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    FINAL WEEK - Earn Exeter FREE!

    Yeah I had to go from Tier 1 to tier 6 British battleship (using a lot of time and resources) to get thru the Start Fires Missions since the Leander couldn't do it. Then I hit the stage 4-1 mission (which is Random Only, despite what the blogs and mission description says). I only have Tier 6 ships which are Always low tier. And are not much of a match to the Higher tier ships u are Always matched against. In 30 Random matches I had ONE match where I was high tier (ie no 7's or 8's), most if them are like 6 tier VIII's, 3-4 Tier VII's and usually no more than 2-3 other Tier 6's. TBH I think - that's why it is so hard for me to get Achievements. Can't do the needed damage to VIII's and get wasted by their firepower and accuracy. I got desperate and even tried to get myself detonated many times to get the Achievement for that, lol. Apparently the Leander only detonates if you don't want it too. And as far as trying to YOLO with torps? Against Tier-VIII (and most VII) ships the torps just don't have the punch to get a kill for devastating strikes (they have too much health). and trying to sneak up on ships that have been half damaged is even harder. And after using up most of my flags and camo for the battleship I couldn't justify doing the same for the British Tier-VI destroyer. beside i don't think it could do it either. Closest I came was by starting fires with my battleship (only British ship at that tier that has HE). but that was on only ONE ship and took most of the match. I knew it would be hard to do and that is fine - but since getting any achievements in anything less than tier-VII ships is just a matter of luck and not skill - I just had to give up in Frustration. I may be wrong but in general - If you didn't already have high tier British ships (and then why would you need a Tier 5 premium ship?) then you don't have much chance in this event. Not a happy camper here.
  2. Not sure what to make of this, and yes I considered a Seizure attack, lol. I was playing a Japanese Destroyer (tier IV i believe) in a Co-op battle when i got jumped by two battleships coming around an island. I had just fired my torps so i tried to evade them by moving out into open water doing evasive maneuvers. The chase started at somewhere near 6 kilometers separation. by the time i had gone about 5 km on the water I noticed that I was still detected and started paying attention to the distance between me and the closer BB (the other had been sunk by my team mates). The problem was that even at my top speed of almost 40 knots I was not pulling away from the Battleship following me. The distance would go to something like 7 km and not any higher. This went on for about a quarter of the map and maybe a couple minutes by then - including a 90 degree turn which should have slowed him down as well. This wasn't a graphic bug (where it shows a ship that is not there) cause I turned around and full speed did a drive by on him since my torps had long since reloaded and he actually was there and i sunk him. This is the only time this has happened to me that I noticed .. so I have checked and can't find a battleship with near 40 knot speeds, anyone know if this happens on rare occasions or did I actually have a stroke? Unfortunately I do not remember the battleships name, so i hope that is not important.
  3. CaptainJJay

    Premium Ship Review -- PLAN Anshan (2.0)

    I'm only three months into the game and haven't read everything in the wiki yet, so may have missed discussions about Co-op AI play. I just got the Anshan as Xmas gift (My first Premium btw) and I like it (especially how quick i get it to move). I have used Destroyers and Torpedo boats a lot (love em) and consider myself mediocre (I die a lot more in DD's) in that I tend to be too aggressive. Its probably because I get a thrill when I dance away from BB fire, lol. Anyway When I first used the Anshan I died right away, then did it again, whoa! What seemed to happen was I ended up against the opposite team's Anshan both times. We would meet at opposite sides of the battlefield and we both smoked up at detection range to each other. But by the time I laid out my smoke (for the people behind me as well) I would look up to find the other Anshan in my face charging me. (tbh I'm not sure how he closed the distance so quickly AND laid a smoke, mmmm). This made me think "well maybe that is maybe how I should play it"? That thought led me to wonder if the tactic was programed into the AI. As an example many times I have noticed that I can lead the AI ships around by the nose by getting them to follow me, it is funny most of the time (and sometimes not since they rarely give up!) Does WG do such detailed programming for individual ship tactics?
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