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  1. Ironshroud

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    pros: more ships to shoot at cons: more often you'll get a friendly team filled with even more bots that have been lobotomized and just rush forward and get sunk (why is the friendly team of bots more often like this?)
  2. Ironshroud

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Best tip I can come up with is: Patience You're not going to play this game well in only a short amount of time. It takes time, practice, and experience (and I still have a way to go too) before you learn: how to play the game well (how to read how the battle is going, how not to tunnel vision and use that minimap, how to position properly), how to play a class of ship well (what can/should a DD/CA/BB/CV do), or how to play a specific ship well (if you want to become good using a ship put lots of time into it and learn and make sailing it second nature) For a captain, probably Akeno (moeka K), I need all the luck I can get.
  3. Despite the less than enthusiastic reviews and my initial concerns I decided to give Yahagi a try and share what I think of her. I figured I could use a tier 5+ IJN cruiser in my lineup (events/daily missions), and I wanted to spend very little on a new premium. Also, I’ll admit having an anniversary coupon to use made the choice easier. I have only used her in Co-op which is why the post is in this section. Naturally this is a very different experience than random battles so take these thoughts with this in mind. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and have enjoyed battles with her. Overall she’s about average, it’s just she has noticeable strengths and weaknesses. Some things which are weaknesses for others are just average from my perspective (ROF, survival) at least when used in Co-op. Guns: As a whole pretty good. HE excellent, gun angles and range very good, accuracy and ROF seem average for a tier 5 cruiser, the ROF hasn’t been a problem for me, turret speed not very good she is more comfortable with expert marksman, shells floaty but really no different from other floaty shell cruisers and this isn’t as big of a problem in Co-op, AP isn’t good (even small angles cause bounces) but at 7km or less on a flat target you can still get citadels on cruisers. When in doubt stick with HE. Torpedoes: Torpedoes are excellent, reload and firing angles are not. Even in Co-op the long range helps. The narrow firing angles are the single thing that frustrates me the most with her as it lessens your flexibility when using torpedoes, such as making it much harder to launch torpedoes when charging or kiting as you can't stay angled. AA: The AA rating doesn’t tell the whole story (It never does). It has no long range AA, average damage at medium range to 3.5km, but does high damage at short range inside 2.5km thanks to the ridiculous number of 25mm AA guns on her. Maneuverability: Very good speed, excellent rudder shift, turning circle is fine, speed boost is underwhelming as it doesn’t seem to improve acceleration as much as a destroyer’s boost. That may just be my perception. I have no way of confirming this. Concealment: Excellent. Survival: Surprisingly about average in my opinion. She has average HP, not the thinnest armor belt, and not the tallest citadel for tier 5 cruisers. She’s squishy but except for an angled/bow-in Furutaka so is every tier 5 cruiser. At least for Co-op she isn’t getting destroyed easily every other match (it is interesting that she has the highest survival rate for the tier 5 to 7 cruisers I have used, maybe due to me having more experience now). I can understand this being very different in random battles. Now for captains, I think most (if not all) IJN cruiser captains will work with her as she benefits from so many skills. The question is what setup is 100% optimal for your play style and where you use her (random vs co-op). A discussion on captain skill builds for her could be an entire post due to the variety of setups you could come up with. I can see her being more difficult in random battles for a variety of reasons I won’t get into here, but for co-op at least I think someone can have fun and do well with her. If I have to pick one thing to improve: torpedo firing angles. After a decent number of battles, I think that would probably improve her the most and make her more flexible.
  4. Ironshroud

    Midway - the movie not the CV.

