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  1. T8 Italian cruiser can do 5k damage every 17 seconds on a broadside BB. Somlensk can do that amount of damage every 3seconds. Let that sit in.
  2. Well im glad ur getting 110k. B/c i cannot get close to it. I even rushed a mass BB and got 6 torps on it and still didnt break 100k...lol
  3. You F your shot up and hit front turrets or rear turrets, that salvo might give u 900 damage. Really is a live and die by your aiming.
  4. They really need to increase the torp damage. The T10 has 3 torps per side. Those things need to hit hard if u get some hits with that slow 51kt speed.
  5. Italian cruisers have a serious high ceiling when it comes to skillful play. Against anything not broadside you HAVE to hit superstructure. If your aim is off you're going to get nothing but shatters.
  6. I'm just talking about the T8 Italian cruiser. It seems with SAP only thing u can aim for on anything not broadside is the superstructure. If your aim is off and u hit the turrets or upper belts, your going to get nothing but shatters.
  7. I know I am. I avg about 70-75k a game. I feel like I have to work hard to get any amount of good damage with this ship. Even scoring torp hits still doesnt get me above the 100k mark.
  8. Pay to progress. Not pay to win
  9. Go in training room and you will see SAP is good for anything except broadside light and heavy cruisers. To get those juicy cit damages you need to use AP. but for SAP, it does on average 3-4k more damage per salvo than AP on heavy armored broadside targets.
  10. Yep. On heavy armored targets (mainly BBs) you can get good pens for damage. Only thing SAP doesnt do is citadel damage on light or heavy cruisers (DMs). You have to use AP.
  11. SAP does better damage than AP on heavy armored targets broadside. Only thing it struggles at is busting that 60mm bow on GK.
  12. If you cant tell the difference between a training ground and random/coop battles.....well
  13. Just doesn't make sense. Give us instant reload option so we can do armor testing quicker.
  14. Legio_X_

    150 Premium Italian Cruiser Containers Opened

    Again they didn't pay for them. Anything you get for free is not getting “rekt”