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  1. Suleo

    Operations is terrible now

    No, but they cared IMMEDIATELY when players were getting more than 'their fair share' in twilight battles. That was fixed in one day. The ops bugs? Well, that takes time, see. It's complicated.
  2. Suleo

    Operations is terrible now

    To the OP: Try using the Operations in-game channel. There are regular divisions there. Most of the people playing in those divisions are good and can help out with ship selection, positioning & optimizing for the "new" ops. Some even post in the forums :P
  3. Suleo

    Operations is terrible now

    Which ops did you play and what was the ship composition? They are all winnable with a good team, but some are a lot more annoying than others. Specifically, hermes if you're a cruiser (have fun getting primaried by everyone) and Aegis if you're a BB (have fun with HE spamming kitakazes). Newport is easier, Raptor too. Cherry blossom can be won with a North Carolina shooting the aerodromes, you just have to survive until then (lots of torp soup). Killer whale is about the same difficulty, but the Nurnbergs hurt with their HE spam and the BBs can also put out the pain if you're caught broadside (so don't). Narai...well narai trolls people. Because people still think that they can yolo with a weimar. Hint: you can't. The CV group is strong, the omaha HE spams you and torps you so it's a priority target before the carrier. The dallas that was trolling you from behind the island in the bay is now a Cleveland that, if not quickly dispatched, will HE spam you to death for sure as you yolo for the carrier. The starting dd is now a nicholas which WILL launch torps if not taken care of quickly and those torps hurt a lot. Little Trouble is the same and not too much trouble unless you're caught broadside in a cruiser, in which case your positioning was totally wrong. The ships in the bay (reinforcements) are also stronger but nothing too bad, unless you lost too many ships before entering the bay, in which case you will lose by sheer HP advantage of the enemy ships. As for scaling: Bot tiers are the same regardless of player tier. What changes is the HP of the bots. Honestly, ops are a lot more fun than before. It's a pity WG ruined their rewards, in particular for this patch. Oh well, I guess Twilight serves as an interim grinding mode until random ops return.
  4. Suleo

    Halland or Daring?

    In particular, given the presence of superships, 457mm battleships & tier 10 subs/cvs, techline T9 BBs and especially cruisers are in a very bad spot right now. I also stop the grind at T8 and freexp past that to T10. The frustration is not worth it. Notable exception is the kitakaze because it, and most dds, can actually be useful even when uptiered.
  5. Suleo

    Your Monthly SC.

    Flags. My last 8 SCs from various sources have been flags. Much excitement, such wow.
  6. At least you have airstrike. German cruisers, all the way to the Hindenburg, have depth charges for some reason. *Heavy* cruisers with depth charges. Because yes, I will go chase a sub that goes 30 knots with my 31 knot ship (that is also less maneuverable). Makes total sense.
  7. Suleo

    Halloween Ops credits nerfed?

    As a new-ish player, finding a PVP mode with low numbers (almost like ranked), without CVs, supershits, err I mean superships and subs, and with good rewards (xp, credits, elite commander xp) felt...amazing. And then of course WG had to come and take that away because no no no we can't have good rewards, they don't bring in the $ or something (it's actually the opposite but yea, gg WG keep at it). Sad, really.
  8. Had way too many coop games with TWO friendly AI subs. I guess "fun & engaging" is also included in coop. Hint: it's not fun, it's not engaging, it's just annoying. Also a type7 that survives 5 mainz salvos is just...well, I guess we're in world of fantasyships now anyway.
  9. Removing the random button, force-locking the Tier 3 op (so no rewards for dailies), and keeping the 20% nerf if you want to play the mode that was available up until yesterday is very, very unfortunate (to put it mildly). I guess I can go play another game for a month (and spend money elsewhere too).
  10. Suleo

    Regular Scenarios

    Yes, you must be in a division. And the better part is: if you are in a division and select the op to play, then you get the 20% nerf to earnings. GG WG, I guess we ops players can go do something else for a month.
  11. Defeats in ops can and WILL lose you money. I had a 260k damage defeat in a Zieten and I lost 8k, and that included a 20% boost on a premium account. Even victories don't pay that great. 120-150k (premium time, but no flags) for 20 minutes is not as good. You get more in pve during that time. Pve at T8 doesn't lose you money. So the question is, how often do you lose a random op? The answer is: often enough. Pve is probably the better earner now. With that said, if you play in a division where people know what they're doing and bring good ships (no T6 DDs or BBs for example), then you can mount good flags & make more money/exp per hour, even with the division nerf to earnings. But for regular random op vs pve, pve is more consistent.