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  1. Nordlaender

    PTS 0.10.2

    This was the first time on the PTS that I suffered major in-battle freezing and stuttering of the screen or framerate. It happened in all 4 battles, and in all modes. The whole battle would freeze, and then suddenly speed up to where it would have been if there was no freezing. Very weird. Secondly, I felt the whole Portal battle thing was just downright boring. I would not grind that if it came out on the main server.
  2. Nordlaender

    Tier 9 Ships in Bronze League????  Really????

    I've always wanted to play a Team battle, but that mode has never appeared in the 2 1/2 years I've been playing. I don't know why. King of the Sea bored me to tears. If that is how you play this game, I have no interest in learning anything from KOTS, as it would be boring as all hell. I'll stick with the amateurs and have exciting games that actually interest me. I'll let you get back to your golf match now.
  3. Nordlaender

    Tier 9 Ships in Bronze League????  Really????

    CVs merely act as a counter balance to destroyers. Considering how many games you've played, you should know what happens in a six or seven ship game when one side loses both or its only destroyer. I can't count the number of times I've been asked to spot a DD destroying some BB, and it comes at my expense because I can't rack up some damage to pay for maintenance costs. It's just another form of Rock, Paper, Scissors, and by now I would think you would know that. Cruisers don't spot for anyone. Only DDs and CVs do. Also, I've had many ranked games where I was running for my life from a DD that came up behind me using Engine Boost, so it evens out, unless you want an easy victory by taking out the other side's DDs right at the start. CVs keep the game alive, which is why they probably should be allowed to play in Silver League as T8 CVs as well, come to think of it.
  4. Nordlaender

    Tier 9 Ships in Bronze League????  Really????

    I think you have a reading comprehension problem, and you're the hypocrite. Of course, you could just be lying about not understanding. A tier 9 ship is NEVER uptiered in Bronze League -- UNDERSTAND? -- a tier 10 ship is NEVER uptiered ANYWHERE!!!! UNDERSTAND? No Tier 8 player asked for Tier 7 players in Bronze League. Someone made that up. If you cannot understand the above, then no one can help you. A lot of Tier 8 players will not attempt to play in the Silver League and there is no LAW that says we must. This is some kind of fundamental misunderstanding amongst the elite gamers here. We don't all want to be riding around in T 10 ships or grinding for them. UNDERSTAND???? Which brings us to this: You claim that no one should prevent you from playing your Tier 10 ships or ruining your fun while doing it, yet you don't have a problem with ruining other player's attempts to play the ships they like to play by stomping on them with vastly superior ships. Why can't you just play your T 10 ships in the Silver, Gold, and Random battles... oh, and the ranked battles too? Or is that not enough for you? Would it really kill you if the Bronze League was only just for T 8 ships? I mean, you did claim to rank out in one. I'm sure you're a great player, but your piss poor attitude towards other players (munchkins?) shows how arrogant you are and also what a terrible sportsman you are.
  5. Nordlaender

    Tier 9 Ships in Bronze League????  Really????

    Yeah, you're right. Seems everyone wants to "embrace the challenge", as you put it. No one wants to be top tier because there is no challenge involved. The stats seem to prove you're right: Unless someone has a Mass or NC, it is pretty much all Tier 9 now except for the CVs. The point I was making is that with three leagues, there is no need to push out one Tier and make it an all Tier 9 or 10 fest again. The Pilot Season implied that the Bronze League would be for Tier 8 ships, and yes many of us like to play T 8 ships, and we have no need for Tier 7 ships to stomp on, as someone weirdly claimed. We would like to play against other Tier 8 ships, even the ones with massive AA like Mass and North Carolina. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to play T9 and T10 ships or not wanting to play against them just once in awhile (except in the eyes of the Tier 10 players of course). The fact that Tier 9 players are never uptiered in the Bronze League and Tier 10 players are never uptiered in the Silver or Gold League must mean that they don't want to "embrace the challenge", leaving the whole argument that "good players" want a challenge lying prostrate on its face.
  6. Nordlaender

    Tier 9 Ships in Bronze League????  Really????

