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  1. SaniClaws

    Who have you seen in game

    Wolfswetpaws... I am just reading this now - must have been in the blur & fog of sea-fairing warfare.. Awesome & my bad for not noticing in the heat of battle! hohoho Next time for sure!!!
  2. SaniClaws

    Anonymous Benefactor on the forum

    Someone who commented above ALSO managed to pull a swift GIFT manoeuvre on me after I made a comment about Canadians' #s (WW I & WW II) may have been lower, but our hearts in battle made up for that... when WOW was speaking of pulling the Haida out of the line of available boats - the next time I logged-in, BOOM!!!!!! There was a Haida waiting in my port with the full enchilada of cammo & a 10pt Commander ready for battle...... speak of ANGELS out there in the midst..... that was completely out of the blue & totally reinstated any diminished hopes for humanity I may have entertained after that - even though this is all a 'virtual' zone, actions STILL speak louder than words, and good 'ole Humanity may be taxed at the best of times, when someone steps up like that be it virtual or in person, I am simply left in awe & appreciation. Crazy & amazing all at once.. Stay positive & stay kind Peeps, we have a planet Earth Host to take care of & many humans to remain respectable with her as well the rest of us.. Awesome post.. Some Wolves out there are indeed angels - even if they have wet paws! ;)
  3. SaniClaws

    Monthly Forum Event - Turkey Shoot

    I was on fire... literally! hohoho Happy Autumn, all...
  4. SaniClaws

    Naval Legends: Sackville

    Always great to see Canadian representation stories & hear the humour instilled in their voices as somewhat of a mechanism to try & cope with the horrors of their memories! Thanks for this well done production! I recall my Uncle telling me that during the war, a group of fishing boats combing their Scallop Draggers one afternoon off Les Illes du la Madeleine, in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, saw a U-Boat as they were out doing their daily fishing routines.. It was somewhat unnerving, I recall him quipping, but it dipped below the surface never to be seen again.. whoa! Having mentioned Canada's representation during these wars as perhaps small in #'s, but huge in heart, in a comment many moons ago, someone reading that actually was so taken by those words, they went & gifted me a full-blown Commander/Cammo package for Haida to my port!! I finally topped-it off with a great Canadian Flag livery that is pretty awesome! A T-VII dd that really has some spunk in this game (but sadly can't partake in applicable Naval Battle Attempts, as it 'falls between the cracks' on the Ship-type Chart).. There are angels amoung the Wolves out there!
  5. SaniClaws

    What is a Clan & what is the benefit ?

    Wolfswetpaws..just seeing this now! Thank you big time.. I'll check it out!
  6. SaniClaws

    What is a Clan & what is the benefit ?

    One key frustration with my (over 3-year-old) Clan is the disorganization of scheduling/attention/participation & key, communication, amoung the tribe. This prevents us from capitalizing on simply getting Clan Battles off the ground due to the lack of minimum # of players @ any one time.. let alone secondary units... The Port is well developed, but the active participation/comm is driving the few new players I've managed to get to join to help break this cycle. Even though Naval Battles are also a prerequisite, we certainly have the skill & talent - just, of the minimal # of peeps who participate, we are able to win many, mostly just skimming-by, because its just a few carrying the load. WE NEED BACKUP!! Any ideas where I can post simple ad to promote our hapless band of misfit toys so we can get some regular contributors who are not shy to use Team Chat??? Anyone reading this & thinking about joining Clan (again, even), you'll require a full spectrum of ship tiers to be readily available for a full spectrum of battle types at a moment's notice.. We try to help those who are short if possible, as a team. WE re looking for REGULAR ACTIVE ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPANTS STAT!
  7. SaniClaws

    On the end of too many losing battles

    DeFiler... Oh, the Grind..... yup - I had to resort to playing a few Co-op battles to try & break a loosing streak curse.. but you shall prevail.. Sometime its more a reflection of the Captain's internal peace - or lack-there-of.. which, in my case, I found a brief & simple 'step away & re-approach' oft helps.. Short of that, find a ship that gives you your best foot forward, at least, & use that to break-through to the other side of this progress 'DULDRUM', so to speak.. the wind shall grace your sails again soon.. Be ready!~ See you on the High Seas I hope!
  8. SaniClaws

