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  1. She used to be my go-to boat for a good game. Now she's just ineffective. Fragile as always, but her guns... what happened to her guns? Was top tier, and 50% of all hits were shatters, ricos, or torpedo belt ricos. The NC has been similarly ineffective each time out lately. Was there a nerf?
  2. Tigerspook

    Oklahoma ,first battle.

    Just for chagrins, I played the Oklahoma today. 40s gun reload, extremely poor penetration, very inaccurate. There is no reason to play this boat.
  3. Tigerspook

    Buff the Minnesota

    I don't have anything good to say about the Minnesota. Glacially slow, atrocious reload time, poor gun accuracy, terrible AP pen (rico's off the broadsides of the new Dutch CAs), is citadelled at shallow angles by the likes of the Flandre. The Soyuz citadels it from the front and bounces or shatters return shots. It's bad up close, it's meat at medium range, and it is ineffective at long range. Other than that, it's great.
  4. Tigerspook

    I was wrong - what changed?

    I've always loved the Colorado. It is slow, so just point it to the center of the map and let those long range guns work their magic.
  5. Tigerspook

    Oklahoma ,first battle.

    Having an Oklahoma on your team is like having someone AFK usually.
  6. Tigerspook

    Kagero versus Fletcher

    But wouldn't the first one do 20k damage? He was undamaged when my torps hit.
  7. Tigerspook

    Kagero versus Fletcher

    I hit a fletcher with two 20k torpedoes and did a total of 11k damage. How did Fletcher survive the first? Does it have a 50% torp belt???
  8. Tigerspook

    Quick Review: ANDREA DORIA

    I do well with Bayern. With AD, not so much. My experience with AD is that it's trash for the reasons people said above. if it can't hit, it's useless.
  9. These boats are temporary. I don't want to spend a lot of resources to respec a captain, or to drop 7m silver on equipment. Is there a way to help test without losing one's shirt?
  10. Tigerspook

    Who said Kansas wasn't a fun bote?

    I will opine that the Minnesota at tier 9 is far worse than the Kansas at tier 8.
  11. Tigerspook

    How did the T-61 survive?

    I guessed where the red T-61 likely was and dropped off a full load of "speculation" torps. I got 2 hits on a T-61. He then flooded a little. To my surprise, the T-61 survived. How did this happen? My torps would have done 32k damage against the maximum 16,800 life on the T-61. There was a slight time delay, maybe 2 seconds, before the 2nd hit. So it is clear that I hit him with torps from different launchers. But best case, he would have taken 16,500 damage from the first torp and the flood, and less than 300 damage from the 2nd torp?? The T-61 lived and was not immediately killed by the La Gal. I did not live - the T-61 got me within seconds with its own speculation torps!
  12. Tigerspook

    FP or CE for Kansas?

    Thanks all, it is done.
  13. Tigerspook

    FP or CE for Kansas?

    My captain is now 10 pts. Should his first 4-pter be FP or CE? There are times where it burns a lot, and times when maybe it could escape if it had better concealment. Concealment is currently 14.5km Opinions?
  14. Tigerspook


    And if you complete the first 3 tasks of each stage, you will have exactly enough containers to get the boat when you complete the campaign.
  15. Tigerspook


    I retired the Oklahoma today. Took the captain out so it doesn't pass my filters. The boat is just terrible. Slow and slow reload, fine. But the terrible accuracy and lack of ability to citadel reliably, even at close range against flat broadsides, was too much. There's no reason to play it; there are tier 5 boats out there that are just more fun and simultaneously more effective.