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  1. Registering every time, never being picked. :/
  2. What's so magical about 20 seconds? Are you afraid CV players will leave the game if they'll be forced to wait OMG 20 seconds?
  3. I posted it on reddit few days ago. Monthly trends for all years: EU: NA: RU: Monthly numbers shows 2019 is as good as any other year for all markets, but RU. However, online recovering even there (May 2019 is better than May 2018 was, but it could be due the incomplete data for May 2019 so far... beginning of May is really long week-end in Russia). Trends for weekly and daily averages: "Pictures" aka "I did screen from Wow.api" EU: NA: RU: Weekly averages plus trends: EU: NA: RU: Daily averages plus trends: EU: NA: RU:
  4. She has catapult on one of the turrets and crane to pick aircraft from the water, but there's no fighter or spotter plane consumable for the ship in-game. What gives?
  5. Tikonderoga17

    AA needs to be seriosly rebalanced

    So you played AA specced DD plus extra AA mod plus great awareness and managed to kill less than 3 planes in a game on average. Do you, like seriously, consider that good performance against CV? With all the investments?
  6. Tikonderoga17

    AA needs to be seriosly rebalanced

    You are playing CV almost exclusively for the last month. 87%. You are essentially "CV main", playing single T10 CV. What can you add to conversation about poor AA balance on T4-T8 tiers, honestly? Also, why would you be interested in having better AA on surface ships, being CV main? That was not my question. You told us all: Show me, how you are influencing 11 people in random to do what you say. Replay, maybe. I'm sure there are true admirals between us, but I yet to see anybody to coordinate whole game for his random team members.
  7. Tikonderoga17

    AA needs to be seriosly rebalanced

    I don't think it's a solution. What is the purpose of having multiple nations and multiple classes, if we want to "balance" CV by playing only AA ships?
  8. Tikonderoga17

    AA needs to be seriosly rebalanced

    According to your profile you are playing CVs in 81% of your games during the last week and in 87% during the last month. You definitely know how AA balance looks from surface ship perspective. Also, would you share please how you affecting your teammates decisions?
  9. Tikonderoga17

    AA needs to be seriosly rebalanced

    We can't expect to have only T10 games to be balanced. Especially considering the fact that many T8 ships are facing T10 half of the time (at least). Do you want to have new players to play WoW? They need to go though low and middle tiers, and if balance is no there to be found on T4-T8, how many will survive it?
  10. Of all things, related to CV rework, AA balance was touched the least, at least it appears so. One particular thing I will complain today is balance of AA in random games. Being tier 6 ship in tier 8 games (or any tier N ship in tier N+2 game, but for illustrative reasons I will use my recent game in Aoba) is a challenge most of the time and often is not fun, however, being t6 with two t8 CVs is absolute nightmare and exercise in futility. No matter how long CV will attack you, you can't do anything against its planes. In one particular game I was attacked by Enterprise and Implacable 11 times, got 6 torpedo hits, did 26k damage to planes and managed to kill just one single aircraft. Surface ship can be effective against ship two tiers above. Maybe it will loose in 1 on 1 battle, but it still can damage the opponent and make him vulnerable. Surface ship, unless it has exceptional AA, can do noting against CV two tiers above. In current meta, where most of middle tier games have 2 CVs on each side, it's unacceptable. Having role of moving targeting dummy for certain class of ships is not fun at all. Here's what needs to be done: AA tier to tier should be rebalanced from scratch, there should be no situation when T8 CL can eat all planes of T6 CV without having single bomb hit, or, like I described above, T6 CA can't do anything against T8 CV. Non-AA skills should have AA component in them. For example, Adrenaline Rush could increase AA damage as well. Having AA-only skills is all right, but there should be other options to make ship more effective against planes, especially for ships which are not designated anti-AA. I don't have a good proposal, but something needs to be done about balance in last five or so minutes of the game. Typically, CVs are still alive and well, but number of surface ships (and AA) is greatly reduced. Group of 2-3 ships with good AA staying close can be effective against planes in first 2-5 minutes, but the longer game lasts the more balance changes in favor of CVs. Damage to aircrafts should be directly translated into plane kills. Period. If AA damage planes, they should stay damaged, they can't magically replenish their HP just by staying on the deck. Ships can't do it, planes should not as well. (Unless they will have cool down ability with limited number of charges). I think it will also help with 3 as well! Anti-AA consumables in general should be more effective. Using limited charge of DFAA or fighter plane should have meaningful impact. Right now you can use all fighters and have zero plane kills. Anti-AA ships should be CV nemesis, not just annoyance. To the point of "I won't go that flank until Atlanta is dead". CV need to have hard counter-ships, like every other class in the game. (Manually controlled AA is really bad idea, don't even think about it, please.) Again, I'm talking only about AA balance, it's not about CV rework in general. Pic: Ship can be effective being uptiered against other surface ships. It can't to anything being uptiered by CVs.
  11. Tikonderoga17

    How do I distribute 4 radar cruisers across 2 teams?

    All right. Add one little step: * we have total 12 cruisers: 8 type A (Zaya), 4 type B (Norma), 4 type C (Galaxy) * split it so each team will have 4 type A, 2 type B, 2 type C.
  12. I know it's been told 100 times, but anyway, we probably have to repeat it until somebody from WG will at least acknowledge the problem. Can we please have simple check for matchmaking, which will take into consideration number of radar ships per team? Please? P.S. Happened quite a few times recently in Space Battles.
  13. I hope it's not only about it. Slava / Kremlin are both tech tree ships. I don't see how it's easier to balance. You can make hulls as different as you want, and balance them as long as you need. WG can even attach ship name change to hulls, so Kremlin Hull B will became Slava automatically (handy for statistics). I also don't get how swapping modules for 25 doubloons you consider expensive, but new camo for few thousands is not.
  14. Disclaimer: I don't know how exactly WG is going to implement recently announced alternative tech tree ships (Kremlin and Slava will be both T10 Russian BB), maybe they will address all concerns I'm about to express, but anyway. Two tech tree ships on the same tier are looks good from balance and gameplay perspective, but not so good from player perspective: They will require 2 captains; They will require 2 permanent camos; 2 sets of modules; 2 legendary modules as well. Unless there will be special rules allowing to swap captains / camos, etc, between alternative ships. But, regardless, I'm not sure what's the point of having two distinctive ships, considering this: This is how "alternative" ships are implemented now. You want gunboat - you pick Hull A and one set of torpedoes. You want torpedo boat - you pick Hull B and new armament. For Monoghan two hulls are only different in number of turrets (I believe), but nothing says difference could not be more significant. Can be done the same way for Slava / Kremlin - two different hulls with different plating, speed, concealment, etc, as a prerequisite for different set of guns. No hassle! No need to figure out how to deal with captains, camos, etc. Thoughts?