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  1. Legio_X_

    Make them Listen

    All it takes is for 1 dev team to come along and make a game like WOWS, but not with the stupid implementations WG is doing now for WG to lose over half of their playerbase overnight. That is how bad it’s here. I would like to see a sim city and cities skylines type of scenario. sim city (ie: wows) screws up their game and cities skylines (another game) comes in and fills the void.
  2. Legio_X_

    Playing CVs is confusing & unfun

    After a 7 month break I came back to try the game out. I look at the game graphical and say “man this is a good looking game” the ships are modeled really well and at moments the game is fun. However, after playing around 5 games and having about 3 of those blow outs, with other 2 playing against OP CVs I can honestly say the roots of this game just plain suck. You can polish a turd, but at the end of the day it’s still a turd. can’t wait for another dev team to make a game like this, but they actually care about the community and make good game decisions, WG and WOWS would lose 50+% of their playerbase on day 1 if this happened.
  3. Got to love the players that say GG in a blowout win. Like they lost maybe 1 ship and our entire enemy team is dead in under 10min. GG my a$$.
  4. Legio_X_

    How to Kill a Game....

    I tell ya why i left. CV gameplay is as it stands right now. "CV players are playing WOWS, Everyone else is just there for their amusement."
  5. WG has every right to try and squeeze money out of the playerbase. Playerbase also has a right to leave the game and go elsewhere. I think subs will be the icing on the cake and you will see a mass exodus.
  6. WG is gonna run out of ideas on ships soon and what will they do then? Go the [edited] route and introduce modern ships?
  7. RTS like all RTS games are complexed around managing multiple units at the same time. People who can’t do this get “overwhelmed” and lose.
  8. Legio_X_

    Comprehensive list of problems with carriers

    FDR torp bombers that include 2 planes but drop 8 torps. Who in the hell thought of that idea? it’s like WG is telling the playerbase that we will give you training wheels because you can’t aim torps properly. So we are going to let you throw out 8 torps per run so you will get some hits and flooding.
  9. Task Force Admiral looks like a great indie game coming out in the near future. If subs crash this game and it’s gameplay like people are hinting at. Yep I’m out.
  10. Legio_X_

    CV still ruin the game

    such fun and engaging gameplay when a midway or MVR can take 10-15kHP off your ship with double fires while you shoot down 1 plane.
  11. WG changed from RTS to what we have now, due to RTS being complexed and not “mainstream” for the common player. IE: to divided attention where you have to control and do multiple things at once. BUT NOW looking at new sub test and everything implemented (having to looking at where sub is pinging your ship, controlling ASW planes, dodging torps, DDs doing everything imaginable etc..etc..) doesn’t that kid of contradict WGs idea of keeping it mainstream and not to complicated? It’s like we are moving from one simi complicated idea (RTS) to what they are implementing now...lol i just find it very ironic.
  12. I wanted to PM the Minotaur player on my team after the game, asking him why the hell he was sailing broadside to a Stalingrad bow in to him at around 10km just pew pew’ing.
  13. Take away subs ability to recharge under water, but give them a skill “snorkel” that you can capt spec or equip that lets you recharge under water.
  14. Legio_X_

    Is the Stalingrad really that OP?

    Only thing that makes Stalingrad OP is the pen angles and gun velocity. It seems no matter how I angle I get good chunks of HP taking away with every hit.
  15. Every time I see them I want to play the song “I like big butts and I cannot lie”