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  1. It does seem the best use is for retreating or getting out of a sticky situation.
  2. Some of the clan members have taken to calling it the crappuccino for the same reason. At least it is fast?
  3. Ironshroud

    So How is Ranked going for you?

    Only a few battles just to get some in, they went quite well, far better than the recent run of tier 5 randoms I decided suffer through.
  4. As I only have up to the tier 7 ship (no exhaust smoke, no experience with it on a BB) what is everyone's take on how useful it is for the Italian BBs?
  5. Ironshroud

    Thread to find co-op division partners

    If anyone sees me on line, if I'm not already in a division with the clan mates, ask away and I'll join up. Typically keep things to tier 5 and up for the missions and such, but I'll be happy to get in a couple at tiers 2 to 4 as well.
  6. Odd choice to replace dead eye with swift in silence. It might be ok for battleships that have the best concealment and can stay at range effectively without deadeye (like Thunderer). That is IF you want to spend 4 skill points for the speed boost. Hey at least it isn't game breaking, so at least there's that?
  7. Ironshroud

    Narai Week Makes Me Happy

    Had a few good Narai battles with some clan members this week. I do like the ship tier (7) is different from the others to give more vairety in what you can use during operations. What if they tweaked all the operations so even if it's the same ones, the tiers rotate, such as tier 5, 6, 7? Shouldn't be too hard to maintain balance if the bots are also at a tier lower or higher.
  8. Ironshroud

    We lost one recently, rest in peace Brandyn

    Very sorry to hear. Condolences to his family and your clan.
  9. Ironshroud

    IFHE for italian BBs?

    Some of the ITL BBs do look like potential secondary candidates if you get IFHE for those small secondaries, but with the pen being that low I am uncertain it is worth building into. Even if it were worth it to build one for secondaries the IFHE seems to be required, making the build 2 points more expensive, and making the ship overall less effective.
  10. Ironshroud

    A Coop main in Brawls

    I tried 2 brawls with Kii, I botched fighting an Odin, then I beat a Tirpitz, got solid hits before coming in close and shrugged off most of his shots, he caught me with a couple of torpedoes but mine finished him off. She seemed like a decent choice to at least have some fun with it.
  11. Ironshroud

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    The new ships doo look like they have an interesting variety of different designs and setups. And the Constellation does have my attention
  12. Squadrons need to be less manuverable (wider turing radius). They shouldn't be able to turn in on a dime. They can reposition too easliy to make an effective run against a manuvering target. Carriers need to be a little more vulnerable to things they should be vulnerable to: fires/floods should not last only 5 seconds and then have a huge immunity time against more fires, and enemy aircraft as the CAP basically means a CV gets one attack against another CV then your squadron evaporates. Make it so that there is more involvement with AA by a surface ship player, so that some at least minor level of skill/paying attention causes the AA to be more effective. Maybe an ability to switch over to manual AA targeting (push a key and you go back and forth to AA targeting) if you wish and when you do an attack and you aim it, it immediately knocks a plane out of the sky, or does double damage, or something, anything.
  13. Ironshroud

    Italian BB Event Part 1 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I thought the T6 was actually pretty good, not my favorite BB at tier 6 but better than I thought it would be. Probably because it has decent speed and the guns aren't horrible.
  14. Ironshroud

    Why wargaming did the right thing

    Yes, in the end that's what happened. Whether that is because someone thinks is was primarily due to him being critical of wargaming, or primarily becuase of his behavior on videos/streams to other players, or some combination of both (put whatever percentage one versus the other you like; I have no idea how much of one versus the other was the cause), it got to the point where it became a problem.
  15. Ironshroud

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of the Java Sea

    I've been enjoying these discussions of naval history and I hope wargaming keeps them going. Before the streams started up I was already watching Jingles, Drach, Dr. Clarke, and Indy and Sparticus so I'm glad to see them all (mostly) together in one place on these streams.