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  1. Nevermore135

    Explain this.

    …the Montana? Not that I would be opposed to having a premium Iowa-class that is actually available to the majority of the player base…
  2. Nevermore135

    Sorry to sound Negative but WOW!

    Either would have been more effective, but DOY’s (and KGV’s) HE is especially nasty. Quite a while back Pensacola, NO, and Yorck received a plating buff. The hulls of these ships are covered in 25mm plating (in the same way tier VIII+ US and KM cruisers are covered in 27mm plating) which cannot be overmatched by 14” AP. In the example above, I charged the Strasbourg (13” guns) and dumped one side of torps into him, then kept charging toward the DoY and did the same thing with the other six torps. Outside of a few errant shells that overpenned my superstructure, I bounced everything off my bow and upper belt. I then was torped by a T-61. Earlier in the sprint I did the same thing to a NO and DOY pair, and the BB almost got me because he blasted be with two HE salvos and set a bunch of fires (less than 500 health remaining).
  3. Nevermore135

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    Well, Wyoming is a tier IV battleship, so she would not see this mechanic outside of a fail division, in which case the player who brought the ship is at fault. VU will love this, though.
  4. Nevermore135


    They aren’t supposed to be clones of each other. The only thing the two ships really have in common is the same basic hull form. Kremlin has thick armor and the standard Soviet BB dispersion on 457mm (18”) guns. Slava has super-accurate 16” guns, but thinner armor (and only 25mm extremity plating). Slava fits into the mold of the “sniper” premium BBs we have been seeing lately, with very powerful and accurate guns for long range shooting but weaker armor for balance. She needs to be played completely differently. Other ships that fit the same mold are Champagne at tier VIII and Florida at tier VII, as well as the WIP tier VIII Constellation and Borodino and tier VI Repulse.
  5. Nevermore135

    Sorry to sound Negative but WOW!

    This sprint has the unfortunate combination of having both a lower entry threshold (tier VI) and being only one week long. Some of the players are less experienced, while others are feeling the pressure to rank out quickly, which leads to more toxicity. The thing that’s really thrown me for a loop is the number of players I see who don’t understand the ramifications of overmatch mechanics at this tier. I see BB players going bow-in and reversing, receiving big damage pens through the nose from 15” and 16” guns. I see players firing HE at these same targets, using tier VIII+ tactics when most tier VII BBs can overmatch each other. Yesterday I ran down a Duke of York in my Yorck because he kept pumping AP salvo after AP salvo into my bow (they all bounced). This was after he watched me do the same thing to the Strasbourg that was a few km in front of him.
  6. Nevermore135

    New collections ideas

    I just want a snow-covered winter camo for Flint to go with the fancy summer camo Atlanta got last year... Well, I would if I still had any desire to play Flint post-rework. I would really like to see a battle damaged camo for Enterprise with this name, somewhat similar to the ones we have for Bismarck and Hood. I’d buy that in a heartbeat. Also, we need a literal pagoda camo for Fuso. We already have the Gothic cathedral Bismarck camo, so there’s even a precedent for it.
  7. Nevermore135

    Are cv effective is bronze rank?

    It’s partly because the teams are smaller and the battles are being fought on often small maps with caps close together. Ranked generally requires aggressive play around the caps, and CVs as a class are poor at controlling space (their hulls are not in the thick of it and presenting a threat that needs to be respected). At tier VI they just can’t deal damage fast enough to really offset that handicap in 7v7, IMO. This is also one of the reasons cruisers aren’t as influential in this meta at this tier - the general lack of radar and their fragility means they are largely relegated to fire support. In the current Bronze meta, good DD and BB play seem to have the most effect on the match outcome. I’m not. As I said in my last post, I don’t consider myself skilled enough with the class to feel comfortable playing it in this environment, especially during this one week long sprint. I finished my Yorck regrind and most of my Surrey grind (*shudder*) and am now switching to Scharnhorst to get those last few stars.
  8. Nevermore135

    Are cv effective is bronze rank?

    It’s important to remember that tier VI CVs lack some of the tools that their higher tier brethren possess, like squadron heals and access to additional modules. CVs really start to come into their own at tier VIII, and at at tier VI they are less effective and have less influence, but also don’t encounter the same general level of AA (they face tier V ships, after all). This is of course not taking in to account player skill - it’s one of the many reasons I’m not taking CVs into ranked. There’s also the fact that for the most part you will be facing mostly tier VIIs, so you are permanently uptiered.
  9. Nevermore135

    Hunt for Bismarck Flag - Bug

    The flag shows up on all of my ships, including KGV. Might be something on your end.
  10. Nevermore135

    Battlecruiser Skill Tree When?

    I guess I don’t see why there has to be a dichotomy like you describe, and I think you believe I care about others use of this a lot more strongly than I actually do. I’m perfectly happy to share the knowledge and accept that someone wants to keep using “BC.” I recall a memorable exchange on this forum where someone expressed that they didn’t know the difference between a CA and CL and was confused by others’ use of the terms. I composed a multi-paragraph response pertaining to both the historical and in-game use of the terms, and the response was something along the lines of “Cool, but I’ll just call them all CAs because it’s easier.” Made me laugh out loud. At least no one has brought up Alaska in this thread yet. That might bring the knives out.
  11. Nevermore135

    Battlecruiser Skill Tree When?

    Perhaps I should have used the word “motivation.” You have accused me of being pedantic and obsessed with being “technically correct” to the extent of being the unconcerned with being “understandable to the average person.” I have made no such choice. If I use the term “CC” in a context I do not expect it to be understood, I provide the appropriate context. Perhaps I’ve read too much into what I have perceived as a confrontational tone throughout this exchange. I already acknowledged in this thread prior to your initial post that I understand why “BC” is widely used, and why I brought it up.
  12. Nevermore135

    Battlecruiser Skill Tree When?

    Have I ever “disregarded” the use of BC? I’m starting to think you aren’t actually reading my posts. Anyways, thank you for informing me what my intent is. You are obviously far more knowledgeable on the inner workings of my mind than I myself am. What would I do without you to explain my own thought processes? I’ll stop this exchange here, because you are clearly disregarding and/or deliberately misinterpreting everything I have said. I’m starting to see a pattern.
  13. Nevermore135

    WG 1 week is not enough time to rank out.

    Perhaps for you, but not for WG’s goals. As I said, they want there to be some level of challenge and difficulty to keep players playing more battles. It’s similar to the way that the in-game economy is structured to encourage investment in paid content (Premium Time and Premium ships) if players want to play exclusively at higher tiers. WG has to strike that balance between accessibility and frustration to keep the game viable: too accessible and the this FTP game goes under, too frustrating and players won’t stick around. If steel is made too accessible, they can’t produce sufficient content to keep up with the demand and the Ranked/Clan Battle queues may suffer. WG wants players constantly chasing a goal that is reasonably challenging to obtain - it keeps them playing the game. What WG has done right with the new system is opening up the steel economy to casual players in a way that still provides motivation to improve, as well as play Clan Battles.
  14. Nevermore135

    Battlecruiser Skill Tree When?

    Which I acknowledged. Nonetheless, the USN officially assigned those hull numbers, and it remains the only such designation given to historic battlecruisers to my knowledge (and please educate me if I am incorrect). Yes it does. Which is why I often bring it up when I see the “BC” abbreviation used alongside the other USN-derived designations you mention on this forum. My EXACT words in my first post: ...which I have since elaborated on in my subsequent posts.
  15. Nevermore135

    So how did you come up with your WoW name?

    I came up with this name once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary...