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  1. What are we looking at? And is this really anything new? Isn't the penetration of all AP in this game affected by, among other factors, the size of the shell (mass) and velocity (muzzle velocity + distance + drag), i.e. kinetic energy?
  2. Nevermore135

    Ranger vs DDs

    Say what you want to about the new gameplay, but there is no denying that the new visuals are amazing.
  3. Nevermore135

    Penatlies for Team Damage

    For every hypothetical case where its the victim's fault, there are countless others where the blame falls solely on the one who launched the torps. If there's a chance you will tag an ally, don't fire them. This is from this weekend and if I hadn't just slammed the throttle into full reverse I would have eaten this salvo. The best part? This player is pink because I had already taken one of his torps while I was knife fighting a red DD a few minutes earlier. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don't be this guy.
  4. Nevermore135

    New Coal Ship When

    I have a feeling that Yoshino will replace Salem at Tier X, and Wargaming will pull a Kronshtadt and remove Jean Bart after 6-7 months and replace with Georgia for Coal. We just got 2 new free xp ships, and if Georgia is made available for steal WG won't be able to sell it in the premium shop.
  5. Nevermore135

    Looking for DD pointers

    Definitely this. Don't sit in your smoke, and if you have to, don't sit broadside and be ready to run. This weekend I got a devastating strike and first blood off a Shiratsuyu who just sat in his smoke on the far side of the circle to contest my capping. I launched the torps about a minute after he smoked up because I was busy chasing off his little friend the T61 (I was in Jervis). He sat in the same place for almost a minute and a half. I don't consider myself a DD expert by any means, so take this with a grain of salt, but for me a lot of it comes down to what ship I'm sailing. For example, in my RN DDs I'm much more willing to contest the caps early because I can easily pop smoke and disengage if things get too hot, since I have so many charges to work with over the course of the battle. Also, as a general rule of thumb, I never sit in my smoke unless someone else is spotting for me. It's too easy for the red DD or radar cruiser to light you up for half the reds to focus on.
  6. Nevermore135

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

    Damage? This one on Narai in the Scharnhorst. Good things happen if you can get into the harbor from the north to catch the battleships' and cruisers' broadsides. Unfortunately, we just barely scraped by with a win, despite my best efforts. As far as what I consider the best game? That would be this one, once again Narai in the Scharnhorst. These guys were all rock stars, especially our Flint. We all just clicked and it was smooth sailing to 5 stars.
  7. Nevermore135

    Omaha, Konigsburg, or Nicholas.

    Nicholas. The CVs never expect AA Nicholas.
  8. Nevermore135

    CV Fighters for Non-CV Players

    But... but.... UNLIMITED PLANES!!! Seriously, though, this should be pinned to the top of the home page. Unfortunately, I'm out of +1s.
  9. Nevermore135

    US Ship Updates

    To be fair, according to the official damage report, South Dakota's electrical problems began before she received her first hit, from the shock of the #3 turret firing. And one of the primary reasons Washington was able to come out of the battle almost completely unscathed was because the entire Japanese force concentrated their fire on SD. And it appears some aspects of the game are true-to-life: most of the hits received by SD were overpens! Interesting read: https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/w/war-damage-reports/uss-south-dakota-bb57-war-damage-report-no57.html
  10. Nevermore135

    Thoughts on Georgia in Co-op?

    I wouldn't be surprised if Georgia is made available for (huge amounts of) coal. We just got two new free xp ships, and if they make it available for coal vs steel they can sell it in the premium shop, similar to Jean Bart. I wouldn't be surprised if in few months when Georgia is ready, they pull a Kronshtadt and remove Jean Bart after 6-7 months (and put it back in the shop to drive up sales) and replace it with Georgia. It's what I would do.
  11. Nevermore135

    So can someone explain to me

    To be fair, catapult fighters operate completely differently under the new system than RTS. They now essentially trade planes with the attacking squadron, where as before they scattered a drop (similar to the old mechanics of DFAA) and dealt a small amount of DPS. Not only is the consumable a strong deterrent for an attacking CV, it also is very effective in combination with decent AA at wiping out an attacking squadron. The new shorter time might also be related to part of the reason why all planes no longer spot torps. Prior to the rework, many ships, especially BBs (which, granted already had a shorter fighter uptime than cruisers), used the consumable as a "poor man's hydro'"to alert them to not only torps but also ships behind islands (similar to the spotter plane) while also providing AA defense. The changes to the fighter consumable further separates its utility from that of the spotter plane.
  12. Legends only has seven tiers of ships, so the balancing within each system is not comparable.
  13. Nevermore135


    You are correct, of course. Doesn't change the fact that her firing angles are notably inferior to her peers. This strategy works for many battleships in mid tiers, but with Normandie it's higher risk, given the greater angle required and the thinner belt armor vs. other tier 6 BBs making it more difficult to bounce shells. Also, you have to give up DCS mod 2, which is very useful on BBs in general. Honestly, if it wasn't a feature of the ship, it would probably be too strong given the strengths you mentioned.
  14. Nevermore135

    Update 0.8.3: the "Victory" Competition!

    Prior to the rework, Musashi had a special fighter consumable that had an increased uptime as well as reduced cooldown relative to other battleships. This was to partially offset its atrocious AA at tier 9. With 0.8.0, the fighter consumable was completely reworked for all ships, and Musashi received that same new consumable as all other battleships. With this change, Musashi once again has a fighter consumable superior to that of her peers. You are correct that catapult fighter uptime was nerfed (I believe to 90 seconds?) for BBs, but that change occurred long before 0.8.0 and the CV rework.
  15. Nevermore135


    You forgot the terrible firing angles. It's the only real issue I have with the ship. You have to expose an uncomfortable amount of broadside to use more than just the front or rear turret. The AP pen is on the low side, but that can be mitigated by aiming at the upper belt and casemates of other battleships at range.