be a counter to CVs, If you could determin where a CV is and it's just camping, then a flood of torps with the very narrow spread could work. Or maybe it's just a fantasy of mine to make CVs fear something. directly. The slow torp speed may help by giving you time to move before the torps are spotted so tracking back down the wakes will not find you. But you are right that 20km torps need some deliberation in use. But as has been said elseware this ship may have a high skill floor to work.
  15. GrayPanther2018

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    Playing this ship is going to be like hunting elephants, from inside the herd. Concealment is life. The slow torps may turn into an advantage, by the time they are seen you can be somewhere else. I forgot the speed of the Kuma, fist will help.