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  2. Cheekibreekiiv

    When are you going to fix the .exe hanging upon closing?

    I get hanging all the time in both the post battle screen and when closing the game as of this update, it actually seems to have gotten worse compared to the previous update.
  3. Cheekibreekiiv

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    Never felt the need for smoke when I'm playing cruisers (Russian and French), all I've ever needed are the WASD keys to dodge the shells.
  4. Cheekibreekiiv

    Why Viribus Unitus is the Best Ship in WOWS

    Maybe they were looking at its captain instead and thinking "that mustache provides a whole lotta armor for his nose!"
  5. Cheekibreekiiv

    Pacific Rim question, The battleship option

    This could make a nice Scenario for the game.
  6. Cheekibreekiiv

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    I'm only at the Gangut so far, due to lack of credits to buy the next ship in line. But I feel like the Suvorov and Gangut are probably the best T3 and T4 BBs I have played so far. In fact, having the Konig Albert (got it from some old referral code way back), I think the Suvorov is actually better with more accurate guns. With the Gangut, I fear no T5 BBs, only torpedoes scare me.
  7. Cheekibreekiiv

    A Suggestion For the NTC

    There is so much potential for cosmetic customization besides just a camo. Looking at the WG Youtube video on how they developed the skins for the Rogue Wave ships, they already have a system for putting decorative elements on the ships (like the buzzsaws and scrap car etc). Each decorative element could be like a reward that you can mount on the ship etc. Performance buffs are a horrible idea and would kill the population in the long run by making the game too unfair to new players. Imagine a new player who just got to tier 5 in stock New York being matched against a 3 star Giulio Cesare.
  8. Cheekibreekiiv

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    Operations for more tiers would be good. I think operations are actually the best part of this game.
  9. Cheekibreekiiv

    How do you div for Operations?

    The Operations in game channel usually have people forming divs for operations, its not a bad place to look
  10. I play on SEA server as well, and the CV population on NA seems to be much smaller than there. So people here might not be seeing them as much in ranked here in NA compared to other servers.
  11. Cheekibreekiiv

    DDs Dominating COOP Recently

    Also, there might be a large number of people playing DDs in coop for the Exeter mission, since DDs are suited for several of these two week's missions.
  12. Actually cruisers can do that mission quite efficiently by getting defended ribbons from hitting enemies trying to cap.
  13. Cheekibreekiiv

    Musashi Missori returning for free xp 2019?

    The Georgia that is currently in development will probably be the next free XP BB. Although reactions to it so far seem to be quite lukewarm, since it pales in comparison to the Musashi, having only 6 guns that fall short of the 460mm overmatch calibre (vs the Musashi's 9) and less armor/HP. Maybe it might get some unique gimmick...
  14. Cheekibreekiiv

    Trying to get Exeter but no CVs around

    What worked best for me was playing T5 and hoping to get matched with T4 carriers, since there are people who are trying out the Hermes from the directives.