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  1. I have played several matches against the Smolensk and I have to agree with this ship as being the only ship I felt was OP thus far. I thought the throne was held by the Harugamo or Minotaur as being able to shoot and tore in a smoke, but those have range limitations allowing a ship to retreat out of range. I started playing nearly a year now and I have never felt this way about being out class. In the hands of a skilled CA player, this ship is a menace. If you find yourself against one and your are Tier 8, you are totally outmatched. No T8 CA has the range and most T8 BB's can't fire beyond 18.5km without a spotter and even then the dispersion is luck beyond 20km. The Yoshino is bad enough. If you find yourself with these two new long range flame throwers, simply is taking the fun of competition out of the game for me. It's just a tad bit OP for a CA.
  2. If you need some more help, please let me know.
  3. Thank you Wargaming and CC's for meeting today. The turnout was pretty good I thought. Thanks again. IMG_1546.HEIC