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  1. Swervenkill

    Who have you seen in game

    Fun game, played with a gentleman.
  2. Swervenkill

    Aircraft on Ships

    I would go even farther, allowing a special CV build. Basically you'd have the ship set up for two options: CV in the game or No CV in the game. You could have different equipment, captain skills and flags for each. The computer would convert your ship when carriers show up in randoms or coop. Then we wouldn't feel like we are wasting skills on AA features when there is no carriers in the game.
  3. Swervenkill

    Thank You Wargaming!

    Biggest problem is that WG jacked up submarine speeds. Corvettes, frigates and DE's all have speeds around or below 20 kts, and you can't hunt something you can't catch up with.
  4. Swervenkill

    I no longer look forward to Super Containers

    With 10 tier 10 ships, I got 600 more flags (to add to the 6000 or so I already have) and some other odds and ends, no ships. C'est la vie.
  5. Swervenkill

    Cannot Gift a Ship

    I had the same problem, ended up giving him a gift card for the amount of the ship. It was a Steam/WG compatibility thing.
  6. I'd love a UK Anti-aircraft CL line and another BB line that included the R class. All with as many real ships as possible.
  7. Swervenkill

    Partial Haul

    I opened my ten, got 600 more flags (I don't need) & some odds and ends. Really I was hoping for a ship but no joy there.
  8. Swervenkill

    French cruise line

    The regular French cruiser line is worth getting just for the 15 seconds of fun. The lower tiers are fast with decent guns if a little slow in the reload. I have the battlecruiser line up to Cherbourg and I'm not excited by it. As mentioned, Friant is a beast at her tier.
  9. Take a leander, get on that force's flank and lay in smoke. Then start citadelling all the cruisers. Surprsingly effective.
  10. Swervenkill

    USS Texas - survey of the cleaned hull

    It was a working ship back in 1988. Now it is razorblades.
  11. Give it two weeks. I expect some people will stop playing ops and the rest of us will get used to them and the win rate will go up. That said, I still think mixing player tiers is not going to work. cycle through one tier a week would be best
  12. Swervenkill

    USS Texas - survey of the cleaned hull

    Our ship went into the shipyard and they sandblasted a hole in the chain locker. The only thing holding the hull together there was the paint. Chain lockers are really wet and lots of flying metal knocking off the paint on the inside.
  13. Swervenkill

    Are camouflages useless now?

    Sold all my cammos, got half a dozen new ships with the credits and have been taking all the ugly permacammos off the ships. They don't sell but I don't have to look at them anymore. The only ones I'm keeping on the ships are the permacammos that look realistic (and the sunken Bismark, which is realistic in its own way I guess). The naked ships are what they looked like when I was in the US Navy anyway, rust was a constant battle and during deployments you couldn't get to the hull often to repaint. Hull numbers would be nice.
  14. Swervenkill

    Did You Even Test the Up-Tiered Scenarios?

    I wouldn't make any changes to ops for a couple weeks to filter out the 'let's try out something new' crowd and let the rest get used to the new meta. Then you can look at balance. I still think all green ships should be the same tier.
  15. Swervenkill

    New Ops losses/wins feedback

    Played a few ops over the weekend and it seems there were a bunch of players unfamiliar with ops. Seems the buzz generated by the new ops attracted people to play. I played Narai, the most talked about op for gamyness, and protected the convoy with a zero captain Veneto (AKA Citadel with propellors). After Mighty Mo was sunk I looked at the map and nobody had gone after the bot transports and one ship was heading off the Lex. Then I charged into the bay and got slaughtered, looked up and two ships were in the LL corner, apparently after it was too late and the ship blocking the Lex had sunk without finishing the job. Game ended with a green carrier trying to punch through two red bot ships' AA and failing. We'll have to wait while new ops players get used to the scenarios before we figure out what is an easy op now. I expect win rates will go up once the novelty wears off and the tire kickers move on to the next big thing.