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  1. Swervenkill

    Public Test 0.9.9

    Well, I logged in and played but I don't play CV's and the rest seems to work pretty much the same. I liked the port but am not inclined to change from my favorite, the work table. Sorry WG that I don't have anything constructive to report.
  2. Swervenkill

    Changes in Asymmetric Battle

    I think you should play 7-8 free and 5-6 for tokens. The main issue the higher team has is they must stay together and bots don't do that. OTOH bots are good at piling on so they'd work better at 5-6. Just a thought to consider if the adjustment doesn't work.
  3. Swervenkill

    Public Test 0.9.8

    Finished the campaign, most of the tasks were super easy. The hardest one I think was 'be in top two for XP in three games'. One other thought, not sure if I were playing on the live server if I have the mix of ships needed to finish the last task. Looked at the new ports, they were nice but I don't pay much attention to them in general. One thing that occurred to me, in the space port you could set it up so we could scroll underneath the ship as well as around it. It's already modeled, just a matter of altering the pan function.
  4. Swervenkill

    Seriously... what is wrong with some people.

    I don't like playing carriers. I tried a few times and it doesn't feel like playing a ship. If I wanted to play airplanes I'd play an airplane game. I don't like playing against carriers because it's a passive experience. Imagine playing WOWS if your main guns and torps worked like your secondaries. You are basically the quartermaster on the wheel and nothing else. the O button doesn't make it interesting. It's like driving a moving pincushion. All that said, CV's don't break the game and I don't fault anyone else for playing them. Enjoy and I'll grimace to myself when you pick on me. Rudeness is not a CV-exclusive experience in this game, I just remember it's a game and I'll probably never see that player again.
  5. Swervenkill

    Time For a New US Destroyer Line?

    Thanks for the input. One thing I couldn't resolve is that Clemsons should probably be a gun ship. As far as the DE's, you definitely couldn't play them like DD's but there are enough gimmicks in WOWS to make them playable at 4 or 5. For example, set the concealment ridiculously low. As far as the Porters and Somers, the Mogador is a level 9 with 8 guns but the guns are bigger and the ship has 1,000 tons on the Porter. Faster too. Anyway, food for thought.
  6. There is a wide variety of US destroyer classes that existed but have never been available in WOWS. By creatively splitting the type it would be possible to create two separate lines, a torpedo line and a gun line allowing us to play most of the US classes. The prototypes are available to do it, it’s just a matter of how to divide them up. So, here is my proposed split: Shared Classes: 2 Sampson 3 Wickes Adjustment to the current line which would become the torpedo line: 4 Clemson 5 Nicholas 6 Farragut 7 Mahan 8 Benham- This class gives up one 5” gun from the Mahan in exchange for another torpedo launcher for a total of 16 tubes! Another 200 tons and 2 kts 9 Fletcher 10 Gearing Now the Gun Line 4 Cannon - Actually a destroyer escort, players would be sacrificing a great deal of speed but in exchange would get more hit points, WW2-era rapid fire guns and torpedoes and a massive AA boost that would be helpful against carriers. They couldn’t be played like regular destroyers but would be an asset if used right. Like the Yubari’s, if there’s a carrier in the game it will be very unhappy. 5 Buckley- Another destroyer escort with the advantages of the Cannon class plus 5” guns, even more hit points and more speed. 6 Porter- Designed as destroyer leaders, the Porters are pretty awesome ships on paper. In practice they were overloaded and the turrets were incapable of AA fire. These may have to be nerfed to fit in at 6. 7 Somers - Basically the porters with high angle mounts for the 5” guns. Again, more awesome on paper than in practice. 8 Benson - Stolen so the torpedo line can get a 16 torpedo destroyer. 9 Forrest Sherman- Contemporary of the Udaloy-class DD, these would have rapid fire 5” guns with wicked range and accuracy plus a substantial secondary battery. Few torpedoes but I believe these were guided, so that could make them more likely to hit. 10 Mitscher class- Destroyer leaders, huge ships, I believe there was a four gun design that could be used to give it the firepower WOWs requires instead of an ASW focus. Admittedly there is some shoehorning going on to make this line feasible. The DE’s and postwar destroyers may be challenging, and the line isn’t exactly a smooth transition from one class to the next. But the torpedo line is available for players looking for that smooth progression and the gun line, despite being cats-and-dogs would bring several ships into play that aren’t available right now.
  7. Swervenkill

    Public Test 0.9.8

    I played a few Assymetric battles both low and high and there were too many bots in the game. The high side always tried to cover both caps and were easily ganged up on because they didn't focus fire and stay in a pack. Also, 2:1 seemed too big a difference. 3:2 should be tried, or maybe going to 9-10 for the high side instead of 7-8 The different maps were interesting. Tried to do the campaign but the right ships wouldn't highlight. I didn't have enough time to play with it (only got in the test forum the last day). Also, I'd like to see more operations added to the game, they are always fun. If you need some ideas: Battle of Jutland- (open ocean board, level 3-5 battleships, bots form in divisions and line abreast) Battle off Samar Island-Players in destroyers or carriers, computer is japanese fleet of surface ships The Final Countdown-Computer gets the USS Nimitz (modern carrier with jet fighters and bombers) versus whatever the players bring.
  8. Swervenkill

