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  1. Legio_X_

    Is Wargaming Trying To End WOWs!?

    I have already uninstalled. I have spent close to 1k of my money on this game, but the fun factor is just not there anymore. When I see indie game devs creating good games and actually listening to their customers for half the price WG charges their customers it really makes you think.
  2. Legio_X_


    WG doesn’t care about player experience. Spreed sheet says everyone is having fun.
  3. Legio_X_

    King of the Sea Lessons...

    It’s called laughing my [edited]off at WG destroying KoTS due to their........nevermind I will get chat banned again on forums. more of “player base told you not to do this, so now you made your bed and now you must sleep in it”
  4. Legio_X_

    King of the Sea Lessons...

    Gonna laugh my [edited]off when CVs in KoTS are going to spot the entire enemy team 24/7 and get ships blapped, which usually required radar or better positioning.
  5. Legio_X_

    Jean Bart Armor LOL!!!???

    I hate the JB. 32mm all over makes it a very squishy boat. I would gladly sell it if i could
  6. Legio_X_

    Drake... Come on.

    Ap is only good against the broadsiest of broadside targets. And you need to be 10km< to do anything. Think i read somewhere UK CA AP has the worst pen in the game.
  7. Legio_X_

    Drake... Come on.

    I skipped the entire line and went straight to Goliath. Basically because i know how all these cruisers play. However, the UK cruisers need some loving. Their HE pen is great, but that reload...umpf. I don't know how they can balance the two.
  8. Legio_X_

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    I just look at Bayard with 4min of speed boost (with upgrade module) and reload booster and look at this ship and wonder...why should I? in T8 you need a ship that can have agility. Imagine playing this ship against T10 ships with good AP pen values. OUCH
  9. Legio_X_

    Alaska upper belt

    Alaska has a great armor belt though. And her citadel is very hard to hit.
  10. Legio_X_

    Bad Idea WG

    Would be nice if WG gave us a special 50% ship one time purchase during this pandemic. I mean other companies are giving out massive discounts.
  11. Flambass in one of his streams was able to citadel a Kremlin with the T10 Russian CA. Think he got 15+ citadels that game.
  12. Legio_X_

    More CVs on the way

  13. Legio_X_

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    So needless to say, if you have the Bayard skip this ship.
  14. Legio_X_

    Andrew Cunningham

    I'm putting him on my UK BBs that im grinding. He will eventually stay on Conq
  15. Legio_X_

    YOSHINO New setting

    I don’t know about you guys, but I sit back at 20km and spam torpedos behind my team every time I play yoshino. Such a great strategy.