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  1. excessive1

    Forum Contest - Auld Lang Syne

    I am looking forward to some new maps, convoy scenarios and possibly some additional random operations. Maybe a new weapon types
  2. When playing the NDJ today I noticed that while the aiming reticle moves, turrets 3, 4, and 5 do not
  3. excessive1

    Conquerer coming change.

    Since I first earned the Conqueror, I opted for the 457s. Went to play it this morning, and they are gone. Worse yet I was not compensated for them either. I ground through the tech line to get the 457s as they were unique. My HE pen went from 113 down to 104. WG, its just wrong plain and simple. Yes it does appear I was given the free XP. However, it is still wrong to unilaterally take something away and requiring me to grind through and earn a bunch a coal for a ship I essentially had before. GKs, any ships with B or C hulls, optional guns, take note.
  4. excessive1

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    Your inabilities to effectively play does not an OP make. Stop playing to it strengths and play to its immense weaknesses, low HP, incredibly weak armor, limited smoke charges, (and even in smoke, due to it size and maneuverability, can easily be fired upon). I am a BB main player, average at best, and even I figured this out after just a few games against it.
  5. Yes it is the same situation with all the “ B” variants, ie Atago B, Tirpitz B, Massachusetts B. WG sees these as different ships from regular ones, even though the only difference is the black camo.
  6. excessive1

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    First off, kettle calling the pot black! You have one of the strongest BBs out there, with radar no less. Radar is absolute kyptonite to Smolys. Light them up and one volley from ole Miss will easily send a Smoly back to port. Stop whining and start playing better
  7. Haters did the same thing for CVs, Conqueror, Benhsm etc and Azuma too. But in the Azumas case it was because they felt it was a hinderance to the team. In the end it means nothing. I think all the hub bub about the Smoly is way overplayed. I actually do not feel it is OP. Being made out of paper with the tiniest of HP , makes up for it rapid rate of fire. Already I have seen the number of them in battle and success rate drop considerably in the last few days as people have figured out how to effectively play against it. I think diversity is very important to a game like this and the Smoly adds to that.
  8. excessive1

    How Long Until Smolensk is Retired?

    While it is true all ships benefit from a19 point captain, this ship needs a 19 point captain to be truly effective. And effective it is. But as opposing players begin to understand it’s weaknesses and strike at them correctly, it will be less effective over time.
  9. excessive1

    What a ROFLstomp

    It happens to all of us, I had a 20 game losing streak, last week. three of them the enemy team coming from far behind and winning the last in the last seconds. The following day I had 12 wins in a row and a draw of all things.
  10. excessive1

    Tsar Alexander Ovechkin -- 50 bucks????

    A single nation 10 point premium captain cost 38000 coal. This seems pretty much in line, possibly a better deal since you can move him around two different lines and he starts with 15 points. I think there will be a lot of takers.
  11. excessive1

    Conqueror citadel

    Finally had a decent game with it, did 213k damage and it was a draw. Never had one of those before, go figure.
  12. excessive1

    How do you drive the Jaguar?

    Don’t listen to the naysayers. The Jag is a good dd and very strong for its tier. But it is not played like a regular dd with smoke. You are not the first to a cap. Use your speed and guns to take out enemy dds that are trying to cap. It’s guns are very stout. Just play a few more games and you will get the hang of it. The skill level is higher, and trust me I am an average player at best, but they are fun ships to play.
  13. excessive1

    Yoshino, Georgia, or hold?

    Life is short, just get one. I have them both and they are great ships to play and you can’t go wrong with either. The skill level is probably a bit higher for the Yoshino, but the 310 guns are killers and can citadel BBs or start lots of fires. But it is made out of flash paper. The 20 km torps are absolute booby traps, as most enemies forget that you have them. The 457s on the Georgia can deal out a lot of pain, but you have to remember that BBs especially upper tier BBs can pretty easily citadel you. Knowing you like CAs, you might want to get the Yoshino first. I’m not sure, but I think the Siegfried is going to be coal, but the Friesland is going to be a steel ship.
  14. excessive1

    Conqueror citadel

    Yep, just about every bb and ca from T7 on up can citadel it from multiple angles not just broadside. Even with some serious active maneuvering, watching my angles and who can fire on me,, My WR since the nerf is in the low 30s.
  15. excessive1

    The mighty Hindenburg is mine.

    Congratulations on a great ship! One of my favorites, and recent buffs are nice. Grind through and get legendary module, it is well worth it.