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  1. Nordlaender

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Round 1 - The Dockyard

    Just wanted to let people know that today I finally received the rewards on my main account for testing round one and two of the Dockyard. Everyone who played that should check for their rewards now. I think it has been a month since round one of the dockyard, or at least it seems that way. Glad I finally got something for completing the missions.
  2. Thanks for posting that morgate! I really wish I had been chosen to be a super tester so that I could put more input into how the submarines should be played, but I was turned down. At least there will be a third round that during which I may get a chance to test them again and see if they made the necessary improvements so that they are real threats to other ships and not just there to be deleted like planes.
  3. Nordlaender

    Public Test of Update 0.8.11: Round 2

    The sub test server is separate from the Public Test server. Unless you are a super tester, you only have access to the test servers during short periods of time that they announce ahead of time — usually just 4 days on the Public Server, but maybe a week on the sub test server. Beforehand, you must set-up the Public Test server on your hard drive. Sounds like you have already done that, but you must also keep it up to date. You can only access it during the 3-4 day test periods they have every month or so. You must invited to test subs. I just got rejected as a super tester by email. I wanted to test more ships and also do the missions since I would have more time to finish them with full time access. Maybe next time they will take me or perhaps never. Who knows? Read the news articles because that is where you will find the dates for next test periods on the test servers. It’ll be buried inside the article somewhere.
  4. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    When the Puerto Rico was taken from me each time in during the Public Test of the dockyard and building it, and knowing the fact afterwards that buried deep inside the announcement of the dockyard was a line that said you would not actually get the Puerto Rico in your port, I knew then that this would be a another gold coin premium ship, but I had no idea how much WG would demand in doubloons for this ship. It is truly breathtaking as to what they expect this Christmas. Of course, I will not be building it again. I don't even have an interest in it. It would be neat if a clan's fully completed shipyard could be used to build ships for players if they complete a series of missions over a several month period. I would imagine these could be tech tree ships that someone could not afford all at once and could thereby could get if they earned it. Something like that would be interesting. You could also see which ship each clan member is building, but non clan members could not see what ships your clan is building. (Secret ships in violation of the Treaty of Washington, perhaps? Add a little mystic to the game?)
  5. A Tweet? What is that? Why would they not just announce it on this forum or in their news section? They said to watch this forum for news about the next round. If the "tweet" is true, then it will be during the shipbuilding contest. I know what I will be doing. I will be testing submarines all week and to hell with the Puerto Rico. I don't like it when they have several events at the same time, but I have learned to let go of some just so I can participate in the one or two I like the most. Looking forward to a week of submarines!
  6. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Not sure what you mean by this, but theoretically, planes can stay in the air for 20 minutes -- the whole game. They can just fly off to a corner and circle there. Same with a ship that doesn't want to play -- just go to the corner and hide, but if it HAD to refuel after 4 minutes, then it would need to go back to the spawn zone and dock there to refuel, making it a perfect target for a CV's planes circling above the refueling zone. Forcing a sub to surface at the wrong time in the wrong place consistently renders it useless. If a sub chose to stay underwater the whole game, it would achieve nothing. It would get no credits, no XP, no achievements, nothing. It has to surface to cap a zone or rise to periscope depth to spot other ships, or use maximum surface power to move to a new area, so it will be a target the whole game, even underwater as DDs drop depth charges on it. No ship, plane, or sub should have to "refuel" during the game. It's a game!
  7. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Exactly, which is why I think that only attack planes should be allowed to see DDs. The other type of bombers were way up in the clouds on their way to attack a capital ship or the opposing CV if it had been found. They were looking for large ships or even entire carrier squadrons, not a tiny DD. In this game, I view the attack planes as a substitute for fighters that would strafe enemy ships to reduce their AA crews before the bombers arrived. This was a common tactic used by the US and maybe also Japan. If only spotting planes and attack planes could see DDs, the game would allow DDs to survive longer and actually engage in attacks on other ships without everyone knowing it.
  8. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    I do play torp DDs, and maybe I am wrong about this change. I don't know. Even with the Mod, the hydro only works for 2 minutes, so... I could be wrong. I find that is it is harder to hit ships with torps now, so maybe this was not a good idea. I guess I will find out soon enough.
  9. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    I actually don't have a problem with this. It is limited to 5 km or a little further, so it is not a major threat to DDs and it gives a BB a chance to dodge some torps. I'm ok with that. What I'm not ok with is Radar. It destroys the ability of DDs entirely, and lights them up for everyone to shoot at them and DDs cannot survive these massive HE spam storms. I believe only the ship with Radar should be allowed to see the ship it radars. That would be more balanced and give DDs a chance to escape. Their location to others would should just be a blip on the battle map down in the corner.
  10. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    I totally agree with this. I can't wait until submarines are available because that is what I want to play after testing them for 6 days straight. I loved the underwater environment and the effect of stealth and surprise -- BB players hate this, but it is part of naval battle, so stop moaning about it and just play -- that was or could be made possible by this if they get rid of the O2 refueling requirement, which is idiotic in a 20 minute battle.
  11. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    I didn't see that in the list of changes, but if it is true, then that is just more bad news for those of us who still persevere as DD players. How low will they nerf us? We spend most of the battle fighting the other nerfed ship: the CV. The game is becoming a battleship/cruiser game and it is not nearly as fun as it was a year ago. I play both DDs and CVs, and as a CV player, I am constantly called upon to find and kill the enemy DDs, but this does not produce enough damage to make it worth my while. I can actually lose credits in Co-op battles because of the lack of targets and the idiotic "mercy rule". The same rule destroys my damage opportunities as a DD player by stopping the game right when I launch torps at a BB at point blank range. What the hell? Why? It is idiotic. This is not little league baseball, as some people have used as an example to support the mercy rule. This is a wargame, and all ships should be allowed to finish off the enemy so they can practice and gain more credits for their efforts. The latest update should have removed the mercy rule entirely. The update should also have given CVs more power and ability to do real damage to capital ships and not have entire squadrons wiped out by a single ship like Flint or Atlanta. If they allow that kind of massive AA that destroys most or all of the squadron, then any remaining planes should have the chance to attack the target all at once and not in tiny waves of two or three planes. This is actually essential given the massive upgrading of AA on all ships. Any CV below tier ten has no chance of getting an achievement for anything because of the tiny amounts of damage inflicted by a single wave of planes. This needs to be fixed.
  12. Nordlaender

