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  1. SaniClaws

    On the end of too many losing battles

    DeFiler... Oh, the Grind..... yup - I had to resort to playing a few Co-op battles to try & break a loosing streak curse.. but you shall prevail.. Sometime its more a reflection of the Captain's internal peace - or lack-there-of.. which, in my case, I found a brief & simple 'step away & re-approach' oft helps.. Short of that, find a ship that gives you your best foot forward, at least, & use that to break-through to the other side of this progress 'DULDRUM', so to speak.. the wind shall grace your sails again soon.. Be ready!~ See you on the High Seas I hope!
  2. SaniClaws

    Warship Masters Invitational

    Looks exciting! Will the year of the Victory Rounds be on the T-shirt (hoping so)? Good luck to all involved & may the best Team win!
  3. SaniClaws

    Wargaming site STILL broken

    Sadly, my rather antiquated system has sailed her last rounds with WOW... The older 'Legacy' drivers seems to have been cut to the Producer's floor in the last update or so. However, I also managed to reset & reload my newer workstation to spec, & WOW.... it SINGS playing this game! My M-Audio 2x2 MIDI sound interface seems to be a bit problematic however.. trying to figure that one out.
  4. SaniClaws

    Wargaming site STILL broken

    Looks like my old AMD RADEON HD 6800 Series that was relying on a 'Legacy' Driver has now been left in the dust. Sadly, my game crashes as its loading. It serves me well still with any non-gaming-related software, however, just seems these games are grabbing more & more info/data as their graphics get more demanding.. because player's never-satisfied endeavour for more.. & so it goes. However, so too goes my ability to play this game on a regular basis as my outlet of reckless abandonment.. sad. Until I get another system some millennium, it's been a good run! Dang!
  5. SaniClaws

    Repulse and New Year Bonuses

    Loving these missions! Season's Greetings all.. hohoho.. In light of the wonderful rewards for completing Groups 1 ~ 4, I believe I have all 4 ships already in port. So, as I was reading the recent News article on this event, my only question is, along with the Credits in lieu of the ship & any upgrades, are we at least able to keep the permanent camo?? If you already have VI Weser, VI Fubuki, VI Izmail, or VI Kijkduin, you will receive compensation for their value in Credits. If you already have researchable modules for these ships, you will also receive compensation for their value in Credits. With hopes we can, thanks for the wonderful platform, Team! Stay safe & out out the spray, Commanders! Best wishes, all. SaniClaws!
  6. SaniClaws

    PTS 0.10.10

    ART DEPARTMENT... There was just ONE MORE THING.... uhg... Here we go.. It is to my recollection, having spent many a moon by the ocean, that when one looks UP WIND, one sees the white caps obviously coming toward you.. However, if observing the same water from downwind, let alone a slight crosswind, the white caps are essentially void visually (comparatively, anyway).. SO, as an ADDITIONAL visual element to this aspect of wind-related white-cap-directional differentiation, think about it... (I always remember thinking how tricky a downwind view of an ocean or open body of water can be because it looks relatively CALM, where in fact you just can't see the whitecaps from the other side! I've made bad calls because of this misdemeanor in my judgement on observed water/weather conditions in the past, just as an example of what I speak..). Depending on your vantage point (in game rotation), the white caps effect would actually have to take this natural, almost 'nodal' aspect into account! I noted it missing as I was in awe of the newer liquid dynamic graphics! Not to get too picky, but hey - this is a platform for feedback after all.. & I am adding again, that this detail may be of some extravagance at this point, but also be a consideration in the (hopefully) near future! Wondering too if anyone already mentioned this in the board room meetings! lol Cheers Folks & thanks again for this awesome succubus of my down-time-&-then-some! ;^)_.. SaniClaws PS ~ On this note, any plans to take WIND DIRECTION into account as far as a ship's physical capacity to harness a tail wind or be hampered by a head or cross wind anytime soon? We'd be able to strategize added moves like FLYING-OUT from behind an island with a 'FAVOURABLE TAILWIND' for an extra speed bonus ~ OR ~ mess-up royally with a miscalculated HEAD WIND grinding an otherwise surprise attack down to a humbling epic fail! lol
  7. SaniClaws

