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  1. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend Spree, 18-20 September 2020.

    I advanced the XP my Gneisenau grind from 20k xp to 120k xp meaning that Bismarck will hopefully be in my port by the end of the week.
  2. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend Spree, 11-13 September 2020.

    I finished off my Lyon grind in asymmetric battles and I also ground out enough to resources to get Thunderer (the jury is still out as to whether or not I do).
  3. cheekywarship2018

    New Player, got a Kongo, looking for some tips.

    Well, welcome to the game. First off, new players are put into "protected" matchmaking for their first 200 or so battles. What this means is that you'll only be matched up against bots and other new players. As for how to play Kongo, it is a good ship but not an easy one to play. First it is fast and fully upgraded can 30 knots with few ships within her MM spread. However she pays for this in all other respects, her armor and firepower are pretty much bottom of the pack when compared to other tier 5 bbs. What this means in practice is that you should stay at range and try and avoid close quarters combat. You also need to be disciplined with your angling to avoid taking massive chunks of damage and sending you back to port early. Some other general tips are to always maintain map awareness, in other words, keep track of the positions of your team mates and the enemy to avoid getting into "awkward situations", also hold your salvos and wait the best target(any who is broadsiding you) bbs in this game rely on big alpha strikes, and not so much continuous damage. And to answer another of your questions, you should mainly stick with AP, in wows there is mechanic called "over match" where an AP shell will pen a piece of plating up to a certain thickness regardless of the of the angle of said plating. You can find the over match capability of your guns by taking the gun caliber and dividing it by 14.33(always round down), which in Kongo's case is 24mm. All tier 5 and lower bbs are covered in 16mm and 13mm plating(though there are quite a few exceptions) and most tier 6 and below bruisers are the same. Those are just some general notes but I would strongly recommend that you go back to lower tiers as have many others, and learn the basic mechanics of the game. Once you get out of protected MM, you will be slaughtered by more experience players and you will be miserable. A good ship to learn the ropes would be the Tier 3 American Cruiser St. Louis. It's a power house that is bristling with and fairly tough for a cruiser, though the down side is that is rather slow.
  4. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend Spree, August 7 to 9 2020

    I finished up my King George V grind and made significant progress in my Nagato Grind.
  5. cheekywarship2018

    Ships that are just cursed for you?

    For me it seems to be Emerald and Nagato. I could not for the life of me seem to have a good game in Emerald and I was so happy when I got to Leander. I've had some good games in Nagato but lately it seems RNG really hates me because I keep getting on teams that get steamrolled or I end just not being able to do much or both.
  6. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend Spree, July 31 to August 2, 2020

    finished my Sinop grind, waiting for 0.9.7 to drop so I can sell Rhine and free up room for Vladivostok
  7. Having discovered the answer to this a little while, back I thought everyone else would interested to know. WG seem to have taken the Doubloon price for the basic bundle of that ship(the ships itself, a 3 point captain, and a port slot) and multiplied it by 10 to get the coal price. Cambeltown: (Coal Price: 19500, Doubloon Price: 1950) Yubari: (Coal Price: 25500, Doubloon Price: 2550) Marblehead: (Coal Price: 34000, Doubloon Price: 3400) October Revolution: (Coal Price: 53500, Doubloon Price: 5350) Aigle: (Coal Price: 49500, Doubloon Price: 4950) Anshan: (Coal Price: 40000, Doubloon Price: 4000) Blyskawica (Coal Price 51000, Doubloon Price: 5100) The only one that breaks the trend is Charleston but I suspect that was done deliberately to make it more affordable to new players as their first premium ship. Charleston: (Coal Price: 15000, Doubloon Price: 2300) Kirov while it has not been sold directly for cash, its pricing consistent with the pricing of the rest of the ships. If we look at the doubloon price of 3 of the latest tier 5 cruisers sold directly for cash (Exeter, Yahagi, and Genova), they each cost 4300 Doubloons which is consistent with Kirov's coal price of 43000.
  8. cheekywarship2018

    If our commanders could talk...

    TO: Fleet Command, cheekywarship2018 FROM: The Mighty Jingles, Commanding Officer Surrey RE: Reassignment First off, let me congratulate high command on the acquirement of the Pocket Battleship (I don't care if is classified as a cruiser, we the British designated them Pocket Battleships and that's how it will remain) Admiral Graf Spee. I know that this was a long term goal by high command and was quite the undertaking. We look forward to meeting the new crew and whipping them into shape. Now onto the main topic, myself and several other Commanders(Yashurio Fjioka, Maurice Shaw, Archibald Lane, and Konstanin Olkhovisky) were told by fleet command that we were to be reassigned to the Albermarle, Mogami, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Tallinn respectively once they had been researched and funds had raised to acquire said ships. However, it has been months since some of them were acquired and we have still not been reassigned to them. Needless to say, we quite confused as to why this is and we request a reason as to why especially considering that Commanders Boris Veber and Golden Konung were reassigned to Chapayev and Charles Martel respectively right after they were acquired (seriously, why did a Frenchman get priority over those of Her Majesty's Royal Navy). MSG Ends TO: The Mighty Jingles, Commanding Officer Surrey FROM: Fleet Command, cheekywarship2018 RE: Reassignment The reason why yourself, Yashurio Fjioka, Maurice Shaw, Archibald Lane, and Konstanin Olkhovisk have not been reassigned is due to a lack of Elite Commander XP. All of our old stock was used to retrain and reassign Commanders Boris Veber and Golden Konung. Second, even if we the required Elite Commander XP, you would not be able to go into battle. As you are aware, the new policy for taking stock ships into battle is that they must have both Rudder Modules(if applicable) and we simply do not have the funds right now for them. Rest assured however that we are rebuilding our stocks and we currently have enough to retrain two of you to your new commands. Please be patient and rest assured that should all be retrained and reassigned by the end of the year. Also, I advise you to remain professional during these correspondents. If you continue, we shall shut down your salt mines. MSG Ends
  9. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend Spree, July 10-12 2020.

    I focused my efforts on getting the Graf Spee and finished a lot sooner than I expected. Pretty much just spammed Sharnhorst in Randoms and Budyonny in Co-Op to do so.
  10. cheekywarship2018

    Fastest T8 grind was Itialian. Whats yours.

    for me it would be the russian cruiser lines, I ground out both in just 86 battles (43 per ship)
  11. cheekywarship2018

    Just ranked out

    This my first time ranking out and I quite enjoyed the experience. RNG really seemed to like me and I somehow won 82% of my battles. It was made all the more amusing considering I did it an partially stock chapayev(I have the range upgrade but not the B hull). I would like to thank everyone on my teams and I wish the rest you good luck in your quest for ranking out.
  12. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend Spree, June 19-21 2020.

    just shy of 112k
  13. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend Spree, June 19-21 2020.

    I ground out the last of the credits to get Albermarle and ground out enough xp on the Shchors to hopefully unlock Tallinn when the split comes out of early access
  14. cheekywarship2018

    How to Shchors?

    It was that game, and good luck with the grind, once you get the hang shchors, it will be one of the most pleasant tier 7 cruiser grinds you've ever had
  15. cheekywarship2018

    What's your best moment of sheer hilarity?

    I wouldn't call this sheer hilarity but it still pretty funny. In a recent game with the shchors I set a nagato on fire in places after he damage controlled the first fire I set on him, sadly no arsonist. Another moment that comes to mind is slaughtering a kidd at point blank range in my helena after he derped his torps