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  1. Scrawnybeaver

    Battle Pass - Pass or Fail?

    I finished it. I think it was fine and half my ships (and about 1/3 of my battles) were T4s that did not contribute. Yet, I did not feel that I was chasing Level 50 during the event. Now that I have grinded through most T4s, most of my battles will contribute so it should be a no-issue to complete the next Battle Pass. I have to admit that I did jump from Randoms to Co-op to finish some of the task requiring a win when I was a few XP out. I did pay out the 2500 doobs for the Tokachi since I could use a Jap trainer and that was a great price considering all the other goodies that came with it. Whether I do that again depends on what will be offered as the final prize. And if I do not complete it, who cares. There will be another one after this, and another one after that one, and another one... I play to blow up ships, not to collect everything that WG dangles in front of my nose.
  2. Scrawnybeaver

    New players, what do you think about the game?

    New player? That would be me. I have played WOT many years so I knew what to expect from WG like the MM, RNG and game monetization. I have played WOWS about three months total, two months a year ago and the last 30ish days this year so there was a long break in between. The first two months was mostly co-ops because I did not want to handicap my team while learning but that got too boring for me so I went back to WOT. This time around, I am mostly random and ranked with the occasional Co-op when I need a certain victory to finish a mission or I try a new ship. I am ready to try brawls at T5 or T6. Overall, it is a good game and I enjoy it most of the time. I do have my pet peeves like everybody else. Having said that, I learned some important lessons from WOT that I do not intend to re-learn in WOWS. Basically: Grinding is bad. Grinding through a bunch of deplorable ships to get to a good one is too painful to be worth it starting at T6. It is much better to play the ships you enjoy and just let the FreeXP accumulate until you have enough to jump directly through to the ship you want. Even better, paying premiums that you enjoy will get you there faster. I am sitting on 800K FreeXP and am in no rush to spend them until I really know what TT ship(s) I want at higher tiers. That may take a while. Premiums are best. OK, "good" premiums are best. I would rather have one "good" premium than six bad ones. The quotation marks are there because different people will define good differently. For example, for me today, that means competitive, relatively easy to play and fun to play. My definition of good in a year may be very different. In any case, low-tier premiums are relatively cheap (or free in many cases e.g. I got two coal ships) and I believe that I should spend a bit of money on the game so I spend $100 every year and that goes a long way. Premiums get you more resources, allow you to train your commanders faster and are a lot easier on the credits. I already have 11 premiums at T5+ and that is already too many IMO so I am stopping here for the time being. Mid tiers are quite fine. I am happy playing at T5-7 and I see no point rushing up the tech tree as I doubt that it is any more enjoyable there based on my WOT experience. At least in WOT, you do get to be top tiered when you get to T10. Not so in WOWS with Superships so I will wait and see how that evolves over time before I dip my toe in. Subs are fine. I do not play subs yet although I did try them a year ago when they were first temporarily introduced in the game. I reckoned that I have sunk more subs that subs have sunk me this last month so that is an indication that they are not OP IMO. Having said that, I play mostly cruisers and I can see why a BB player may have a different opinion. Nevertheless, playing a sub is hard because it requires good positioning, good target selection, good execution and probably other skill sets so I do not feel that they are OP in most hands, at least not at lower tiers. I do not like CVs - they are limiting the game tactical choices mostly because of their spotting. I have sunk more CVs than CVs have sunk me but the difference is the CVs die at the end of the game where everything has already been decided. Successfully chasing a sub may have an impact on the game. Successfully killing a CV at the end of the game does not. There are counters to CVs for ships that are anti-air poor but they would require close cooperation between players and that just does not happen in random. Some ships are very frustrating to play in a two CV battle and that leads to boring battle because it limits your play options. So no, I do not like them unless I am in a ship that can hurt them. Personally, I believe that a good anti-air ship is pretty much mandatory nowadays. I just wish WG made the AA more logical and more easily understandable so I could figure out what a good AA ship is in the first place. Of course, it should not be a surprise that I do not like being two tiers down. However, this is less painful in WOWS and it is in WOT because of the game mechanics. A torpedo hit will do damage no matter what, a fire is a fire, that sort of thing. So you can still have a good game in WOWS even if you are two-tiers down but you have to be a good player to do so - or be lucky. You have to adapt your role based on the MM. For example, if I am two-tier down in a cruiser and there are 2-3 subs a side, then I see my primary role as a sub hunter. If I have good AA, I will stay close to a ship that needs AA protection - as long as it is doing something useful during the battle. That sort of thing. I may suffer in the XP department at the end of the battle but it can be very satisfying and since I don't care about grinding. Clans are good in WOWS for the simple reason that you get daily economic benefits. I am in a clan but they leave me alone and I leave them alone. I play Naval Battles so I contribute to the clan and benefit from that contribution. It is really a win-win situation. Finally, my biggest pet peeve. I wish WG was clearer about how the game works. I find way too much info while reading the forum - information that I should be able to get more directly through WG. For example, I found out about the repair party breaking the sub lock while reading the forum. That was a WOW moment for me. I am sure that there are many other WOW moments for me to discover the same way. I wish that WG cleaned up their old junk from the Internet. Search for how to play submarines and you are likely to find old irrelevant stuff from when they were developing the various iterations than you are from finding how they work today. I guess that is about it and it is a Good thing because this is getting way too long.
  3. Scrawnybeaver

    How Good is the Tokachi?

    I want to know if it is worth getting it through Battle Pass. There is no point for me to get it if I am not going to play it because it is bad. But I will play it if it is good.
  4. Scrawnybeaver

    How Good is the Tokachi?

