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    Any aussie clans out there?

    Can try these guys: https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000044101,ANZAC-Australian-New-Zealand-Army-Corps-A-tradition-since-1915/ Edit: see the post below from the management dude on how to contact
  3. Cheekibreekiiv

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for the free Azur Lane captains Hood and Hipper that were given out, and the cute pouty Hipper flag that I use on every ship. Since the Azur Lane captains are no longer in the shop, how about the High School Fleet Six Commanders Bundle?
  4. Cheekibreekiiv

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Sail bow in or away from torpedo bombers to make it easier to dodge by going in between the torpedos. For dive bombers, go broadside instead to minimize the amount of your ship that falls inside the bomber's targetting ellipse. Thea Kreutzer please, so I can put her on the vanilla Graf Spee.
  5. Cheekibreekiiv

    When are you going to fix the .exe hanging upon closing?

    I get hanging all the time in both the post battle screen and when closing the game as of this update, it actually seems to have gotten worse compared to the previous update.
  6. Cheekibreekiiv

    Opinions on all cruisers having smoke

    Never felt the need for smoke when I'm playing cruisers (Russian and French), all I've ever needed are the WASD keys to dodge the shells.
  7. Cheekibreekiiv

    Why Viribus Unitus is the Best Ship in WOWS

    Maybe they were looking at its captain instead and thinking "that mustache provides a whole lotta armor for his nose!"
  8. Cheekibreekiiv

    Tier 4 / 2 Kills / 1 Entry - 30th - 6th

    Full health CVs capped the base in standard battle, because every other class died to them. The T4 queue is pretty much nothing but CVs right now.
  9. Cheekibreekiiv

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    I enjoyed collecting the Azur Lane collection, because the chibi character drawings are very cute. The Azur Lane commander pack would have been ideal, but since its no longer in the shop, maybe a Jean Bart?