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    Will there be a half off sale on permanent camos this year? Why can't they have a 50 Ship XP to 50 Free XP points conversion sale once a year? I would love to see that! Otherwise, I'm happy with the news that German Battleships will no longer be firing musket balls! (Still holding my breath, though.)
  13. Nordlaender

    Public Test of Update 0.8.11: Round 2

    Yes, exactly. If you follow their missions and other junk, like building a phantom ship, you don't get to test individual ships that you yourself don't have but might want to have. That's why I advise people to skip the missions and instead work with a ship that they don't know or might be interested in. That can save you a lot of grief down the road if it turns out the ship in question does not work as well as you thought or does not fit your playstyle. It also helps to get to know the ships you fight against, but will never actually research and buy. You can see their modules and consumables and then realize why they can do what they do in-game. I tested Edinburgh just to get the steel or coal and found that it was an amazing cruiser that responded more like a destroyer rather than a tugboat, so I may actually grind the RN cruiser line just to get that ship. I'm not a good cruiser player, but with that ship, I might be ok. Test ships!!!!!!
  14. Well, today we got another update to the Test Server for the submarines. I think it is probably something that the "alpha" testers approved of and have put into the main public test server. I thought they might shove out subs as a Christmas event, but it seems more and more unlikely. They still could do it, but I think they also might do another April Fool's Day thing on us where they release the submarine event on April first like they did with the CV reworked carriers. I am very pro submarine for this game, but I want the subs to be different from surface ships just as planes are. They are underwater threats that can be countered by depth charges, just as planes are annihilated by massive AA flak storms. Today, for the first time since the rework, I actually ran out of planes. Entire squadrons had been wiped out again and again. I wished they had just spent one week allowing players to test the subs without the O2 limitation just to see what would have happened, but they didn't. I don't know why. That was the most logical next step after hearing all of the feedback from those who tested the subs. That, and the ability of subs to dive below 90 meters to avoid damage from depth charges and disappear from hydro (thus allowing them a chance to escape, just like planes zip up into the stratosphere after the first bombing run to avoid flak and return to the carrier).
  15. Nordlaender

    Where did MY PR GO?

    Really? You sure about that? I saw a completely different set of directives, missions, and ranked battles on the test server. Maybe you should pay closer attention. My point has always been that it was deceptive of WG to place such an announcement deep inside a long article when they could have placed it right at the beginning (it’s called honesty), or have a pop-up in the port area, like they do on the main server. It’s not hard. It’s supposed to mimic the main server, right? They do it all the time on the main server, even if you’ve already read the article. Instead, they chose to confuse a lot of people, as you can see from all the posts about it.