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  1. excessive1

    What a ROFLstomp

    It happens to all of us, I had a 20 game losing streak, last week. three of them the enemy team coming from far behind and winning the last in the last seconds. The following day I had 12 wins in a row and a draw of all things.
  2. excessive1

    ST, changes to Vauquelin and Guepard

    Introduce a new unique line of dds, with no smoke, and make them fun and playable so everyone grinds and or pays to get them, then nerf them make them potentially unplayable. All the new French dds are currently fun to play, although very challenging. I hope this does not change that.
  3. excessive1

    Tsar Alexander Ovechkin -- 50 bucks????

    A single nation 10 point premium captain cost 38000 coal. This seems pretty much in line, possibly a better deal since you can move him around two different lines and he starts with 15 points. I think there will be a lot of takers.
  4. excessive1

    Conqueror citadel

    Finally had a decent game with it, did 213k damage and it was a draw. Never had one of those before, go figure.
  5. excessive1

    How do you drive the Jaguar?

    Don’t listen to the naysayers. The Jag is a good dd and very strong for its tier. But it is not played like a regular dd with smoke. You are not the first to a cap. Use your speed and guns to take out enemy dds that are trying to cap. It’s guns are very stout. Just play a few more games and you will get the hang of it. The skill level is higher, and trust me I am an average player at best, but they are fun ships to play.
  6. excessive1

    Yoshino, Georgia, or hold?

    Life is short, just get one. I have them both and they are great ships to play and you can’t go wrong with either. The skill level is probably a bit higher for the Yoshino, but the 310 guns are killers and can citadel BBs or start lots of fires. But it is made out of flash paper. The 20 km torps are absolute booby traps, as most enemies forget that you have them. The 457s on the Georgia can deal out a lot of pain, but you have to remember that BBs especially upper tier BBs can pretty easily citadel you. Knowing you like CAs, you might want to get the Yoshino first. I’m not sure, but I think the Siegfried is going to be coal, but the Friesland is going to be a steel ship.
  7. excessive1

    Conqueror citadel

    Yep, just about every bb and ca from T7 on up can citadel it from multiple angles not just broadside. Even with some serious active maneuvering, watching my angles and who can fire on me,, My WR since the nerf is in the low 30s.
  8. excessive1

    The mighty Hindenburg is mine.

    Congratulations on a great ship! One of my favorites, and recent buffs are nice. Grind through and get legendary module, it is well worth it.
  9. excessive1

    Conqueror citadel

    Shoot at them while you can, because soon everyone will permanently dock them in port. Which is a shame because this game needs diversity and niche ships that are challenging to play and play against. Yes they were hard to citadel, unless it was plunging AP. But now with the raised citadel nerf, it is hard not to citadel them from anyplace at anytime. The ship has the lowest HP of any T10 BB, along with the weakest armor, and now with its raised citadel, all but unplayable.
  10. excessive1

    Le Fantasque no love

    They are very challenging to play, which to me, I think is their big draw. Since their release I have had some huge games, followed by being taken out in the first few minutes of a game. Super speed to out run turret traverse, dodge torpedos and quickly get into concealment is quite powerful. But since speed and maneuvering are your only real strengths, an errant shell that damages propulsion, is deadly. They are certainly not your grandmother’s dd. Not as effective at early base capping as traditional dds. But they are great at spotting, attacking other dds and the ability to quickly get to multiple places on the map. Ninja strikes on CAs can be quite fun,( the french dd guns are pretty effective,) when executed properly.
  11. excessive1

    So, about the new auto pilot...

    Don’t try plotting a narrowish channel, or between two islands, even if the line is perfectly straight and there is plenty of room, the ship on its own will hard over either left or right and run into land.
  12. excessive1

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    I disagree, diversity in ships is what’s this game more challenging and enjoyable. This game would get quite monotonous if they did away with what I would refer to as, niche ships. The same goes for CVs. I would hate for this game to have a bunch of different “looking” ships, but all had the exact same attributes. Boring with a capital B.
  13. excessive1

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    Before the nerf the conqueror had a low citadel, great heal, lowest HP of tier 10 BBs, weak armor. Yes it was hard to citadel close up, but mid and far range it was very vulnerable to both plunging HP and HE. Now it has a raised citadel and a slightly stronger heal but I believe weaker citadel repair. I was hopeful that it would work, but so far not so much. I am going to keep trying different things as it was always a fun niche ship to play (although my lowest WR BB) to avoid it being relegated to either active maneuvering on the back forty, with little overall game impact, or docked in port and converted to a casino/hotel.
  14. excessive1

    French Event, You have to be kidding me!

    People like to gamble, otherwise lottery’s and Vegas would not be so successful. In the end the house always win, nothing new or sinister here. If you want early access, and like to gamble, cool. WG has been real upfront on the random nature here.
  15. excessive1

    Georgia needs it's 2.0 SIGMA back .

    Is this something recent I missed? I have been playing it since general release and it is pretty darn good hitting what you aim at.