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  1. Nevermore135

    IFHE Modifiers

    Anything that modifies your base fire chance. The -50% from IFHE is applied to your base fire chance, then all additional modifiers are added to the result of that calculation. So, for a ship with 10% base fire chance and a total +2% modifier from the DE skill and signal flags, fire chance with IFHE will be: 10*0.5+2 = 5+2 = 7% rather than (10+2)*0.5 = 12*0.5 = 6%
  2. Nevermore135

    I'm Leaving the game...

    The community engagement on these forums has been a major factor in keeping me interested and invested over the years. It has always been an excellent place to share knowledge and discuss in depth game mechanics, strategies, etc. Without it, I’m not certain how long I will remain. I’ve stayed away from Discord and Reddit for good reason, after all. Maybe I’ll eventually wander over to the official Discord, but I don’t think that’s very likely and the closure of these forums will likely be the end of my engagement with the WoWs community, at least for the foreseeable future. I’ll take this as a signal to scale back my in-game activity and explore the backlog of other games I’ve been meaning to get to for quite some time. We’ll see if WoWs still holds any of my interest in six months to a year. The WoWs playerbase and the game overall will be worse off without this platform.
  3. Nevermore135

    End of the Forum

    Indeed. It’s also very sad (although not unexpected) that this is being treated by staff as a joke.
  4. Nevermore135

    End of the Forum

    I agree, if there was any openness to walking this back in the face of feedback, this would have announced more than three days in advance. WG has made their decision, and the community and game will suffer for it. I (and many, many others) certainly am unlikely to remain involved on third-party platforms. But perhaps that’s viewed as a benefit by the ones making the decision. This community is also one of the big reasons I’ve kept playing as long as I have. I’m not certain how much longer I’ll keep playing the game when it’s gone.
  5. Nevermore135

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    I was looking for a good gif of this moment myself. It’s a shame Nick Fury doesn’t work at WG, given the next part of that statement.
  6. Nevermore135

    I am going to miss being a Troll

    The timing of this is very disappointing, since in the last two weeks I finally broke down and added four consistent bad actors to my empty ignore list. My enjoyment of these forums increased immensely.
  7. Nevermore135

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    Criticism of corporate entities cannot be personal attacks. Personal attacks are an attack on one’s person. In that context, corporations aren’t people. Companies that ignore their customer base are also on a fast track towards failure. There is a great deal of constructive content and feedback on this forum. I’ve been on these forums for five years and seen (and contributed in) a great deal of constructive discussions of game mechanics and feedback threads. Unfortunately, not everyone can separate the wheat from the chaff. This is very easily shown to be false with a quick perusal of topics surrounding CV and sub play. The quantity of “CV and sub player” posts compared to other ship type-specific posts can be easily attributed to the population: CVs and subs are overall less popular than other ship types. That’s the reason subs and CVs are only even tier, after all - WG doesn’t feel there is enough appeal to keep the queues sufficiently populated over the full range of tiers, so they reduced the number of “buckets” available (4 for CVs, 3 for subs).
  8. Nevermore135

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Well, this is just a giant middle finger to a significant portion of your active, engaged playerbase. Well done, WG. You’ve really outdone yourselves this time.
  9. Nevermore135

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    Every time I see someone repeat the “forum users comprise less than 1% of the playerbase” argument for why the feedback here should be dismissed I want to bang my head on my desk. Like a lot of the official rebuttals we receive, it doesn’t really address the point and is more of an evasion than anything else. When it is parroted, all it really shows is that they don’t understand how sampling and statistics work. A sample can be orders of magnitude smaller than a population and still be representative. One can potentially argue that the forums attract a certain kind of player that effectively skews the sample/responses, but that’s an entirely different argument. And like you said, no one who claims so can (or will, in the case of WG) present any evidence that shows that this sample isn’t representative of the population as a whole, or at least the portion of the population that is engaged enough to involve themselves.
  10. Nevermore135

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    I never implied it was, and whether it is “ok” is irrelevant. I was merely pointing out that any professional worth their salt should be able to look past such things. To dismiss feedback regarding the product simply because of the language used or manner of delivery hurts someone’s feelings, while perhaps understandable, is dangerous. I personally avoid such behavior because there are better ways to express myself, and it is completely understandable for WG to moderate such behavior on these forums, but to dismiss the sentiments and feedback out of hand is folly. Once again, WG employees shouldn’t be taking criticism (sometimes heated) of the company or its products as personal attacks. Some emotional feedback should be expected, and not just because this is the internet: anyone who has worked in a customer-facing role can attest to the fact that this happens in person as well. Feedback with substance (i.e. more than “this sucks, pls remove”) should always be treated seriously, regardless of it is accompanied by emotional comments regarding WG’s monetization policies, etc.
  11. Nevermore135

    Kept my mind sorta open on mines....

    ^This. WG is a company, not an individual, and those working for the company (especially the people making decisions) should be professional enough to not take such criticism personally and dismiss the sentiments out of hand because it might hurt their feelings.
  12. It’s a lot easier in PvP, where BB players don’t DCP a single fire. Concealed Maneuvers works well for this mission: the stats don’t matter and the CV play is questionable.
  13. Nevermore135

    Torps on BBs

    Hood still had her torpedo tubes when she sank. Every once in a while you’ll hear someone repeat the debunked theory that her torpedos played a role in her sinking. Hood, Nelson, and Rodney still had their torpedo tubes during WWII because, being the newest ships, they were the last ones scheduled for major reconstructions. The RN had every intention of removing them, just like they did on the rest of their capital ships. The outbreak of the war (and Hood’s loss in 1941) meant those reconstructions never happened.
  14. Nevermore135

    Update 12.7 trade in list has been published

    There’s also a difference between bringing items back in limited quantities, for a limited time, at inflated prices for an auction and putting them up for regular sale.
  15. Nevermore135

    Update 12.7 trade in list has been published

    There would likely be some owners that would be upset that their “exclusive” ship is no longer exclusive, especially those that whaled on Santa crates to get those rare ships.