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  1. ScottMeisterheim


    I'm not claiming that this never happens, but it seems to me that it would be pretty rare. Anyone selfish enough to do that would likely also be vain. And a vain person would likely be adverse to utterly decimating their own stats by eating a zero-damage game with a likely loss to boot (as they're leaving their team short-handed.) I could MAYBE see it if someone didn't care about stats and was just trying to grind, but then they'd be wasting time reconnecting, reloading the app, and waiting in another queue, so I doubt they'd be saving much, if any, time. They'd probably be better off just yolo-ing.
  2. ScottMeisterheim

    One definite skewed stat

    I actually disagree with the OP. Torps that hit a dead ship are technically wasted since the ship is already dead, so should not count as hits.
  3. ScottMeisterheim

    People intentionally turning towards torpedoes.

    So, I have no problem with the rule that the person who fires the torpedo is fully responsible for whatever damage it does. However, I also disagree with statements like "you should never fire a torpedo if there's a chance that it could hit a friendly" or "if you hit a friendly with a torpedo, it was necessarily a bad decision." There are often situations that arise in the course of the game where there's a high chance of hitting a red ship, and a low, but non-zero chance of hitting a green ship. SOMETIMES, the correct play is to risk the chance of friendly fire in order to score a hit on the red. And over enough of these situations, you will eventually have some bad luck and damage a green. In fact, I would say that if you NEVER hit a friendly with a torpedo, then you're probably being a bit too conservative.
  4. ScottMeisterheim

    Kill stealing???

    So, I admittedly don't usually pay close attention to my teammates' reload times, but is this really all that common? Maybe sometimes in co-op when there's a kills mission/directive on, but this is not something I've generally noticed happening.
  5. ScottMeisterheim

    Bad Ideas For WOWS (Humour)

    Melee-only ship with no ranged weapons, but sink any ship they ram with no damage to themselves. They could have a big saw mounted on the bow like one of the Halloween ships (I forget which one.) Also maybe an option for a suicide "consumable" that would create an AoE explosion, but also increase the chance of detonation. Chem warfare ship that can deploy cloud of filth-like gas that does DOT, for area denial. Vampire ship that constantly bleeds health and only heals when it does damage to other ships. Consumable that makes ship temporarily invulnerable to attack from a ship of the same nation.
  6. ScottMeisterheim

    New US Premium Cruiser needs a name

    USS Lucille Ball please
  7. ScottMeisterheim


    How exactly are torpedoes spotted calculated? Can each torp be spotted once, and then never again? Or can it still count to spot one that's been spotted previously (like re-spotting a ship after - I think - 90 seconds of being unspotted)?
  8. ScottMeisterheim

    Next coal ships??

    Is Musashi the only coal ship that's ever been removed from the Arsenal/Armory?
  9. ScottMeisterheim

    Why 1709?

    1709 was also the coldest recorded winter in European history.
  10. ScottMeisterheim

    The main reason people delete this game...ANSWERED, rebooted

    Count me as someone who has no issues with current MM. Others have detailed many of the potential problems with skill-based MM. For me, one of the big issues would be a loss of the feeling of progression. I think about level-based RPGs where I get better/stronger, but the enemies also get correspondingly stronger, so as a result I don't FEEL like I'm getting any stronger, and it's unsatisfying. I like the fact that with the current MM I'm generally playing against the same field in all battles across time. That way, as I improve, I get better results, and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I fear that I'd lose that with skill-based MM forcing me toward 50% WR by constantly upping the quality of my opponents.
  11. ScottMeisterheim

    What is the worst Tier 9

    OP looks like you are averaging almost 70k damage in the Seattle. Wish I had those kinds of difficulties!
  12. I thought you were safe from detonation above a certain health threshold, no?
  13. ScottMeisterheim

    New Bonus Code

    They all worked for me just now. 3rd one I had to type in rather than C/P.
  14. ScottMeisterheim

    FINAL BOGUS CODES - OP Updated with all codes / some new.

    Unfortunately I'm not sure. I just hit OPEN ALL CONTAINERS.
  15. ScottMeisterheim

    FINAL BOGUS CODES - OP Updated with all codes / some new.

    Thanks! I got a Port Slot!