    Enjoyed the movie overall, knowing of course some things were off if you wanted to get into exacting detail (how close the ships were, how thick the flak was), but they needed to be that way to be visually appealing to a general audience. It felt a little bit rushed I think because it is so hard to fit all of it into one movie even one as long as just over 2 hours, but they can only make it so long. Some ships stood out for me and probably many here too where you knew them as soon as you saw them (for me it was Akagi, Enterprise, The Kongos). Overall the ship models used seemed pretty good. CGI seemed good to me (not the best but good) while my brother thought it wasn't very good but I think his standards are a bit high.
  5. It's also the fighters the carriers put up for defence. They put up 4 of them and have a long loiter time. When flying at tier 4 the CV's own AA doesn't do much but when the fighters swoop in you watch your squad evaporate. At tier 6 it's even worse because the CV's AA is far better and they still have 4 fighters in the air. One drop and then the squad is gone. One reason why the US battleships at mid tier frustrate me, just not fast enough to get into position to make an impact as sometimes you don't have many (or any!) targets to shoot. Where's Kongo when you need her. Nope the CVs were for the tiers I was using them my top average damage per game ships in co-op. With the current CVs, if someone accused my of drinking heavily while playing CVs in this game it wouldn't surprise me if they saw how bad my aim can be at times.
  6. Good idea.. (which one you may ask, keeping the wife happy or waiting for something on steam to go on sale?) both
  7. might have been me a couple of times, i stink with CVs well, at first I did terribly with them after the rework (I was just using Hosho), but after quite a while i ended up doing rather well with Hosho and could finish in say 3rd or 4th a good number of times as long as the friendly DDs didn't torp everything to the bottom of the ocean in only 4 minutes. I specifically got much better with the torpedo bombers. For Hosho I use them almost exclusively, with the rockets used once in a while. I think maybe one in 20 times I use the dive bombers. Getting those torpedo bombers down is the key. Now with Ryujo, I am doing only so-so with her, planes get chewed up much easier and the aiming is harder, it was noticeably easier with hosho (probably on purpose being tier 4) as the aiming didn't get messed much when you are adjusting with Hosho. You can't just spam torpedo planes as easily with Ryujo if you are losing them so sometimes you have the pull out the (mostly) useless bombers. My aim with those bombers is terrible, and when they (infrequently) hit ugh for me waste of time watching very low damage overpens (I know I'm dropping too low). I got two citadels in one game last night and I was tempted to open a beer in celebration just for that. overall, i still kind of stink with CVs
  8. Ironshroud

    Game continuesly crashing with Unhandled exception Error

    Removing the music files worked for me, game ran perfectly last night.
  9. Ironshroud

    Have I exhausted Tech Support's usefulness?

    Same problem here, still crashed after deleting mods (only used voice mods), updating drivers, running the diagnostic... and a number of other people too to have had this crashing problem start up this week as well when there have been no problems in the past. I've never had problems before with the game crashing before this week. I was given the same thing to try, delete music files, and (much) later today I'll see how it goes. I will say they replied very quickly, I'm glad for the rapid response my guess too
  10. Ironshroud

    Farragut - damn the torpedoes!

    For co-op I like the farragut very much, had luck with her, I think you can too just adjusting to her. I don't run the top hull in co-op as the defensive fire and AA in general is not a big deal against the few bot carriers you see, and the raw aa rating isn't much different with the stock versus top hull but with the but with the a hull(?) you get 5 main guns instead of 4, that may help a bit. Keep on trying, because it's co-op you can get close with those shorter range torps and really make them work. p.s. ok checked, the A and B hull have 5 main guns, the C hull has 4 main guns and defAA, I run the B hull for the more guns in co-op, that is what may help a bit.
  11. Ironshroud

    Game continuesly crashing with Unhandled exception Error

    The support team got back to me very quickly (100% kudos to them for the rapid response) and recommended I delete the music files too. I'll try it at the end of the day when I can get back on the game. agreed, very odd
  12. Ironshroud

    Game continuesly crashing with Unhandled exception Error

    Still happening for me as well (despite driver update, WGcheck, removing any mods) and some in my clan complained about the same thing as well, and it just started for them yesterday also.
  13. Ironshroud

    Game Crashing Today, Possible Cause

    I'm still having the same problems myself. Today I used WGcheck (didn't say anything needed repair or recovery), updated drivers, and removed voice mods (just in case that was a problem) and still got 2 crashes. (It's great finishing a battle with 863 damage!) Submitted a ticket so it's in their system as a problem. I've tired everything but reinstalling and no luck. Computer is pretty new and has plenty of horses under the hood so it shouldn't be that. I've had several clan members complain also, one had the same multiple crashes, and from looking at some other recent posts above in this section others are having problems that seemed to crop up just recently.
  14. Ironshroud

    Signals and Premium Consumables?

    Overall great advice! If you are going to do some random battles but mostly co-op (as I tend to do), then saving the premium consumables and the signal flags that buff the ship for randoms seems like a good idea. Using economic flags however in co-op, especially when you get close to the next ship or next captain skill point is something I agree with too. At tier 8 in Co-op earning credits gets much harder, at tier 7 you can even sometimes have a bad battle and come up slightly in the red or with few credits to show for it, and sometimes you get a good game and good credits, so at that point the +credit signals start becoming more of a necessity. Tier 5-6 co-op for credits seems to be the sweet spot especially if you picked up a tier 6 premium from the recent event, I have recently got 100K + credit games repeatedly in the Perth.
  15. Ironshroud

    Game Crashing Today, Possible Cause

    Never had any issues with crashes before and had 4 today, 3 in game, 1 in port, getting a "critical error" message when it occurs. Also one other clan member had multiple crashes today, so it's something systemic.