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  1. wjgood

    I need help finding a blueprint

    right idea, but im looking for a top down view
  2. im making a model of a flower class corvette in a game i play and i need to find a blueprint with a cross section of the waterline. so say if you were looking at the ship from the top, and everything above the water was cut away, the outline of that. i couldnt find it myself so i figured id ask here.
  3. A supposed feature of 0.9.6 was the ability to move consumable slots? How do I do this?
  4. Hey! Recently I watched some KOTS replays and I noticed That at the bottom where the clans were labeled, each of them had an emblem/logo. I would like to do this for my own clan. How can I?
  5. wjgood

    Submarine Tech Trees

  6. wjgood

    how to grind coal?

    Ok. Are there any specific ships/ types of ships that do better on daily missions? like a type of ship that does the directives better than most.
  7. wjgood

    how to grind coal?

    I have seen the "clan treasury" is there any way my buddy (who has a surplus of coal he doesn't want) can deposit some in for me to take? I have an executive officer rank in my clan so I should have the power if its possible.
  8. I am grinding coal to get the thunderer, and I am struggling to get much. I am opening containers and everything, but I'm not getting that much. do you have any tips on how I can get it faster?
  9. wjgood

    what coal ship?

    I am saving up coal for getting a ship in the armory. the reason I'm doing this is because I am very supportive of my clan and I want them to do better in clan battles(were pretty terrible). I am deliberating over what ship I should get because I'm not sure what I would best best in. can yall look at my stats and tell me what ship you think I should get? (I'm also saving steel but that's far off) here is the link to my stats: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1032847143,wjgood/
  10. I honestly believe this too, but I think it is unoriginal to give it a torp buff. Air dropped torpedoes already plague the low tiers and I think in turn they should buff what makes her special ang t4s: her dive bombs.
  11. wjgood

    [update] computer choice

    I like the look of this is I can get the 16gb version, I looked around though and couldn't find it. where can I?
  12. wjgood

    [update] computer choice

    How much did it cost?
  13. wjgood

    [update] computer choice

    So what FPS would you say I could get in wows on medium graphics