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  1. thanks guys. among the issues was closing tickets not just marking them as solved. and switching languages a lot. as in i would type in English and they would type in English and then suddenly switch to Spanish. Now i do live in a Spanish speaking country but it is frustrating when they switch back and forth. but thanks for your help Wacko managed to help resolve the issue within a couple of hours, which i am very thankful for. so once again @RipNuN2 thank you for your suggestion.
  2. Thanks. who are they i am new to the forum so i do not know are they CCs or moderators?
  3. I am trying to resolve a purchase issue. i have so far had to raise 4 different tickets as the staff keep closing the issue as closed when they either have not understood the issue or not bothered to read the issue or are passing me to someone outside wargaming for an issue. clearly no one in their customer service department wants to take ownership. also they keep switching languages on me. I start in english they respond in spanish, i continue in spanish they switch to english which is super frustrating. i started off saying i had a payment issue with one of their systems and could not try a different way as i did not have a debit card, the first response was use a debit card i replied saying i do not have a debit card i wish to use. To which they answered "use a debit card" when i was raising an issue regarding a money transfer issue. finally without help from them I made a purchase an exeter admiral pack, paid the amount required using the order reference wargaming provided and then received a gallant, nice but not what i ordered. so i asked them to resolve the issue, the response i got was we can not give a refund. i stated i was not asking for a refund i was asking for a resolution and the product i had purchased. they stated i had to contact the payment route. i pointed out my contract was with them not with the payment route and that i wanted a resolution, and so it goes around and around, changing languages but saying i can not use the gallant and they will look into it. finally days later, back into spanish in a new ticket that has never used spanish they tell me the issue is closed and that i need to contact the payment path not them even though i followed their terms and conditions and i followed their instructions for payment, and the error is with their agent. i have looked for a way to escalate, but there is no where on their website (that i can find) that allows me to raise an issue regarding CS agents only sending generic responses.