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  1. The problem is with Gneis sigma I can’t hit crap. I have literally stopped playing the German BB line because the sigma on these guns are horrible. Yes I know German BBs are made for brawling, but good lord sometimes I fire on ships below 10km and miss everything.
  2. Legio_X_

    are you kidding me?

    Dealing with JBs sigma on main guns, i do not recommend this buy. Its a cool looking ship and fun sometimes to olay. But good lord it cant hit crap sometimes.
  3. Legio_X_

    Farewell and fair seas

    Hell i almost quit when Hak was the most OP thing in the game.
  4. WG should see the writing on the wall. There is no way (regardless of how many hotfixes they do) CVs will be balanced in regards to all ships in game. They made everything on the ocean obsolete during WW2 and for good reason ie: ability to recon fleets, ability to throw out strike groups without a land base, and ability to strike and destroy ships without ever being seen. This will never translate into WOWS without 1 of 2 things happening. Either CVs get nerfed so much people will not play them or all other ships get nerfed that people will stop playing them. Its a vicious cycle that will never end.
  5. Legio_X_

    Is this game Naval Warfare or just guns?

    It’s obvious CVs will never be balanced in this game. They made everything obsolete in RL and the only way to make them work in this game is to nerf the crap out of them.
  6. Legio_X_

    Update is poorly thought out

    It’s like people win the lottery when the match starts and no CVs are in lineup.
  7. Seeing 1 IJN DD getting swarmed by rocket planes and dive bombers last night (while in the rear of our team) I could care less about you CV. No sympathy whatsoever. i hope they nerf your class into the ground and we can finally get back to normal play. do you even sit and think how many people hate the CV class. Anytime I am in a game and there are no CVs, people in chat talk about how they might have a good game. How the game will actually be fun in this map. Think about that.
  8. Dealing with high tier CV crap. I’m right there with you. No sympathy whatsoever.
  9. Legio_X_

    How to implement CVs in PVP

    Have you been a surface ships towards the late game of a match with 4 CVs still on the map? I can have DFAA, fighter plane, and WASD all over the map, but it doesnt matter. I will die to plane spam with no way to fight back or defend myself. Shoot down 3-4 planes? Who cares they will just spam some more on you. Its like bending over and taking it, without having no say in the matter. Makes the gameplay suck.
  10. Legio_X_

    Double CVs per side need to go WG!

    Give me one good reason why they should keep 4 CVs in a match. ONE.
  11. Legio_X_

    Double CVs per side need to go WG!

    If your one of the few remaining surface ships in a match with 2 CV's still left on enemy team, you will literally be swarmed by what seems like a 100 planes with nothing to do. You cannot fight back, you cannot defend yourself. You just sit there and take it, while your health goes down, and fires blaze. THIS IS NO FUN!
  12. Limit 1 CV per team. This late game plane spam from 2 CV's is becoming unbearable.
  13. Legio_X_

    Double CVs per side need to go WG!

    4 CVs in one match is pathetic. I can handle 2 in a match, but this late game plane spam is unbearable.
  14. Tired of this 4 CV's matches. It's pathetic with these unbalanced units.
  15. Legio_X_

    Rocket Attacks?

    I think he was being sarcastic.