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  1. CFO3

    Flamu has lost his mind.

    You know, everyone wants to control or defend other people. I don't personally like the guy so I don't listen to him. In the end, he is an entertainer and if you like him you watch/listen to him...you have that right... If you don't like him don't watch/listen to him...problem solved...which was never a real problem to begin with.
  2. CFO3

    Help me wrap my head around Delny

    The ship is really not that good especially when compared to the Grozovoia and Tash....not sure why they did it. After the "new" wares off...it will not be seen much except to get a snowflake.
  3. CFO3

    My Missouri Loot Box Experience

    I had the same logic....but decided to limit my boxes to 10 and got the Missouri on 3rd. So clear win on doubloons as I owned the Missouri already. There were some comments made that the Missouri was going either within 10 or after 30.... I personally don't see 32 as a value but that is one opinion.
  4. CFO3

    VERY ANGRY Angel.

    LOL....Random battles are NOT team oriented! Random battles are individual battles where we sacrifice anyone and everyone for our own benefit. You can have divisions that will change it to the same logic but with a small group which could actually impact a random battle given a full division of better than average players. Same goes for rank game play…maybe slightly better that random…but not much. If you want team play you must play clan. WG could add a game mode of 5 vs. 5 and allow for a full division of 5….that could be team oriented…. I wish it was different.
  5. CFO3

    Clan Battles double CV

    Why is the question.... Allow a CV...ok but why 2? Cleary the player base is not asking for it....if that has any influence on WG....likely not.
  6. Ranked play is just random battles that reward steal....it is not competitive and is filled with players who really don't care about winning. The reason the old ranked system worked is that the rewards were weighted at the end....with much effort and time invested to get there. The new ranked is easy to get rewards without effort. WG got more participation but dramatically changed the event...probably got what they were looking for I suspect
  7. CFO3

    Friesland playstyle

    No to IFHE....marginal benefit for loss in fire chance. Yes to more range...farming is key to success. Only cap late game and help cap early game. Yes to concealment if you have the points....possibly other options to take first on low point captain. You goal is to survive the first half of the game and "support" other dd's and cl's...if you are pushing caps early you will not do well.
  8. I am a CFO for a large company (Chief Financial Officer) and this game is my hobby. I enjoy it for what it is and I understand that ALL of the moves made are to optimize the profitability of the company. We...all of the player base...probably gets this and if you are remotely unsure....please remove that doubt. WG knows that the "whales" are on the hook (likely for thousands of dollars) and are not going anywhere and the FTP group carry minimal value to the game...mainly just to fill the ques for the paying players. WG works to draw new players and hopefully to create new whales. My opinion is that the "right" moves are to focus on the fact that a large number of players are "somewhat" older males...with greater disposable income to become whales and that is what WG should try to continue to capitalize on. But my opinion is that WG is trying to change that demographic and they are starting to upset the old farts...which I am a card caring member of. Side note...I enjoy your WG contend LZ.
  9. Randoms are not really skill oriented anymore...probably never were entirely...but the skill level has declined. Randoms are based on mistakes (pushing in and getting deleted early), hitting long range shots, and surviving until you have overwhelming numbers...capping is not a priority. I love playing DD's but it is a highly skilled (probably the highest skilled) ship to play...with the most pressure coming from your "teammates"....which are not really teammates as they are only concerned for his/her own success. Randoms are not team oriented...they are extremely "ME" oriented... some exceptions. Rank play has become an extension of randoms...at least to some degree. The only place you will see the real intent of the game is in clan battles...where you are actually playing on a team working together...but the majority of the player base don't see that side. Play with a plan and purpose each game and just understand that expecting support from other players in randoms will likely not take place…but it is nice when it does!
  10. I did listen to the above chat and I do read the forums on a regular basis but I do not post often. We probably can't get a accurate number participants...including the silent ones but the posts are dominated by a reasonably small group with a lot of posts. My opinion is with the lack of involvement by a larger percent of the players in the game makes the forums less productive...not sure I agree with "dumber". I also believe the forums have numerous repeat topics with repeat responses with a heavy dose of drama...but most social forums do that now. Some of the posts and conversation help me enjoy the game and be a better player but honestly...very few posts accomplish that for me...but I still visit on a regular basis. I personally don't believe that the forums impact WG in any material way...but it really shouldn't be the purpose of a forum anyway. What I see in many of the posts are people venting...and that has some purpose.
  11. It shouldn't require a massive statistical analysis to prove that WG is telling the truth...the more you need to defend your facts, the closer to the line of misleading you are. I enjoy playing the game....good with the bad. But...a tier 7 ship in a tier 9 match is just stupid...closely followed by a tier 8 in a 10 match. Now if most of the ships are lower tier with a few double up tier ships...ok but when you are the vast minority...just not fun. If someone is willing to wait longer not to get double up tiered in que...why not provide that option...her/his time. OR...make killing at higher tier ships like winning the lottery...massive XP...it may promote more effort. Just my thoughts.
  12. CFO3

    Get gud, carry harder? lol fix the MM already

    I agree with making MM better...because it can be done. It will not change that we have great games and still lose. But why not use better logic and conditions for MM...personally that would have been a better use of time that the current captain rework. Fewer blowouts would be better for everyone. Yes it hits the forums alot but maybe someone will notice and if not, it gives the resident "forum lords" a chance to speak their wisdom.
  13. CFO3

    What is the worst new skill?

    Eye in the Sky is a good skill.
  14. CFO3

    Upcoming Clan Battles

    I see your point....ok no duplicates and only ships currently available...easy.
  15. CFO3

    Upcoming Clan Battles

    I would like to see each side banning one ship and no duplicate ships....easy.