    Warship Masters Invitational

    Looks exciting! Will the year of the Victory Rounds be on the T-shirt (hoping so)? Good luck to all involved & may the best Team win!
  9. SaniClaws

    Wargaming site STILL broken

    Sadly, my rather antiquated system has sailed her last rounds with WOW... The older 'Legacy' drivers seems to have been cut to the Producer's floor in the last update or so. However, I also managed to reset & reload my newer workstation to spec, & WOW.... it SINGS playing this game! My M-Audio 2x2 MIDI sound interface seems to be a bit problematic however.. trying to figure that one out.
  10. SaniClaws

    Monthly Forum Event - Defend the Earth

    DEFEND THE EARTH..... DEFEND OUR BASE, no matter what the cost may be! Hope this is suffice! Cheers, all! hohoho
  11. SaniClaws

    Wargaming site STILL broken

    Looks like my old AMD RADEON HD 6800 Series that was relying on a 'Legacy' Driver has now been left in the dust. Sadly, my game crashes as its loading. It serves me well still with any non-gaming-related software, however, just seems these games are grabbing more & more info/data as their graphics get more demanding.. because player's never-satisfied endeavour for more.. & so it goes. However, so too goes my ability to play this game on a regular basis as my outlet of reckless abandonment.. sad. Until I get another system some millennium, it's been a good run! Dang!
  12. SaniClaws

    Repulse and New Year Bonuses

    Loving these missions! Season's Greetings all.. hohoho.. In light of the wonderful rewards for completing Groups 1 ~ 4, I believe I have all 4 ships already in port. So, as I was reading the recent News article on this event, my only question is, along with the Credits in lieu of the ship & any upgrades, are we at least able to keep the permanent camo?? If you already have VI Weser, VI Fubuki, VI Izmail, or VI Kijkduin, you will receive compensation for their value in Credits. If you already have researchable modules for these ships, you will also receive compensation for their value in Credits. With hopes we can, thanks for the wonderful platform, Team! Stay safe & out out the spray, Commanders! Best wishes, all. SaniClaws!
  13. SaniClaws

    PTS 0.10.10

    ART DEPARTMENT... There was just ONE MORE THING.... uhg... Here we go.. It is to my recollection, having spent many a moon by the ocean, that when one looks UP WIND, one sees the white caps obviously coming toward you.. However, if observing the same water from downwind, let alone a slight crosswind, the white caps are essentially void visually (comparatively, anyway).. SO, as an ADDITIONAL visual element to this aspect of wind-related white-cap-directional differentiation, think about it... (I always remember thinking how tricky a downwind view of an ocean or open body of water can be because it looks relatively CALM, where in fact you just can't see the whitecaps from the other side! I've made bad calls because of this misdemeanor in my judgement on observed water/weather conditions in the past, just as an example of what I speak..). Depending on your vantage point (in game rotation), the white caps effect would actually have to take this natural, almost 'nodal' aspect into account! I noted it missing as I was in awe of the newer liquid dynamic graphics! Not to get too picky, but hey - this is a platform for feedback after all.. & I am adding again, that this detail may be of some extravagance at this point, but also be a consideration in the (hopefully) near future! Wondering too if anyone already mentioned this in the board room meetings! lol Cheers Folks & thanks again for this awesome succubus of my down-time-&-then-some! ;^)_.. SaniClaws PS ~ On this note, any plans to take WIND DIRECTION into account as far as a ship's physical capacity to harness a tail wind or be hampered by a head or cross wind anytime soon? We'd be able to strategize added moves like FLYING-OUT from behind an island with a 'FAVOURABLE TAILWIND' for an extra speed bonus ~ OR ~ mess-up royally with a miscalculated HEAD WIND grinding an otherwise surprise attack down to a humbling epic fail! lol
  14. SaniClaws

