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  1. Swervenkill

    pros and cons of each cruiser line

    French cruisers are light until 7, then heavy. They had pretty good HE. Two big advantages are the gofast button, and most importantly the shootfast button which gives you 15 seconds of bliss (halves reload time). After 7 they have the 2-up 1-back turret arrangement that makes keeping your bow pointing at the enemy less painful. Not many torpedoes but decent. British light cruisers are AP only (but the AP is a little less prone to overpenetrate than other ships) and poorly armored. High rate of fire. They have lots of torpedoes and smoke. The Leander has a crazy fast acceleration, you can even speed up while turning. I've got Italian cruisers up to 6. They are fast. They have SAP which is like a powerful HE that can't start fires. Rate of fire feels slow. They have Runaway smoke, which is a get out of jail free card. They have slow, long range torpedoes and few of those. The rudder feels sluggish. The tier 10 cruiser has 15 203mm guns, sounds like fun. Other than that, Japanese cruisers have good torps with lousy launch angles, decent guns with slow reload. American cruisers don't have torpedoes. Their guns are really good but to get their full damage potential you have to expose your broadside. Don't know anything about the rest.
  2. The friendship tokens (or whatever they're called) have a Normandie permacammo that looks inspired by the cruise ship of the same name. Hopefully I'll have enough tokens for that after a few more PTS sessions.
  3. Navy veteran here, mostly in engineering while at sea. It's been 30 years since then.
  4. Loosely. For example, during the Midway campaign the Japanese set up a reconnaissance line of submarines far east of the island to find the US carriers after they sortied from Hawaii. Unfortunately they arrived too late, but one of the subs put down the Yorktown after the battle (IIRC). US submarines were used to pick up downed flyers, this wasn't haphazard but coordinated. During the PQ17 debacle the Germans coordinated their sub and surface ship actions. However, none of these activities included subs being within gun range of a surface battle, that level of coordination is still not practiced (though it may be possible at this point).
  5. Swervenkill

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    Which World War was that?
  6. Swervenkill

    1 sided games.

    As Bad Santa says "They can't all be winners"
  7. Swervenkill


    Not quite there yet. And since I'm not buying premium it may be a while.
  8. Swervenkill

    Reserve Full

    Messing around with a captain and found my 61-slot captain reserve was full. Scrolled down and dismissed 18 submarine captains I never used. And that was just the Germans...
  9. Swervenkill


    I use PTS to play ships I don't have.
  10. Swervenkill

    In co-op, do tier 9 & 10 tech tree ships lose credits?

    Without premium 5-7 is the sweet spot, 5 because most missions start there (daily especially, claim credits) and 7 because the money is reliable. With premium you can add 8. 9 and 10 you can break even, win some lose some if you are a decent coop player but I wouldn't play them to make money.
  11. Swervenkill

    If you were compelled...

    France, US and dunno the third, maybe Japan. France has some really unique ships.
  12. Swervenkill

    Dutch Cruiser Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Finally got to the free ship and got the Mikoyan, a ship I already had but sold because six guns and crappy armor. Guess I'm going to keep it this time so I won't get it again, but wish I had a mothball fleet where I could stick it and forget it. At this point the law of diminishing returns kicks in and I'm done pursuing the dockyard missions.
  13. Swervenkill

    Bismarck Secondary Build in 0.10.8

    Consider the "Burn baby Burn" option. Bismarks are always on fire anyway, might as well get something for it. Faster reload and better dispersion.
  14. Swervenkill

    Abuse of Reporting

    Welcome to the world of Karma, where the rules are made up and the points don't matter.
  15. Hunkajunk Mikoyan. Sold it once already, gonna keep it so I don't get it again. Too bad we don't have a mothball section in our port.