    For those in the know, how good is the Tokachi as a T7 cruiser? Top of the pack, middle of the pack or bottom of the pack? Thanks
  5. Scrawnybeaver

    Discount on T5 ships

    I missed that. I guess I will buy fewer ships than I thought I would. Thanks
  6. Scrawnybeaver

    Discount on T5 ships

    There is supposed to be a 50% discount on T5 ships. I cannot see those discounts in the tech tree page. Will I get the discount if I click on the Buy button? Or am I supposed to do something else to get the discount? Thanks.
  7. Scrawnybeaver

    Tier 10 Worth The Grind?

    Thank you for your opinions everybody. And what a range of opinions that was! There is certainly no consensus. To answer some of the questions, I seem to enjoy light cruisers most at this point. Basically Konigsberg over Furutaka. Battleships are OK but not overly exiting to me. Destroyers can be fun but can also be highly frustrating - my skill set is not up to par for them yet. Tier IV is quite enjoyable because of the +1/-1 matchmaking but they are no good for missions so WG pushes me to T5 at a minimum. I am going to keep the Kuma and Isokaze for sure and probably the Orion or Alighieri and visit once in a while. At T5, I currently have the TT Konigsberg (like), Kotovski (OK), Furutaka (OK), Emile Bertin (opinion pending), Agano (meh in CV meta), Mutsuki (good or meh depending on MM), Jaguar (opinion pending) and Kongo (OK). I bought the Rio for coal for ranked and it has served me well there so no regret whatsoever. I took it out once in random but two tiers down and two carriers was definitively no fun. I will stick at T5 for a few hundred battles trying different lines and build up my treasury for later. I have 564K FXP at present so could jump to a TT T10 if I really wanted to but I will likely go the Freemium way first once I have enough coal as Premium ships are less expensive to play at that tier. I have 76K coal in the bank but also 57 unopened coal containers and I collect a couple of day so that builds up. Maybe I will have enough for a T10 at Christmas and may buy one if the missions are sufficiently attractive. Having said that, there are no coal ships at present that I really fancy so I may just save my coal for commanders or equipment. I started playing the game just before Thanksgiving last year and basically quit lastJanuary until about three weeks ago. I did mostly Co-op last years and got bored. I am only doing random this year and we will see how it goes this time.
  8. Scrawnybeaver

    Tier 10 Worth The Grind?

    That is illuminating. I can see why it would be difficult to make money with a T8 TT ship without a premium account or boosters. To add to this, there is also the ammo cost so it all adds up. Of course, I don't really know how many credits a T8 ship with an average commander makes on an average battle but I will take your word for it.
  9. Scrawnybeaver

    Tier 10 Worth The Grind?

    I am a new player who is just about to unlock all T5 ships. After that, I will have to be more selective about which lines to grind as the costs of ships increases a lot. Before I decide on which lines to grind, I want to know whether it is even worth considering playing T10 tech tree ships given that superships exists. As a mostly free-to-play player, I do not think they are something I can afford (I don't really know what high tier economy looks like yet) so maybe it is better to just enjoy the game at a lower tier. So, are superships common or are they rarely seen in battle? Are they so over-powered that it makes playing a tech tree T10 meaningless? If so, whigh tier should I aim for to have the most fun with the game? Thanks for your input.
  10. The question is self explanatory. I am thinking of getting the Rio with coal but have no idea how to get a 10-point commander for it. Any assistance is much appreciated.
  11. I am new to this game but not to WG so I am a bit perplexed. New Year's Night and New Year Fleet's prices are T6 Tech Tree ships? I know you get Captains and camos as well so maybe those are the real prices? I have never see WG do this in WOT or WoWP so this is new to me. Is this something that is common in WoWS? Thanks.
  12. As a newish player (I started playing the game a week before Thanksgiving), I see no value in these containers. For $100 which is my Christmas budget, I could gamble with the containers and maybe win two low-tier ships that I may or may not enjoy playing and will likely not be of the tier and nationality that I am looking for. The rest of the stuff in the containers has little value to me in my early stage of playing. For $86 before discount, I can get the De Grasse and the Bayard and have money left over for something else TBD. The coupons that I understand WG will provide to us later on this month will cut the cost by some amount that I do not recall (30% maybe?) so let's say $61 for the pair. I would rather get two good ships of my choice than five mehboats that I will rarely play. The probability that I would be disappointed with the content of the containers approaches 100% so it is a no go for me. To each his own.
  13. Scrawnybeaver

    Why No 35K Coal UK Commander?

    I could not see anything under my Profile/Collection tab. I saw all those containers for sale in the Armory but had no clue what they were. It would be nice if WG gave us (new players) a clue... In any case, it took 18 Dunkirk containers to get Jack so I am way ahead of where I was expecting to be at this point. Very happy especially since Jack has special skills too. That was unexpected. Thanks for the assistance.
  14. Scrawnybeaver

    Why No 35K Coal UK Commander?

    Sounds like a deal. I get the commander for probably less than 35K coal and a bunch of signals as a bonus. Thank you.
  15. Scrawnybeaver

    Why No 35K Coal UK Commander?

    I don't understand the answer. There is a Brent Dunkirk available for 1500 Doubloons but no Jack Dunkirk available for 35K coals in the Armory. There is a Dunkirk collection but that is not available to me - too new I guess so I don't know what is in it. Is that the collection you are referring to? Does that means that I have to buy Dunkirk collection containers with coal to get Jack? Does that means that I get Jack after buying 35 containers? Still baffled.