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  1. snakes3425

    Viribus Unitis

    Italian underwater commandos, she was sunk just as she was being handed over to Yugoslava near the end of the war
  2. snakes3425

    Tier II American BB

    I would like to see USS Maine (1898) or the first USS Texas and Iowa added one day
  3. This, the Olympia, the Lung, and the Batefish, is unacceptable. These ships are national treasures, hell start writting to the 2020 Presidential Candidates, Congressmen, State Legeslatures, if it means attention is brought to the condition of these ships, start raising public awarness across the country to get the money needed to save all of these ships
  4. snakes3425

    Viribus Unitis

    When I say hit and run, her guns and quick turning make her ideal for goiing after cruisers and desteroyers, and also getting off quick shots at battleships and carriers
  5. snakes3425

    Japanese Aircraft Carrier Kaga Found By R/V Petrel

    Also didn't Robert Ballard find one of Kaga's guntubs and part of her landing array when he found Yorktown
  6. snakes3425

    Japanese Aircraft Carrier Kaga Found By R/V Petrel

    I think this is the first Japanese carrier to ever be found
  7. snakes3425

    The Battle of Tsushima (video)

    Japanese Signal: The Fate of the Empire Rests on the Outcome of this battle, Let Every Man do his utmot Russian Signal: Please, Please, somebody put us out of our misery, have mercy on our souls
  8. snakes3425

    Viribus Unitis

    She's got potential for a hit and run type ship or at the very least a cruiser-destroyer killer, but she's not cut out for taking on any battleships, carriers, or cruiser at or above Tier V. I think we owe a lot of the Virubus Unitus' issues in the game to the fact the Virubus Unitus and her sisters were the only dreadnaughts in the Imperial-Royal Navy of Austria Hungary and spent nearly all their time bottled up in port, also let's not forget Unitus was sunk while in port by Italian Frogmen
  9. snakes3425

    Ultimate Battleship encounter

    The major advantage the USN had over the IJN, Regia Marina, and Kriegsmarine, hell even over the Marine National and the Royal Navy, it could easily replace and repair ships that were lost or damaged. Also if we're focusing on 1944 both Vichy France had collapsed and Italy had changed sides, so the only Axis Ships present in this match up are the Yamato and Tirpitz
  10. snakes3425

    HMS Victory 'fires' rolling broadside

    Given Constitution is still an active duty warship in the US Navy her guns are likely capable of firing live shots and the crew knows how to use them. As to what her purpose would be in wartime given her age my guess would be probably harbor protection or a floating battery since unlike victory she's still capable of sailing.
  11. snakes3425

    USS Texas - leaking cuts tour hours

    The San Jacinto Battlefield doesn't have the same mystique as say the Alamo or Gettysburg , and Olympia has the misfortune of being moored near the more impressive New Jersey. I think the logical choice would be having Texas sent to Corpus Christi and mooring her along side USS Lexington, and with Olympia actually mooring her along side New Jersey as one big exhibit
  12. snakes3425

    USS Texas - leaking cuts tour hours

    USS Olympia is facing the same problem, it's tragic that two icons of US Naval History are being left to rot because the governments and people don't want to fork out the money to do the repairs. Still Texas is a tough old girl, she's survived storms, hurricanes, war, and even the ravages of time
  13. snakes3425

    The Worst Warship Classes of World War II

    Which is what the British forgot when training their crews, the Britain on the eve of World War I saw war as a gentlemanly game forgetting that Nelson was a maverick who showed initiative. The Royal Navy of World War II was more like Nelson then the Victorian-Edwardian Royal Navy that fought World War I
  14. snakes3425

    The Worst Warship Classes of World War II

    In a topic like this there are more things to consider then simply kills and design flaws. Battle Factors, Crew Performance, Policies and Training have to be factored in as well. I say this because National Policy tends to dictate Naval Policy and that in turn dictates how a crew is trained and the type of people who train them, and training and the wilingness to show initiative can make or break a battle. Fred T. Jane was lambasted by the British press when he published an article on the eve of World War I warning Britain that it had "too much Nelson" meaning the Royal Navy was obsessed with training the crews of the Dreadnoughts and Battlecruisers to fight like Ships of the Line as if they were still in Nelson's day, and discouraged showing initiative.
  15. snakes3425

    The Worst Warship Classes of World War II

    The Courageous and Glorious take the cake in terms of not only bad carrier conversion but an over all bad ship design to begin with when one looks at their history, they designed to fall in line with Admiral Fisher's planned invasion of Germany from the Baltic, and the result was light cruisers with shallow drafts armed with battlecruiser level guns. With Hood it's obvious: Her weak deck armor Bismarck: her vital stations such as fire and damage control were located above the armor belt. I would also include the Invincible, Indefatigable and Queen Mary as well owing once again to their lack of armor, but also the practice of the British to store explosives in the turret, handling rooms, magazines and in the passages outside of the protective casings, and leaving the blast doors open. Honorable Mention goes to HMS Dreadnought: Yes she revolutionized Battleship design but I include her for the design flaw of putting her Spotting Top and Gun directory platform was behind the Forward Funnel. Yes a vital position of the ship that needed to be manned for the guns to fire properly was in a spot where smoke could obscure the gun directory and choke the crew