    Account Activation Email

    No. Thanks, I will do that.
  9. I try to log in and it says "This account has not been activated. Please check your email and verify your account." but I never get an email. I checked the spam and trash too.Help!
  10. Swervenkill


    The torps are quite a surprise. I've nailed DD's only to have them survive and put 9 into a New York before it went down (Coop, meh). I think the heal is a complete waste, it should be for double the points or instantaneous to have an effect on the game. Having run the French line up to 9 I can say the no smoke thing is a pain but you don't miss what you never had. At least the French are greyhounds and their torps will put down anything if you can get close enough to hit. I'll probably keep this one because it was free.
  11. Swervenkill

    New Operation Suggestions

    Well, I got Surigao and Samar confused, Anyway, the Samar battle was assymetric so it would be fun. Too bad they aren't making more operations, they are fun.
  12. I like the operations of the week but there aren't very many, here are a couple suggestions: 1. Surigao Strait: Players as Japanese, Americans with 6 carriers and a mix of DD's. Victory conditions have to be very harsh for the players to reflect Admiral Ugaki's state of mind, like if the players lose one ship they lose the game. 2. Jutland: Battleships only, preferably levels 3-5 to reflect the actual ships in the battle. Open field, three or four columns of 3 ships each. The clincher though is to run the AI like a real WW1 BB squadron, forming a line of battle and maneuvering like they really did. I'd give an experience bonus for divisions with all British or German ships.
  13. Swervenkill

    Charles Martel

    I’m mostly a casual gamer, averaging maybe an hour a day on workdays, but I’ve focused on French ships and have been using the Charles Martel for several months now. Most of what you read about the Martel is its weaknesses and they are serious. Most significant is its wimpy armor. You simply cannot exchange volleys with another ship and win, that’s a fast road to a sloppy end. Nor can you play hide-and-seek, you have to be too close. The Martel’s speed and maneuverability is decidedly mediocre, normal speed is pretty much the minimum for a cruiser. Its gun layout is two up, one back and secondary batteries are nothing to write home about. It has 2*3 torpedo banks, but they are on opposite sides of the ship so no full volleys and you can’t afford to get close enough to use them effectively. They do give you something to do while you’re waiting for the guns to reload. The Martel has some excellent strengths too. Its dispersion is excellent. I haven’t compared stats but I’ve gotten 8 out of 9 hits on ships 10-15 km away. Also the Martel’s fire chances are great, with the fire flag and Demolition Expert you can almost be guaranteed at least one fire in a volley. Last the reload time is acceptable for an 8” cruiser at 10 seconds. Like all French cruisers the Martel is tricked out with several magic buttons to make it a more even match against other cruisers, including a catapult fighter button, go-fast button and reload-fast button. So how can you successfully fight the Martel? The Martel is a sniper. First rule, don’t charge into combat, that is a guaranteed fast end to the game. Instead stay with the battleships and look for a good target. Sail along undetected in the open, waiting at long range (12-17 km) until you find a battleship sailing in a straight line in the open. Fire one volley to make sure your ranged in (or don’t if it’s a slow ship), then fire the second volley, hit the rapid reload button and drop three more in quick succession on the target. This usually doesn’t work with cruisers because they will start maneuvering as soon as you target them but battleships aren’t maneuverable enough to avoid the 15 seconds you rain the pain upon them. What will probably happen is the BB will hit the repair button after the first volley to put out the fire, then any fires after that must be allowed to burn until the repair button resets. I check my after action details and time and again the battleships take more damage from fire than shells. The next thing you absolutely have to do is turn tail and run. You can start during the 15s and be turning before the last volley is off. Common to World of Warships is the Revenge Volley. Many players get so mad you’ve pounded on them or they feel obligated to shoot back at you, and a battleship will citadel you if they get a clean volley against you. Even if the BB is smarter than that every firehose in 17kms will know where you are. Battleship turrets turn slow enough you can get off the 15 seconds but then rounds are on the way and you play pincushion for a bit. Turn tail in open water and watch behind you, at this range you can see individual volleys coming in and wiggle enough that most can be avoided. Atlantas and IX and X cruisers can do some serious damage so you have to wiggle a lot when they’re ranged in. If the gunfire is too significant hit the go-fast button. You may get citadelled but one nice thing about the Martel is that it can survive at least one citadel. Once you aren’t detected relocate and look for another potential target. With Superintendent skill you can pull it off three times in a game. Again, I’m a casual gamer and I consider it a win if I survive the game but I can usually get twice my hit points in damage per game with the Martel. I imagine grinders could do much better. I’m tempted to try a similar tactic with French destroyers but the problem there is that the game selector treats you as a destroyer and the need to try for all caps and spot means you can’t really hang back. I end up turning as soon as I spot a cruiser, get spotted by a stealthier destroyer and then shot up retreating. I usually get torps off and occasionally get lucky and skunk the enemy destroyer but usually end up hanging back after that with a few thousand DP plinking battleships while they shoot at something else. So be patient, pick the right target, aim well and reposition after the shot just like a real sniper. It’s a different and challenging way to play WOW but equally fun.