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  1. wjgood

    I need help.

    I’m trying to get the jean Bart with coal, but don’t have nearly enough. I see in my clan that there is a thing called clan treasury and I anime it is some way to share resources? My friend has 100k coal and doesn’t want it. Is there any way I can aqquire this?
  2. wjgood

    Enjoy the scenery

  3. wjgood

    River map in WOWS

    I was mostly thinking that dds could slip in there and possible brawl it out because it gives more points.
  4. I was watching aerroon’s video the other day, and he pointed out that the “estuary” map is really not an estuary. I propose a new map that would be a wide river estuary, such as the Columbia. In picture 1 I have shown a possible capture circle arrangement. This would be a smaller channel, getting harder to navigate as you get farther into it. The a cap would give the most points as the center would in an epicenter gamemode, then the b cap less and the c cap even less. In picture 2 it shows how the teams might spawn. Keep In mind that these drawings are not necessarily to scale. Wargaming would and should add islands and mess with the size of the coast. Also, I think that adding smaller channels that are easily navigated by smaller ships, but harder to navigate with bigger ships would be cool.
  5. wjgood

    Graphics settings.

    Eh it’s a laptop and this is what I could find.
  6. wjgood

    Graphics settings.

    If you mean the client that you download in the wg center then ultra.
  7. wjgood

    Graphics settings.

    Thanks so much for the advice! I’m not really a computer person so I don’t really know what specs to post from the file.
  8. wjgood

    Graphics settings.

    Ya I tried the compressed textures and it looks like dried dog crapand only adds 5 fps
  9. wjgood

    Graphics settings.

    not trying to maximize framerate at the cost of aesthetics
  10. I have a bad computer. Ever since I got WoWs, I’ve been trying to find the optimal graphics settings (ex; framerate:aesthetics) 1, I could use some recommendations on what an optimal graphics load out would be. 2, what is the setting that deals with the quality of the meshes and textures, I tried “texture quality” but it didn’t do anything. edit: specs from wgcheck program https://wgglobal.zendesk.com/attachments/token/WxyXNicupla4cVzM6hHoW0LFr/?name=WoWS_report.wgc
  11. wjgood

    How do you gift.

    My dads birthday is tomorrow, and I’m trying to gift him the hsf harakaze. I’ve seen people buying ships for other people, but can’t seem to find out how. Can I have help?
  12. wjgood

    Ship choice.

    I recently got a chance to try my friends graf spee, and I absolutely loved it. I’m contemplating getting the Scharnhorst because the two ships are similar, but I’m worried I won’t like it as much. If I like the graf spee it there a good chance I will like the Scharnhorst?
  13. Hey sometimes I feel like there are too many t6 operations and that wargaming are slacking on making the t7 ones.