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  1. Tigerspook

    Sovetsky Soyuz, first impressions

    So I did research the Kremlin today, using no free exp. Tell me this. I am having a hard time damaging Jean Bart and Bismarck. I can only get 1 or 2 pens per salvo. Even well angled they seem to have no problem removing my health much quicker. Even a Seattle rammed me tonight. I put 8+ shells into its snoot. Pens but no citadel. I need to be able to kill quicker.
  2. Point-blank. I would not expect to overpen a Richylooloos citadel ;-) Actually, I'm down with that.
  3. Tigerspook

    Sovetsky Soyuz, first impressions

    AND FURTHERMORE, the grind to the Kremlin has been pretty easy. I'm a low-average player, charitably speaking, and the experience piles up fast. Now, I don't have the 30 million credits it will take to actually outfit the boat, but that'll come eventually.
  4. Tigerspook

    Sovetsky Soyuz, first impressions

    Looks like RNG is not hating on me as bad. I've been doing overall better again. I've had a few 100k games now, one was at 146k. That's good for me. And some first place finishes too. I don't know what I have been doing differently, but one can play passively and stay back, kinda assertive, and berserkly aggressive. This ship is relatively ineffective in the first case - you can get 60k games by sniping and being opportunistic. In the latter case, you just get destroyed by being focused. But there's a sweet spot, "kinda assertive" where you take what you're given, and no more. Then the Soyuz is pretty pushy and the citadels start happening. Highlight lately was when a Takao emerged from behind at Island at 4km. I was waiting. As I shot, an allied Mogador passed between us. I shot the crap out of him, lol, and the Takao finished him instantly thereafter. The Takao survived with only one citadel being delivered. I wonder if a shell that hit the Mogador went on to citadel the Takao :-D. That game was 146k, a win, first place, and I turned pink.
  5. The tier 8 North Carolina washes away the previous sins. But the fact is, I like the tier 7 Colorado too. It is a monster once it gets to where is needs to be. :-D I have played all the BBs up to tier 8 at least. I like them all. I play the British Monarch less, but if you use its insane concealment as a weapon, fun will be had. Surprise!!
  6. Tigerspook

    When is WG going to fix shells falling short?

    I independently came to the conclusion shells were hitting low. Then I see this thread. Yeah, it's a thing. I try to aim high now to compensate.
  7. Tigerspook

    So someone in battle told me.........

    When subs are introduced, I'll stop playing. I am already getting torped by DDs I cannot see and planes I cannot stop. The last thing I want to fight are invisible DDs with homing torpedoes that bypass armor. #enough
  8. I'm late to this party, but I've been playing Soviet BBs lately. The Vladivostok was ok, you are both powerful and weak - you want team members clearing your sides. Otherwise you stay on the outskirts. The Soyuz is a competent tier 9 and not OP. Very undependable rifles make it hard to get the job done. Angle or die, the thing is relatively easy to citadel. It cannot reliably fight tier 8 BBs like the NC that nose-in on it and charge. You have to keep moving in this boat. It also burns like a match, even with FP. That being said, I never feel outclassed by any tier 9 except the painfully OP Jean Bart.
  9. Tigerspook

    Container availability

    When (if ever) will Shipbuilding and Resolute and Rapid containers be available in the armory?
  10. Tigerspook

    Sovetsky Soyuz, first impressions

    Starting to reconsider, especially after the recent cruiser armor buffs. Soyuz is performing poorly. It has inconsistent guns, one is lucky to get a pen per salvo at 12km. Now the shells are bouncing off any cruiser with half a brain. Average damage on the ship is way down. Bad dispersion + tanky targets = low score.
  11. Tigerspook

    Is the Bismarck good for anything?

    I can't make the Bismarck do anything. It's my most played BB, and among the worst performing. I can expect to average 40k with it. There's always a HE cruiser melting it, or a higher level BB tearing chunks of it off. Bismarck's return fire is inaccurate to say the least. I wanted to really like it, but I can't. I'd sell it if I didn't have a premium camo on it.
  12. A Jean Bart rekt me at close range. I didn't citadel him at point blank, flat broadside. Then my rear turrets bounced from his stern, point blank.
  13. The MM does not do this accidently. It cannot be random and perform this poorly.
  14. Tigerspook

    What's with the 32% winrate on Sundays?

    Don't think the MM is fair. It favors paying customers. That's why so many matches are total roflstomps. That's one reason paying customers have those win rates. If you're lower on the payment curve, you'll be placed on the weak team. You're supposed to lose.
  15. My scores all suck lately. Can't do anything with the Soyuz. Pens are hard to come by. Citadels... last night, I got 1 in 6 games, against all sorts of broadside CAs and BBs. RNG or armor changes with the last patch? Anyone else suffering?