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  1. Battleship_Warspite

    What is it with this game?

    Yerp. I have something like a 70 percent solo WR in ARP Haruna after about 80 games over the last week. Is she a terrible ship? No. But she's by no means amazing, either (and is certainly outshone by a number of other ships in her tier). Most people blast by Kongo without ever giving the thing a second thought, convinced that there are better experiences to be had in 'more powerful' ships at the higher tiers. Except, of course, that everything in this game is relative, and Yamato is no more OP for her tier than Kongo is at 5. And buying premiums (of which I have tons) and flags (which I have quite nearly run out of) won't really change that. Skill = performance, and performance = wins. You can't always tip the scales, of course. But if you make enough of a difference, it will reflect in your long-term record.
  2. Battleship_Warspite

    Oh wow

    I don't really fear the singularity. Could it be malevolent? Sure. But a super advanced race of aliens could also drop out of the sky and eradicate us, too. Ultimately, I'd like to think that we'd create something - intentionally or otherwise - that resembled us: flawed, but generally leaning towards goodness (in a clumsy, ham-fisted, stupid sort of way). I think humanity largely tries, at least on a macro scale. My experiences with individuals have been... a very mixed bag, to be charitable, but I believe that most of what we do as a species at least leans towards altruism (even if it may be motivated on a personal level by selfishness [for example: virtue signaling]). Optimistically, whatever we made would be somewhat like its creator - capable of some level of self-reflection, restraint, and, if all else failed, enough flaws that we could kill it.
  3. Battleship_Warspite

    supercontainers are a waste of effort

    Aww, Viribus isn't horrid. She's not Guilio good, or anything... and she probably should have been a tier 4 with a neutered reload. But she's not, like, Yahagi levels of suck.
  4. Battleship_Warspite

    rocket planes are useless now

    Cry me a friggin' river, OP. So like 5k damage plus an insane fire chance isn't good enough for you? Yes, rocket planes are, for most carriers, the 'throw away squadron,' but they still wreak total havoc if used properly.
  5. Battleship_Warspite

    What is it with this game?

    Today was a trash day for me. I went something like 4-10... which is completely abysmal, considering I'm typically the opposite. I've actually had friends who can no longer bring themselves to play because of how horrendous the bad streaks are (and because players with WR mods are focusing them down because they know that eliminating a ~60 percenter is often the key to an easy victory). Having said that, I've kind of gotten past caring about my own record. I prefer to win, and I don't feel too hot when I hit a bad slide, but, ultimately, I know things will right themselves. It does totally suck, however, to be in matches that are decided in the first 3 or so minutes.
  6. Battleship_Warspite

    What's the climate like where you live?

    Northwest? Totally normal. I do believe that climate change is a thing (though obviously not the end of the world, considering that it was like 5 degrees Celsius warmer [on average] globally during the Cretaceous, and that clearly wasn't armageddon), but I personally think electric cars and such are just a scam. Until we can either perfect fusion power or truly invest in small-scale, low-risk nuclear, trading a gas-powered vehicle for an electric auto that's tied to a natural gas/coal-powered grid is just passing the buck. We need to look at concepts like sulfate aerosol seeding - not only is it completely viable with today's technology, and grounded in science (it is just mimicking the effects of a large volcanic eruption), but it would only cost dollar amounts in the billions (as opposed to the trillions necessary to fully swap to wind/solar power). https://www.technologyreview.com/2013/02/08/84239/a-cheap-and-easy-plan-to-stop-global-warming/
  7. Battleship_Warspite

    Oh wow

    And yes, I am fully aware that it's really just an advanced animatronic - it's programmed to blink and look surprised, etc. It's not a true AI. But... I feel like advancements in appearance are, in a way, tied to eventual sentience, in a circuitous manner. The closer you can get a robot to look like a human (beyond the uncanny valley, which this still clearly resides in), the more likely humans will be to naturally react to it, and the easier it will be for the AI to learn.
  8. Battleship_Warspite

    Older ships with weird 'fading' effect

    She's a floating citadel - slightly less egregious a customer, perhaps, than Danae, but still one of the game's more easy-to-dev-strike ships. For some reason, it feels like the trollish 'no armor is best armor' rule doesn't trickle down particularly well to anything tier 5 and below. I want to say it's because BB shells have less penetration at these tiers overall, and a slower, less kinetic shell is more likely to explode than overpen... but I wouldn't be the least bit shocked to learn that it's simply because this is the neglected part of the game, and they don't care to tweak numbers to remain consistent.
  9. Battleship_Warspite

    Closed Test for CV spotting

    It's the ultimate low skill, high return, ignore your team, ignore the minimap, rack up damage with no counter possible ship type.
  10. I think some people might describe this as rust... but it's mostly just a weird paint wearing (that looks worse the further you pull away from the ship). While oceanic vessels definitely do rust at sea, camouflage was repainted/altered so frequently that I seriously doubt it was particularly evident in WW2... and I don't believe for a second that 'fading' was much of an issue. I've noticed that a large number of older American and Japanese ships have this characteristic, but it was pretty much dropped entirely from every line that came after - a pretty obvious cue that Wargaming themselves doesn't think it looks particularly good. I was wondering if they could go ahead and ditch it with these lines, too? I know it doesn't matter, but it feels really shabby spawning into a match next to some gleaming Italian or French ship with your low-poly, unsightly mess of a tub.
  11. Battleship_Warspite

    HMCS Sackville Camo

    I just it had the original "big war canoe" theme they proposed and designed - that, to me, sounds glorious. The only problem being, though, that the ship would still suck mightily.
  12. Battleship_Warspite

    AA Haruna

    I think Serov is OP... at least when played well. All the Russian carriers are. They lose planes like crazy, but their alpha potential is also ridiculous. The problem is, they're also the CVs with the highest skill floor, between the rickety aircraft and the clustered drops. So if you get a player who isn't superb, they really hurt their team.
  13. Battleship_Warspite

    AA Haruna

    To be fair, I was being focused pretty damned hard. It was also Russian, so those are particularly explode-y planes.
  14. Battleship_Warspite

    Help Recommending a Ship Line

    Japanese BBs. They universally reward good shooting at any range, and are faster than their American counterparts. And, unlike with Montana, Yamato is actually (still) a payoff.
  15. Battleship_Warspite

    Hot Takes on Atlântico?

    Why don't we have armored cruisers yet? Because... this feels kind of armored cruiser-ish, even though it's a battleship.