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  1. Nevermore135

    Moskva nameplate

    IIRC, Kirov got a new model, as WG combined the features of her old A and B hulls to produce the premium version. Moskva, on the other hand, simply had her status changed.
  2. Nevermore135

    refund owed to armory Champagne buyers

    I currently have 12k gold that consists of some I bought almost a year ago and some I obtained for free. WG already has my money for that gold. Now, I could simply purchase the ~16k doubloons I need, which would be the cheaper option for me. BUT, if I buy it directly from the premium shop, it’s a better value, isn’t it? I might spend the $100+ dollars instead to “get the better deal.” If I do, WG has made more money off of me than they otherwise would have. Like I said, it’s a widely used marketing strategy.
  3. Nevermore135

    More Azur Lane stuff revealed by WG

    Alaska, Friesland, Azuma, Agir, and Kronstadt are/were all available for free xp, with the first four also being sold in the premium shop for $70+ US. I just find it odd that the ship is called “Sovetsky Rossiya” and not “AL Sovetsky Rossiya.” It could be an error in the graphic they used, it could not.
  4. Nevermore135

    More Azur Lane stuff revealed by WG

    Given the fact that AL Littorio was disguised as Imperio during testing (until WG screwed up and it leaked) and “Asama” ended up being the two Warhammer collaboration ships, I would not be surprised if Sovetsky Rossiya is Zarya Svobody. IIRC, she differs from Sovetsky Soyuz in that she has standard BB accuracy settings instead of the special Soviet BB dispersion curve. Also, we are overdue for a new FXP battleship. It’s quite possible that Sovetsky Rossiya could be made available that way (in addition to the premium shop, of course). After all, the last collaboration gave us an Azuma commander for the newly released Azuma, right? It’s also interesting that the ship does not have an “AL” prefix to her name, suggesting she could be made more widely available.
  5. Nevermore135

    refund owed to armory Champagne buyers

    You’re not taking into account the “discounts” that are applied. The Admiral Pack in the Armory has a listed price of 31,100 doubloons (10% discount). This equates to $124.40. This is the same list price as the Admiral Pack in the premium shop, but it has a larger discount (20%) that results in a lower price. The x3 XP combat mission is also clearly listed as a “bonus” in the premium shop version, and thus is not included in the armory version. The different “discounts” as well as the bonus mission only being available in the premium shop is a basic marketing strategy - WG would much rather have you spend cash directly than have you use doubloons you have sitting in your account. After all, you’ve already paid for the doubloons, so WG makes more money when people buy directly from the shop.
  6. Nevermore135

    So.......i know its a Russian line but.......

    ^This. In addition, the ships with such radar are much better at playing around islands and near caps. Soviet cruisers are generally more suited to long range, open water combat, where their poor handling, bad concealment, and weak armor isn’t as much of a weakness. In my experience, Soviet cruiser players who try to play near caps with their radars early game tend to get blapped very quickly, with Moskva being an exception.
  7. Nevermore135

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    The only connection I can see between the three names chosen for the tech tree ships is that all three also belonged to Connecticut-class pre-dreadnaughts. Not sure about Florida, though. Maybe someone at WG just threw a dart at a map. It’s as good a method as any, I guess As for why WG didn’t use Indiana - I forgot about BB-58. My guess is WG didn’t use it to avoid confusion with the 1939 USS Indiana, even though I doubt she will ever be in the game, given we already have two of her sisters and South Dakota herself is still absent (and likely to remain so, I’m afraid).
  8. Nevermore135

    what in Lutjens name is a brandenburg...

    What I find amusing is that if Brandenburg is the German version of Champagne/Slava/Florida, Siegfried would in some ways be better protected. All these BBs have 25mm plating, compared to Siegfried’s 27mm.
  9. Nevermore135

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    They are very different ships. California is a Tennessee-class American standard. In game she is essentially a buffed Arizona/New Mexico (although not nearly enough to justify being tier VII). Florida is based on one of the preliminary designs for the North Carolina class. I suspect her armor scheme will be similar to, but thinner than, NC since they are essentially the same hull. Furthermore, FL will go 27 knots vs California’s 20.5. Florida will have 25mm plating (vs California’s 26mm) which will make her more vulnerable to 152mm HE, but in regards to BB AP there is no difference in regards to overmatch (both are overmatched by 15” but not 14” AP). I’d rather have the 6.5 knots of extra speed, as this will allow her dictate her enagements. California and Colorado are both very vulnerable to being farmed if you overextend or get caught out of position. I wouldn’t spend money on California. The version that was released is deeply flawed and can’t do anything another tier VII can’t do better, except shoot down planes.
  10. Nevermore135

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    This one looks interesting. In regards to the three tech tree ships introduced alongside her... I don’t understand why WG decided to go this route. The combination of long (40s) reload, low speed, and “relatively light” armor described in the dev blog has me worried. These ships need to be super tanky, since they are going to be completely unable to dictate the terms of their engagement. Even if they have good armor, I’m extremely skeptical about the viability of a ship that sees tier X battles that can’t go at least 25 knots. Nope, it was mine. The issues I have with the new ships are not that they are paper ships, it’s that I don’t agree with the design direction WG has chosen for this branch, for the reasons stated above. Without “paper” ships, the choice of ships in this game would be much less diverse. I understand why WG didn’t start this branch at lower tiers with the built-in-steel US standards - they’re just that: standard. They would all either play very similar to the ships currently in the tech tree, or they would have to be so altered that it would defeat the point of including them. I’m only mildly disappointed that neither the tier VIII or IX is a hypothetical refit of Indiana, the only one of the 1920 South Dakota’s (which were actually laid down, btw) whose name wasn’t used for a subsequent battleship, either built or planned. Edit: Nevermind, my sleep-addled brain forgot about BB-58, which I have a tendency to do. Cheers.
  11. Nevermore135

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Yeah, these ships are upgunned American standards. I’m really confused as to why WG chose to go this route with a much-anticipated USN BB split. What really concerns me is the description of the line as “relatively light armor” in addition to their low speed. Depending on what exactly this means, these ships sound like they would be incredibly easy to farm. I am intrigued by Florida, though. She appears to be based on the prelimary NC design with 12 14” guns. She only has 25mm plating like Chanpagne and Slava, but being a tier VII that’s only 1mm less extremity armor than her peers. She’ll be vulnerable to HE spam (152mm HE in particular), but 25mm and 26mm are both overmatched by 15” but not 14” guns, so her protection against enemy BBs might be comparable.
  12. Nevermore135

    is Hapa_Fodder over worked ?

    Nah, Cap is a British sailor, so it should be rum.
  13. WG usually drops new premium ships on Fridays...
  14. Nevermore135

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    MM doesn’t discriminate. Those types of players are on both teams. It may be frustrating to see those players on your team, but it is just as likely they are on the enemy team (more likely, in fact, since there are 8 opponents vs 7 allies). If a player is struggling in the latter parts of ranked over a reasonably large amount of battles, it means they were being carried more than they would like to admit, especially because fewer of these “competent few” (your words) higher skilled players are present to save a star as you argue. The lesser skilled but still good players become the new “competent few,” (once again, your words) and should have an easier time influencing battles and saving their stars. That’s the point I was making. People who are skilled at carrying battles make their own luck in ranked. Too many people blame MM and “bad teams” for their failures rather than honestly reflect on and seek to improve their own performance.