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  1. Kitashi_7

    Can JB get a fighter/spotter plane?

    no surprisingly not, there was aircraft handling equipment on the model but no planes which was weird tbh
  2. Kitashi_7

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    you mind getting me a link so i can pop in and have a looksie?
  3. Kitashi_7

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    i was offered a spot in a unicum clan but politely turned them down due to me being unable to meet their activity requirements, while being among the elite is a dream for many the commitment level you should be ready for, hopefully once i have more time on my hands i can look at them again, wouldn't mind some extra help from someone if they're offering it
  4. I wouldn't mind a little extra help, haven't been able to get on recently and will admit im starting to get a little rusty, been at a 54% WR for quite some time and wondering how i can improve. also know how im needing to re-learn some ship reloads after trying to disengage a couple times and getting my side slapped
  5. Kitashi_7

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Lord_Zath a couple patches back testing out the almalfi
  6. I will wholly support the release of USS Washington (Home state but i don't care sue me), while i can see the merits of other nations that had destroyers or cruisers that contributed in surface engagements, I find it hard pressed to toss aside ships that had historical and even pivotal engagements, like many have said before one of the glaring holes in this game is the lack of USS Washington and IJN Kirishima. I will agree with what others have said before that Alabama shouldn't have been created even remotely before USS Washington was brought up. While yes it is another T8 USN premium, can you argue what happened in guadalcanal? can you argue the historical achievement the Washington did? The ship single-handedly proved that the US surface fleet could effectively fight at night, while South Dakota was just a punching bag for most of the IJN fleet she should be considered lucky that the enemy fleet was carrying high explosive and shrapnel rounds for shore bombardment instead of normal AP rounds that would've absolutely shredded her. Washington showed the effectiveness of radar guided weaponry so it would make sense to throw something like Atlanta radar on her with some minor AA changes like the swapping out of a few 20mm mounts for another 40mm mount somewhere as well as maybe a visible radar dish on the superstructure somewhere as well. All in all this could be effectively used in a battle of guadalcanal campaign or people can get a bundle before the campaign is released in an update
  7. Kitashi_7

    Hangout by the Sea

  8. Kitashi_7

    Hangout by the Sea

    Yo, what're you up to Kako?
  9. Kitashi_7

    Hangout by the Sea

    *stretches for a moment and looks around*
  10. huanghe is the mascot ship of my clan, go figure and it seems decent enough, just play like your standard cruiser and dont get blapped
  11. There is a very fine line between Seal Clubbing and Stat Padding. In my opinion stat padding is playing of any sort of ship and not necessarily caring about winning but overall buffing stats like damage, PR, K/D ratios, etc. Seal clubbing in a way is similar but this usually implies dropping down to T3-5 and using broken vessels such as the Kami sisters, Nikolai, etc. to farm stats off of newbies who are just trying to get started. Seal clubbing is generally frowned upon due to it turning away potential new players to increase population in turn decreasing population. Stat Padding isn't bad in itself it's when it gets competitive or a close game where a person choosing to stat pad instead of winning could end up being what decides a match for a lot of people. I've seen it happen myself and im pretty sure most of everyone in here has as well. I'm by no means a unicum but im just offering my opinion on the subject
  12. Kitashi_7

    So what is the best tier to play now?

    I'd be inclined to say T5-7 are the best tiers to play economy and fun wise as long as you dont get shafted into bottom tier matches with the occasional stroll into low tiers or T8
  13. Kitashi_7

    Hangout by the Sea

    (Washington) *shrugs* I guess then
  14. Kitashi_7

    Hangout by the Sea

    (Washington) you sure its just the name? *points to a clear box containing the new console*
  15. Kitashi_7

    Hangout by the Sea

    (Washington) *notices the new Project Scarlet XBox* Oh my goodness, there’s the new console!