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  1. According to the Wiki, kill XP is equivalent to dealing damage equivalent to 10% of the ship’s HP. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Base_Earnings
  2. Nevermore135

    What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

    Boise would be my pick.
  3. Nevermore135

    Gun bloom?

    There was a change to the gun bloom mechanic in the last upgrade. Now, instead of having your surface detection range remain extended to your max gun range for 20 seconds after firing even when breaking LOS, your “gun bloom” will now reset after you break LOS for 2 seconds. The only other change made to detection mechanics recently was a new feature that ensures your ship will always remain detected for at least 2 seconds when you are spotted. Neither of these changes would seem to effect the situation you are describing, though. My guess is that in these instances there is a concealed ship within your surface detection keeping you spotted that you are not accounting for.
  4. Nevermore135

    What % of SAP Damage Can Be Healed?

    RP heals 100% of fire damage, but it also heals a set percentage of penetration and citadel damage caused by both HE and AP (and now SAP) shells. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Repair_Party
  5. Nevermore135

    Why do people think CUTER will win?

    Because they were obviously triggered by @henrychenhenry‘s earlier thread.
  6. Nevermore135

    penetration change?

    WG announced some proposed changes to IFHE and the HE penetration rule, as well as a heavy-handed change to cruiser plating a while back, around the same time as the announcement of the NTC, which blew up the forums (and rightfully so). We’ve heard nothing on the subject since. Hopefully this means WG is giving it some more thought and is seeking a more nuanced solution. It may turn out to be like the announcement of free premium consumables, which was an insulting attempt by WG to give the players a carrot to distract them from the debacle that was NTC. As soon as the NTC was redesigned, that proposed change dissapeared.
  7. Tier VII has +/- 2 MM, only tier V has +2/-1 MM.
  8. Nevermore135

    Can a BB Travel hidden behind a Smoked CA?

    Battleships also have such slow acceleration and deceleration, it would also require much more precise throttle management to keep the ships in close enough proximity than if the second ship was another cruiser or a destroyer. Also, you may spot the torps, but the subsequent maneuvering to avoid them would almost certainly disrupt the formation, leaving the tagalong ship in a potentially very precarious situation. I’m not sure the benefits would outweigh the risks outside of some very situational cases. Nonetheless, I’d love to see a video of someone trying it out. I’ve always wanted a smoke screen on my Bismarck.
  9. Nevermore135

    Can a BB Travel hidden behind a Smoked CA?

    I imagine this would be very difficult giving what I understand to be the small radius and short duration of the fuel smoke clouds. Then again, I remember a particularly memorable battle I had a few months ago in my Helena where I crept along behind a smoking Huanghe to sneak into position behind the perfect island waifu, from which I proceeded to rain fiery death upon half the enemy team, so I suppose it’s possible. The hardest part would be coordinating the speed and course to the two ships to hide something as comparatively clumsy as a battleship.
  10. Nevermore135

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    This is a bit of a silly distinction. Bots don’t charge smoke screens or maneuver defensively against them, they don’t launch torps into smoke (the sole possible exception I’ve noticed being the torp spam you’ll see into the Mahan’s smoke in Aegis, but there are usually ships spotted behind the smoke that could be their targets), and they don’t blind fire into them either. They employ none of the tactics human players employ when faced with a suspicious smoke screen that is spewing torpedoes and shells at them. Once you smoke up and the bots can no longer detect you, they effectively forget that you exist. This allows you to set up in some very advantageous positions that would be suicidal against human opponents. The majority of the time, your smoke screen is effectively a 60-150s period of invulnerability during which you can pummel the bots with impunity. Thus, Guepard’s lack of smoke hurts it much more in Ops (especially Aegis) than it does in, say, random battles, because smoke is a much more powerful tool in this mode.
  11. Nevermore135

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    I’ve had good results in tier 6 ops with gunboat destroyers. In particular, I find Anshan and Farragut to be very strong. I’ve also had some middling success with Guepard, but the lack of smoke really hurts in Ops, where the bots will ignore smoke screens completely.
  12. He’s slated for release next patch, when the entire Italian cruiser line drops.
  13. Nevermore135

    Smolensk isn't a pure reward ship.

    Hear, hear!
  14. Nevermore135

    ST, changes to test ships

    Indeed. I thought the idea behind Mainz was that she was to be a tankier CL, a heavy cruiser hull with light cruiser guns, firing the characteristic anemic German HE as major balancing factor. I was really excited when the news of this ship dropped, but with this change I’m beginning to wonder what the point of taking this ship out into battle is when I have a Cleveland that can do most light cruiser things better. This is Siegfried all over again...
  15. Nevermore135

    Smolensk isn't a pure reward ship.

    Because there would have been screeching from all the players who spent tons of doubloons (which have a defined monetary value) to convert elite xp to free xp to get these ships. Smolensk is not a free xp ship like Mo, Musashi, and Kronshtadt.