    PTS 0.10.10

    Wait times for Random is absurd at times.. longer than a round - sleep always lurks & has been winning lately against this game because of it! Yes, graphics are stellar.. Kudos indeed & thank you for the eye candy! ^_^ Also, the Collections & free Premium awards didn't seem to properly translate to my Regular Game Port as I expected, as well, the confusion of purchasing various cammo for owned ships on the PT server, which is somewhat more understandable than the Premium time awards gone AWOL.. Wish I was making a list as I was going, but these are some top-of-the-head issues that I recall. Onward, & kindest regards to all you involved in providing this awesome platform, lest anyone of us forget! ;^)
  8. SaniClaws

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    As a simple truce & balance about the Sub inclusion.. PLEASE MAKE AN OPTIONAL RANDOM BATTLE TYPE w & w/o SUBS PLEASE!!! Lets not ruin a good thing (non-sub Random Battles - not to say they are a bad thing, just nice to have a choice..
  9. SaniClaws

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    Of all timing... I was just eye-balling X Grosser Kurfürst to purchase in the Tech Tree, now all this news comes out about it's status getting changed.. The main reason this boat caught my attention was because I noted I had a permanent Cammo for it!!! So, at this point, my question is: SHOULD I WAIT to get it as a special ship OR do I grind & grab it fast now??? Which is more economically sound? Thx in advance Peeps! SaniClaws - hohoho
  10. SaniClaws

    PTS 0.10.7

    WHEN IS THE NEXT Public Test???? I just (re)downloaded it & may have missed all this, but perhaps I did for no reason at this point.. Any idea when the next round will be?? Thx in advance.. SaniClaws..
  11. SaniClaws

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    When is the NEXT Public Test???? I just (re)downloaded it & maybe I didn't need to at the moment - that's all..
  12. WOW!! (other than that actually being the name of the game!) ~ I had been holding a coupon for the T-Roosevelt Carrier Resource ships to finally acquire it.. however, at some point, I had been eye-balling a smaller dd, and ended up mistakenly using it .. it says DECEMBER / 157 says before it gets replenished! Now, I'm back to nearly that amount of time before I can squirrel enough STEEL to grind the carrier without it! Awesome having the renewed coupons - don't get me wrong, however, my bad on the over-zealous coupon use oversight, but 5+ months is a little discouraging - WISH WE HAD A MEANS OF OBTAINING ONE through a dedicated mission chain if we wanted/needed to in the interim! ~ Food for thought.. Thanks & maybe consider the option in the interim! SaniClaws
  13. Dudefella.. I believe it was in the wee hours prior to being removed.... Rumours have it it will reappear sometime down the road.. Just in the nick of time, so to say! "Throw me to the Wolves & I'll come back leading the pack!" Angels are amoung us here! ^_^
  14. SaniClaws

    Armada: Constellation

    USS Constellation: • Lexington Battle Cruiser Class; • 6 were planned to be built.. • In-game handle: SaniClaws • N/A Server Kindest regards, hohoho...
  15. An ABSOLUTE ANGEL fellow World of Warships player hath stepped-up & provided my port with a GIFTED HAIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (name withheld for privacy) This was SOOOOO beyond a surprise, let alone SO FAR beyond the call of duty to do so for an absolute stranger!! The FULL MONTE package, mind you.... I can't say enough about such a kind gesture, even found amid a gaming platform, my appreciation is immense! I had been trying to protest WOW scuttling Canada's ONLY SHIP representation (save the Yukon, recently), the HAIDA, as if it were 'just another dd to walk the plank', and mentioning that Canada's representation in these wars was not big in #'s, rather big in HEART, seemed to strike the Citadel of this player's mind to step up & forward HAIDA to me. That is pretty INTENSE GOOD WILL 'amid the noise & haste' of today's world - even virtually!!! "Reaching out in the darkness to find a friend" indeed! Mission accomplished! Happy Canada Day, & YES..... ALL CHILDREN MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!