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  1. Nevermore135

    What tech tree T8 BB is best in your opinion ?

    As I said, the reload and other tech tree Italian BB characteristics makes the experience much worse. For all her problems, Roma with 4s faster reload and 0.1 better sigma (1.8 vs 1.7) is a much more comfortable experience.
  2. Nevermore135

    What tech tree T8 BB is best in your opinion ?

    34s reload with nine barrels makes things worse. I enjoy playing Roma, but her older sister was set up to fail with all the tech tree Italian BB characteristics.
  3. Nevermore135

    What tech tree T8 BB is best in your opinion ?

    Honestly, since she got the recent range upgrade, Monarch isn’t really a bad ship at all. Regardless, even before Monarch got that buff Vittorio Veneto replaced her at the bottom of the tier VIII tech tree BB pile. Playing that ship is an exercise in frustration.
  4. Nevermore135

    What tech tree T8 BB is best in your opinion ?

    NC has “standard” US/British/German dispersion and best-in-tier (and objectively excellent) 2.0 sigma. She’s actually a very accurate BB. The reason her guns can feel inaccurate is because NC makes the jump to super-heavy AP shells, resulting in lower velocity, “floatier” shells compared to Colorado. You need to give your targets more lead and her shell flight times at long range can make hitting maneuvering targets more challenging, but her guns are very good at putting shells where you aim them and hit like trucks.
  5. Nevermore135

    What tech tree T8 BB is best in your opinion ?

    For a “generalist” BB, it’s hard to beat North Carolina. She’s still got it where it counts after all these years. In small team formats like Ranked, Vladivostok is very strong. Zieten is also a lot of fun. If you can get past only having six barrels (and her… unique aesthetic) she is accurate, stealthy, and has great secondaries along with torpedoes.
  6. Considering Iwami was featured alongside Black in the cover image for this patch’s news article, we can expect her in 0.11.5. Since San Diego dropped today, that leaves next Friday, July 8 as her likely release date. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0115/
  7. The flip side of this: your teammates were unfairly penalized with an AFK teammate because of your unstable internet connection.
  8. Nevermore135

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    WG used the same sales structure a while back when they ran a similar Soviet event. Players could acquire a Tallinn bundle with the tier VIII and X Soviet camos or a tier IX and X camo bundle.
  9. The “value” of the BB camos is 5,000 doubloons for the MN camo and 6,000 doubloons for the VT camo. This is consistent with the general rule applied to such “special” camos that don’t involve substantial change to the model (the standard camo price + a 1000 doubloon markup) and is consistent with the advertised “discount” in the armory. One should take any “value” attributed to the camos in Early Access with a grain of salt. The bundle is also slightly cheaper than the “standard” camos for both ships (9k doubloons total), so one could look at it as getting two “special” camos for effectively the price of two “standard” ones. The math: 8750/0.80 = 10,937.5, which if you account for WG rounding to a multiple of 250 ($1 US) is close enough to 11k doubloons.
  10. Nevermore135

    Lady Liberty 6pt Cdr...

    I wouldn’t count on it. WG mixed thinks up by offering what would typically be the big ticket item (San Diego) at the beginning of the chain rather than the end of the chain. Given that she is offered for the expected price of a tier VIII ship and the bundle just includes the standard “ship release” bonus mission, this is really no different than her being offered in the premium shop or as a standalone purchase for doubloons. Nonetheless, I suppose WG should be given credit for not locking her behind other bundle purchases. The third item is a bit of a joke: a discount to pay for an already overpriced ship (like all tier IXs) that can be obtained for free for coal. Thus, the big draw item of the bundle chain appears to be that second bundle with the camo.
  11. Higher tiers are more expensive to run and generally less forgiving given the fact that ships’ offensive capabilities generally outpace their defensive capabilities as you progress up in tiers. The fact that it is difficult for most players to consistently earn net credit gains at high tiers without investing in premium time is by design: players either spend money (WG profits) or players dip down into lower tiers to make credits, which keeps the mid tier MM queue populated.
  12. I was wondering what the catch would be, since WG is offering San Diego up front rather than at the end of the bundle chain. The Statue of Liberty bundle made me LOL, and the prize at the end of the chain is… a “discount” on a ship that can be obtained for free (coal).
  13. Nevermore135


    I can see it now: she’ll have IJN BB dispersion, Italian SAP, French MBRB, and German BB reload.
  14. The midsections of the new French large cruisers have 30mm plating. And given that this includes the magazines under their all-forward main armament, the vulnerable area of the 25mm bow is actually quite short and there is a lot of sloped 30mm plating forward to bounce shells. They can be quite tanky when aggressively angled (but not straight bow-on). I see a lot of players trying to play the new French CBs like battleships, and they get wrecked for it. US and German CAs and CBs have thicker bow and stern plating relative to their contemporaries. For tiers VI and VII, it’s 25mm vs 16mm, and for tiers VIII+ it’s 27mm vs. 25mm. The exception is tier VII US CA Indianapolis, which is an older premium (i.e. WG has decided she is “protected” from balancing) and thus didn’t receive the same buff as the the tech tree ships.
  15. Nevermore135

    Mini's Reviews: San Diego

    It’s not just SAP, but also MBRB (even more so). What used to be a French trait is now being slapped on ships left, right, and center, which is especially problematic given WG’s checkered record of balancing around the consumable.