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  1. Hard_Stylzz

    once again, in the shorts for PVE

    Played about 4 ops not a one achievement last battle was Nurnberg had over 1400 base top of team 151,000 damage, ops got software rigged during this mission. Like the episode from Seinfeld " No soup for you". Strange I play ops everyday this don't happen.
  2. Hard_Stylzz

    Seeing other player's stats? Seeing own?

    I had to hide my stats in Aug 2020 bout every game being bothered telling me have 300 games go back to coop guessing my slight under 53% w/r not good enough for randoms, btw I've seen players in high 30's to low 40's that have more battles than me, now I've been playing in coop since then way way less salt, I even get more karma.
  3. Hard_Stylzz

    A PVE Main's Journey To 50% PVP WR (PVE Thread) *DONE!*

    Nice work Admiral Thunder your 21 day w/r games at over 79% w/r very good. I might go back to randoms I only have 348 games in it little under 53% w/r I just got tired of stat shaming in game so haven't been back since Aug of 2020
  4. Hard_Stylzz

    Thank you WG for the Code I can 't use.

    Check you private message sent you something. Happy new year
  5. Hard_Stylzz

    Recent Issues Update

    How is it I got 3 days premium when opening 3 WG containers and I claimed one same time today for the 10.11 news section said 4 days then drops back to 3 days after a battle very strange.
  6. Played IJN tier 6 and 8 both are loud during attack run wasn't like this last update because I played them last night before update was never like this, first I'll try adjusting my settings to if it will help.
  7. Hard_Stylzz

    PVE "Rescue the Raptor" bugged

    Had the same problem months ago, devs not gonna fix it, now when I play bb i stay close to convoy just issues like this.
  8. Hard_Stylzz

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    I'm thinking some of these players never played Naria operation or Raptor, played three won all three defending, players you have focus on the convoy not the other team.
  9. Hard_Stylzz

    Raptor has been... reworked

    Had the same thing happen on Wednesday morning my first game raptor got stuck on island and at the we needed 10 secs to short for raptor to enter circle all in loss, everyone was complaining that was going 1/4 speed. I call bull 🐂..💩
  10. Did a 2 star and 4 star this week, if that Romano cruiser stayed back not focusing the Izumo at the end it would had 5 stars its just stupid and don't get me started with fort takin my kill on the Izumo
  11. Hard_Stylzz

    Log on

    If players been playing over 5k battles should know by now waste of thread space.
  12. Hard_Stylzz

    Ranked - Time Frame

    Btw adjust time during weekend, esp eastern time zone, last season was fine why change something.
  13. Hard_Stylzz

    Operation: HOTFIX - Newport we have a problem.

    Agreed. bxp looks low, did ops last night in cv not even close to that bxp I was over a 1000. I'll play later today and see.
  14. Hard_Stylzz

    Your COOP Battles with over 1000 BXP

    More two player games getting base xp higher this is my first over 1k