    When I play a T8 in a Random, I accept that I will be uptiered. Always! But when a league is created for T 8 ships and another for T 9 ships, I really don't expect T 9 players to act like cry babies and demand that they be able to play T 9 ships in the Bronze League. Apparently, the T 9 and T 10 players are just not up for the "challenge". As usual.
  7. I can't believe that Tier 9 ships are now allowed to populate both the Bronze League and the Silver League (where they belong). Whose cornflakes did WG pee in? Is this some joke played on CV players? Friesland cannot even be approached by T 8 planes. Period. And it's not alone! Did the T 10 bunch who were losing too much decide they needed cannon fodder to pick on again so they could feel good about themselves? Who's going to bring a Bismarck into a T 9 match, which is what the Bronze League is now? Six T9's and one T8 CV. The only thing worse than power creep is clique creep.
  8. He's only showing us something that many of us never even knew. I played for over 2 years before I knew that I could select something else besides doubloons to reset captain skills. Why are you on his case? And why do you feel disadvantaged because you have 30 high ranking captains?
  9. Nordlaender

    What's up with Twitch drops?

    Well, that was many months ago for one thing. Plus, I didn't "interact" with Twitch. I turned on my iPad and left it running while I played WoW or did almost anything else, but I've not payed much attention to it lately. The containers do not contain much of anything anymore. I agree. I tried watching some of the WoW stuff, but it was just flat out boring. Island hugging ships with slow, rolling tides of 20 km torps inching their way across the board. Just sleep inducing. It's way more fun to play with "amateurs" who are not afraid of taking some damage or losing their ship in order to have a fun and engaging game. I intend to disconnect anyway. I'm done with Twitch. I don't even know what it's for.
  10. Nordlaender

    What's up with Twitch drops?

    This is true. This is not, but it doesn't matter. I logged out of the game client twice and waited a few hours and nothing happened after I returned to port. At least one section of Twitch admits the truth: This was before they changed things, and I didn't receive a container 10 days ago. They want everyone to spend time digging around in the endless files of Twitch rather than do something else, like... play World of Warships. I'll wait a few days and see if anything happens. If nothing, then I will unlink my WG account from Twitch, delete my Twitch account, and then uninstall Twitch from my laptop. I'm sure I'll get a thank you note from my graphics card.
  11. Nordlaender

    What's up with Twitch drops?

    My game client is running constantly in the background, so I don't know why I did not receive what they offered me. I have nothing from Twitch. This is a result of the Twitch's marketing department. Their fingerprints are all over this. The old way worked fine, but that left their marketing department with nothing to do, so they "create" work for themselves by claiming that the old system is flawed and they have developed an improvement. Notice what they announced: it is hoped that users will interact more with Twitch by using this system. That's straight from the marketing department. I have no interest in interacting more with Twitch than I already have. I'm not about to file a ticket since that is the same as having the bird flipped at me. I will start my game now and see if anything has appeared, and I will even check my little notification box, just like I did many times before over the past few days. If nothing is there, then I will take the appropriate action.
  12. Nordlaender

    What's up with Twitch drops?

    I saw progress bars and even "Claim" buttons, which I pressed, but neither the container nor the Twitch mission I claimed in the last few days showed up in my port or battle screen. I wasted hours watching really boring gameplay. There are no more drops, and the old way was much better. None of these have appeared in my game. This is just a means of wasting our time now.
  13. Nordlaender

    Savage Nerf of German Secondary Guns Not Funny

    This essay is pretty long even by my own standards, and I read a lot. If your point is that G.K should have extended secondaries to deal with the reality of Tier 10 play, then I absolutely agree. Those matches are boring. I would extend it out to 18 km at least, maybe 20 km. Get some excitement into the battle. However, one of my main ideas to stop the back line sniper game would be to allow points to start accruing as soon as a ship enters a cap zone, and at a fast pace too, thus forcing the game to center more around the actual cap zones, which is supposed to be the goal of the game. King of the Sea Tournament games simply ignored them entirely. WG didn't learn anything from that (as usual).
  14. Nordlaender

    Carriers Nerfed?

    Yes, that was the goal. I’ve experienced the same thing. I can’t get the same damage as before because of the removal of Torpedo Acceleration. Hitting T10 and T9 ships with 30 or 35 knot torps is damn near impossible, unless they’re camping, and then they just turn on massive AA. I’ve been reduced to mostly to 30k to 50k games now, although I had fun with Graf Zeppelin in ranked. Most nerfs to CVs are done secretly, but we notice them.
  15. Nordlaender

    Open letter to War gaming

    Yes, exactly. This is for me the first computer game I have ever experienced where each patch creates more problems than it solves, if it solves any. The only thing I can compare it to, along with the general attitude of WG, is Windows updates.