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  1. Tigerspook

    Help me spec my Izmail captain

  2. Tigerspook

    Can't Citadel anyone with Izmail

    I shoot AP unless the target is a tier VIII BB. I get plenty of citadels, esp against cruisers. It is a terrifying ship. However, if you show broadside it is over.
  3. Tigerspook

    New Mexico (8/2019)

    Update. I "spaded" the New Mex in 16 matches, using only camo - no signals. Unfortunately my win percentage is only 30%. So far I rate it a very dependable ship.
  4. Tigerspook

    New Mexico (8/2019)

  5. Tigerspook

    New Mexico (8/2019)

    I started the New Mexico last night. I first learned, to my horror, it has the good old "standard" US BB speed, about 20 kts depending on your upgrades. It has 12x 14" guns. That diameter is falling behind the norm for the tier, I think. But there are 12, and that's a lot of hits. I took it out twice, sans upgrades or modifications, and with an untrained captain. It did ok, considering. To be honest, I could not distinguish it from the NY. Hopefully some magic will happen as I develop it. I look forward to learning its guns. Any suggestions on modifications?
  6. Tigerspook

    New York (8/2019)

    I finished the NY last night. Didn't take long. My overall impression is that it is a reliable boat. I don't think it excels at anything but does everything well enough. 2 dings - the speed and the turret traverse. The traverse was a problem in more than one match. Be prepared to get the appropriate 2-point captain skill and/or also the modification that improves traversal. Otherwise you'll find yourself unable to take shots when you need to, or forced to maneuver away from battle to avoid giving broadside. It does not return to the battle very well. Of course with more careful play one can plan for the traverse speed, but this means being (effectively) even slower. Pytor Velikiy and Okt Rev will absolutely crush the NY without much issue. Avoid them or bring friends. Oh, I researched the New Mexico in 36 battles, running no signals (I'm out!) and sometimes, no camo. It wasn't much of a grind.
  7. Tigerspook

    New York (8/2019)

    Status. NY 'spaded' in 8 matches, while spending no free XP on it. Quite tolerable. Now I continue to my goal, the New Mex. I offer the following observations: 1. The NY is too slow for big maps. There have been multiple matches where I started farther away than my teammates, and by the time I got into the battle, it was already won or lost. That's with me sailing full speed. It just takes a couple of crackshots popping the 'wrong' targets and NY remains in a desert. 2. Turret traverse is glacial. This last match I helplessly watched a red Emile B shoot at me... it had 39 HPs remaining. The turrets took so long to traverse it was long gone. I had two chances and never got a shot. My last game might be abnormal, but I caused all of 3800 points of damage... and won the Dreadnaught award. I was being hit by things my guns were not pointing at, most of which I never saw, and focused by a CV. Finally, I just capped B since I could target anything, lol. Still a pretty fun ship. I have a 96k game in it. Just depends on how the ships are distributed when the game starts.
  8. Coming up short against New Mex is what inspired me to set aside my mid-tier Japanese, German, and Russian BBs to work through the US line to the NM.
  9. Tigerspook

    New York (8/2019)

    yeah, but there's also a module that increases the range to 18km. Does this ship need a 21km range? Will it hit anything at all at that range?
  10. Tigerspook

    New York (8/2019)

    I bought the New York last night, late, and played one game. 4 point captain. The first match was a very entertaining. It was a Tier V match. I finished with a 66k win with a dev strike, first blood, 3 citadels, and 4 sinks. I was 2nd place on team. I am usually in the middle so it was a nice change. My NY is totally stock (I am not spending free exp on tier 3, 4, or 5 BBs). The guns are good; they shoot roughly where they should. The speed is poor, so don't get into a bad spot. The B-hull swaps secondaries for AA, so I think a secondary build is a non-starter. A question for you. For the third upgrade I have 4 choices: 1. Main Battery Upgrade 2 (quicker traverse, slightly slower load) 2. Secondary Battery Mod 1 (what you think) 3. AA guns mod 1 (what you think) 4. artillery plotting room 1 (+16% gun range) I don't think the secondary mod is helpful given the B hull removes a lot of secondaries. the other three, however, are interesting. I'm going to play more matches before I decide. But MBU2 plus the AR Captain skill would be a nice thing. I am seeing plenty of carriers at this tier, and so using AA Guns Mod 1 to encourage them to find other targets might be worthwhile. Finally, what's not to like about shooting further? Especially when uptiered. Right now I am leaning toward MBU2 and AA. Opinions please!
  11. Tigerspook

    Wyoming (8/2019)

    I am working through the US BB line now. I just finished the Wyoming. My impression is that it is a brutal CA-killer but not very effective against other BBs, even other Wyomings. Kaiser will spank it all day long. The reason is that the guns aren't individually accurate. They're individually awful, in fact. But there are twelve of them. Probability says there is a good chance a few of those are going to land in the right place. And a few do. Usually. It only takes one citadel to take the fight out of a cruiser. Then they go defensive and probably die to a Kill Securer before your next salvo. This is fine of course. If you are not a good shot, the craziness of the guns can work in your favor. Like the Fuso or Izmail, the things a shotgun. I finished the Wyoming last night. Unfortunately, I never citadelled a BB in the entire time. Plenty of pens, but no knock-down. In return, tier IV peers punched right through my citadel on multiple occasions. Kaiser was the most dangerous tier IV foe; its turtleback armor laughed at my 12" shells. Be prepared to switch to HE if you are fighting tier IV and V BBs. Burn them down. I got really good results doing this. One salvo lit three fires on one BB. That's good points. Anyway, I recommend the Wyoming. It is a great tier IV ship. Bully the cruisers with AP. Fade away and harass the BBs with HE. Oh, and if DDs get too close, introduce them to 12 HE salvos. It will make them note poor life choices.
  12. Tigerspook

    South Carolnia

    I enjoyed the South Carolina. I don't care to play at tier III, so I have kept moving up the BB line, but it was a pleasure.
  13. Tigerspook

    South Carolnia

    I got the South Carolina last night. I'm not a beginner, but I spent all my time in German, Russian, and Japanese BBs. I have heard nothing good about the Sou Car. However, it seems like it has received an upgrade. It has better dispersion than the German BBs I play (up through Bismarck). it is slow, but not that slow once upgraded. I have a 10 pt untrained captain in it. I played 3 or 4 games in it last night and pretty much tore the place up. I got a Kraken in the last game, finished my citadeling through the bow of a Langley as it rushed to ram.
  14. Just what the title says. I don't want to mess up an expensive ship. Here's what I am thinking for mods: Aux Arm mod 1 DCS mod 1 Aiming System mod 1 Steering Gears mod 2 <- FdG is a pig Conc System mod 1 Main Battery Mod 3 (quicker reloads and traverse... that IS a quicker traverse, right?) I have my 13 pt captain in the ship, with PM, EM, AR, SI, and AFT. (yeah the PM instead of PT is unfortunate but this was my first captain) Opinions please? German dispersion being what it is, I didn't see a point to extending the shooting range. But I do want to get the turrets on target sooner than later.
  15. Tigerspook

    Help me spec my Izmail captain

    yeah, sorry, I posted that in the wrong forum. Thank you, SI it is.