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  1. cheekywarship2018

    Looking for a tier 10 coal ship

    I'm pretty sure Napoli does have the same built in service reductions like all of the other T10 special ships so no need worry there. As for Marceau and Moskva, I don't think you would like either to be quite frank. Marceau can be quite frustrating to play thanks to her insanely floaty shells and somewhat unique play style. As for Moskva, she is the complete opposite of Smolensk. She is very capable in the right hands but is very hard to learn due to her combination of a her vulnerable citadel, poor handling, and poor concealment which means bad positioning will get you killed more so than other cruisers.
  2. cheekywarship2018

    aoba build anyone

    I would say pretty much the same thing as what @Nevermore135 has said though I would strongly recommend against taking Heavy AP Shells. The reason is that the AP found on the IJN CAs is so unremarkable that you most of the time you want to be shooting HE so taking it is for the most part a waste of skill points.
  3. From an objective standpoint, the only one that is good is Groningen, she is pretty while at the same time being fairly strong with her hydro, smoke, and her strong gun power. Everything other current FXP ship is really just mediocre Azuma is a very one dimensional backline HE spammer without the ability to do anything else. Agir is for all in tense and purposes a worse Alaska. She looks to be a decent close range cruiser if it weren't for some significant holes in her armor scheme. Hayate is a jack of all trades master of none ship with decent guns and torps but is really held back by her poor concealment, that combined with the fact that she costs the equivalent of two tier 9 premiums makes it really hard to justify her 2 million FXP price tag. Overall, if none of the ships interest you then I would just use the FXP for the Research Bureau. The general consensus among the community is that WG is unlikely to release a ship for FXP in the near future. As for the other resources, my advice is that if any of the ships currently in development interest you in the slightest, then I would hold to my rescources until said ship is released and then make the call.
  4. cheekywarship2018

    nagato build

    Pretty that, Nagato is a long range sniper so any other build really doesn't make sense. Her secondary's are decent but she is a really poor brawler so specking into them is not recommended. One alternative build is to speck more into tanking (build below) but Nagato is really sub optimal for it.
  5. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend... um, spree, I guess? 17-19 September 2021

    Believe it or not Azuma is not the most outrageous one (nor is it particularly uncommon). Seriously just trying looking up Belfast, Illustrious, or Formidable from Azur Lane.
  6. cheekywarship2018

    Weekend... um, spree, I guess? 17-19 September 2021

    This weekend I had just one goal in WoWs. Farm as much FXP from Narai as I possibly can, I wasn't to do it to the fullest extent because I had to study for school but I still had a pretty good haul, went from from roughly 150K to 720K. I'll probably wait until a rainy day and grind out the remaining 280K for Azuma.
  7. cheekywarship2018

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    For me its easily Salem, it is a blast going into to coop and just shooting at bots every 5.5 seconds with American Piercing Shells.
  8. cheekywarship2018

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I normally don't go ham on day one of events but I remembered I had over a thousand cubes and said why the hell not and did an additional 50 pulls, can't say I'm disappointed. Also unlocked Soryuu Meta Today
  9. cheekywarship2018

    need build for fuso for accuracy

    High and welcome to the forums. As others have already stated, Fuso isn't a ship that is known for its accuracy and the only thing that you can do to improve it is by slotting the Aiming Systems mod in the third slot. Fuso is more about volume of fire rather than accuracy. With that being said, I suspect part of the issue is your ability to aim. With battleships you generally want to be landing on average 27% to 33% of your shells. Your accuracy is fortunately well below that. My advice would to be to drop back down a few tiers and practice aiming as battleships are all about landing landing your shells. If you haven't already then I would highly recommend watching both Potato Quality's and Ichase's aiming guides. The latter goes over some of the basics while the former goes into a lot more depth and aiming at unicum level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqXbWux_QKY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNcG9Pu9Y40
  10. cheekywarship2018

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Now that I presume the livestream is finished here is a recap (also lots of bunny girl skins announced) New girls for the event Yura (CL, Top Left), Katsuragi (CV, Bottom Left), Umikaze (DD, Top Right), and Chikuma (CA, Bottom Right, will also be available in the event shop). We also get Yamakaze who will be the point accumulation ship. We will also be getting the UR Quintuple 610mm torpedo mount which will also be available in the event shop. A bunch of skins were announced believe it or not that is not all of them. Also, yet another Collab was announced Check out the rest of this long summary for yourself. https://imgur.com/a/pmarQ5p
  11. cheekywarship2018

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Also here is upcoming future content
  12. cheekywarship2018

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Well lads they finally did it, Shimakaze has been confirmed for the upcoming event. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) she is a UR. and if you thought one UR wasn't enough we are getting two, Yuddachi Retrofit.
  13. cheekywarship2018

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    XP from Operation Siren does count towards the PR ship XP grind.
  14. cheekywarship2018

    FEEDBACK: Game Suggestion | Achievements

    As much as I like that idea, WG have specifically stated that no new achievements will be added outside of special occasions such as those from the Grand Battles event.