    PTS 0.10.10

    Wait times for Random is absurd at times.. longer than a round - sleep always lurks & has been winning lately against this game because of it! Yes, graphics are stellar.. Kudos indeed & thank you for the eye candy! ^_^ Also, the Collections & free Premium awards didn't seem to properly translate to my Regular Game Port as I expected, as well, the confusion of purchasing various cammo for owned ships on the PT server, which is somewhat more understandable than the Premium time awards gone AWOL.. Wish I was making a list as I was going, but these are some top-of-the-head issues that I recall. Onward, & kindest regards to all you involved in providing this awesome platform, lest anyone of us forget! ;^)
  15. SaniClaws

    Contest: Spooktacular Ship Stories

    It's a true tail, but a bit of a hair-raiser all-the-more! I'll bend the rules a bit & place this story on the HAIDA for purposes of this contest! ;^) Back many moons ago, my best friend Cam & I, planned a trip with my Mom to travel out to some small island archipelago on the East Coast of Canada. He suddenly became ill with an unknown ailment just a week leading-up to our departure & was hospitalized. My mom & I continued our trip as planned, expecting him to recover & fly out to then join us. His prognosis was worsening by the day it seemed, but hope still remained that he would fully recover & carry-on. As my relatives (out on the islands) knew I was just a kid with my best friend hospitalized back home, they figured keeping me distracted would be a good thing. As part of this initiative, I was invited out on my Uncle's Coast Guard boat for the day! Absolutely beautiful cloudless sky, hot sunny day on the ocean.. wow. However, the thought of my best friend back home hit me suddenly, & the reality of the situation was starting to sink-in. Something overwhelmed my thoughts & I needed to take a moment of solitude up on the bow, where nobody was. I make my way up front, carefully place 1 leg on each side of the front centre rail post, leaning my arms comfortably over the rail. JUST as I did this, I felt as though someone came up on my left side & literally shoved me over a bit to sit & join me, however, I was alone! As startled as I should have been, I unexpectedly looked left & uttered 'Oh, Cam! You came by to say Goodbye! Fair well, my friend - until we meet again!' As I was finishing these words, I turned my head forward again, planted my chin in my crossed arms resting on the rail & looked up ahead.. I took a deep breath in slight panic... as vertigo suddenly took over.. as it appeared there was a vast blue expanse in front of me - NO WATER - NO AIR - JUST OPEN SPACE!!! As it was a cloudless sky & the ocean was actually the flattest & mirror-like that I had ever seen, there was absolutely NO HORIZON to be seen!!! It was like I was dangling my legs over the edge of the Earth for that moment, plowing ahead into open blue space - actually having to turn back toward the ship to break my vertigo it was so intense! As I was trying to study this absolute phenomenon before my eyes & marvel in the overwhelming moment of 'Exactly What the HECK is happening right now?!?!', the VAST, seamless BLUE ahead of me was suddenly broken.. by a tip of a rounded green hill from an island as we were returning! It was like that moment in 'The Truman Show', when Jim Carrey 1st noticed the auxiliary hatch up on the ceiling, that he had interpreted as being the blue sky all his life! So as the spooky part of this story goes, it wasn't until we returned to my Uncle's home later that eve, when my Mom & Aunt came home. Both were sobbing. My Mom came to me & started with 'I have something to tell..' Interrupting her, & said 'I already know, Mom... Cam moved-on! He stopped by this afternoon to say Goodbye!' She looked somewhat perplexed, but hugged me anyway & never gave it a second thought. I later discovered that my friend's TOD (Time of Death) was 2:06 pm (my hometown time), while when I experienced that entire episode on the bow of the Coast Guard Cutter... was exactly 3:06 pm on the East Coast... the 1 hour time-difference between locations! To this day the hair stands on end telling this story (even writing it here!). He's been a Guardian Angel over my shoulder ever since! Happy Hallowe'en, hope this finds you all well, & please, consider picking up the phone to say 'Hello' to whomever when you think of it, because one day that option may no longer be there! ~ SaniClaws.