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  1. Uh... wow. Just checked out the PTS. Hundreds of meaningless paint-jobs available to me. Is that even necessary? Why not just give us some crayons to decorate our ship right before we go into battle?
  2. I'm not sure what this video is about, but it surprises me that it took 7 torps to kill what I think was a DD. What DD at T10 has that much HP? Or are the torps from the Swedish DD low damage? I still don't understand why you would get less damage on an Isokaze than a higher tier ship. That just makes all the numbers WG puts out completely meaningless unless you plan to do an in-depth study of torp damage per tier per boat per whatever. Most people don't have time for that.
  3. Yeah, I know, but I have never survived a torpedo hit amidships as a DD from any other ship in this game, except from an aerial torpedo. If two aerial torps hit a DD amidships, that should be enough since it seems to be enough for regular single torpedoes and that's where the DD citadel is. Spam the add button! Ok, thanks very much for that info. I never thought of that. Wow. Now I can do more tests in less time, but with this new info, I'm not too sure I need to. There are still other tests I need to do though, so this will help. Thanks!
  4. Ok, right. I must have read that sometime in the past year. So, it's 10% and then all-out once the gun is gone. Thanks. Omg. You know, this is the most precise explanation of damage I've read, but it seems that I, and probably most players, would not be all that interested in splash damage and "bleed" damage (first time I've heard that one -- "Oh crap! The AA gun just fell overboard! The ship's hemorrhaging HP!"). For me, it's just easier to know the maximum damage a torp or shell can do to the ship itself and leave all the other stuff to WG's supercomputer to figure out as long as I know that explosions and shell hits will damage modules. Beyond that, I really don't need to know the exact numbers. Just knowing is enough, and seeing that when it doesn't happen, there might be a problem to report. It's easier for me to know that the maximum torp damage from Ryujo is 12 grand or less and not 13 thousand. It's just much simpler. This doesn't make much sense to me and it seems that destroyers are protected from aerial torpedoes in a way that they are not protected from regular torpedoes launched by ships. That is unfair. A double aerial torp hit on a lower tier DD should blow it away, not do less damage to it. That's just a way of taking away the Devastating Strike achievement from CVs and making it harder or impossible to stop them from doing drive-by's on you in Randoms and in Operations, but thanks for that info. Now I know what WG is doing. Thank you so much for letting me know this. I still have not figured it out. The "Add Ship" option does not appear again under the first ship you select, so I'm not exactly sure how to get more ships into the Training room along with my single test ship. I guess I'll keep trying. Thanks!
  5. One more question: How are you doing these tests against so many ships? Does the training room allow for there to be more ships than yours in it? That would have saved me a lot time and effort if I knew how to do that, but I can't seem to make it work that way.
  6. Ok, so... the extra damage that is hidden is actually applied to modules (secondary guns, AA guns, engine, etc.), and this does not count against a ship's total HP value. I can grasp that, but I also seem to remember that hitting a main gun turret counted against a ship's HP total. Does it? Example: I fire an HE round from a BB and hit another BB's main gun turret for 1,000 HP damage. Does this damage count against the ship or only against the main gun turret? Another question would be: Since the superstructure of a ship is a jumble of modules, especially on a BB, would you have to miss all of those modules to inflict actual damage on the ship's HP itself? Finally, why is it that my aerial torpedoes do less damage against a DD than against a BB? Most torpedo hits amidships on a DD would cut it in half, but aerial torpedoes don't seem to do much damage to them as compared to a cruiser or a battleship. This does not make sense to me. Thanks very much for your response and helping me understand what is going on here.
  7. After more testing in the Training Room, it appears that WG has overstated Hosho's maximum torpedo damage by about 600 HP. This is pretty significant for a Tier 4 aircraft carrier that can now only drop one torp at a time while its other 5 planes are being shot down from too much circling. The maximum that I was able to obtain using a variety of skills, etc, was 5,220 amidships on a Tenryu. The majority of hits were about 4 grand on the bow or stern and about 5 grand amidships. This is an obvious error and was done to promote the idea that Hosho would get more torp damage after having its double torpedo attack squadron taken away. It does not get more damage and certainly not anything near 5,800 HP. This "bug" needs to be corrected and moved down to at least 5,250 maximum damage, or the real damage of Hosho's torpedoes needs to be raised to meet the new 5,800 limit that was supposed to help it overcome the loss of a better torpedo squadron. Thanks.
  8. Dear WG, Please fix the special captains of the Dunkirk and Jutland series. Their special abilities have been relegated to the most insignificant skills imaginable. The Jutland captains had enhanced skills for Vigilance and Jack of all Trades. It seems only fair that they should get at least a 5% enhanced skill for the one point BB skill that reduces the Repair Party and Damage Control Party reload time. That's just a tiny fraction of what they once had. They should also get the same kind of skill on all other ship types, and not some paltry 1% addition to something weird. That's just wrong. Secondly, the Dunkirk captains, one of which you had to win, had three really good 2 point skills. These should translate into the same skill as the Jutland captains and also the Grease the Wheels (already done) skill or something similar on other ship types (reduced rudder plane shift time for subs, -10% aircraft restoration time for CVs), etc. etc. The 2.5% addition to a skill that your ship may or may not have is stupid and insignificant. The French and Pan Asian special captains retained their special skills to some extent, so the Jutland and Dunkirk captains need the same consideration. Thank you.
  9. Man, there's really nothing like a one point captain skill that "may be activated"... or maybe not! Roll the dice! Everything is now a gamble. Soon, modules and signal flags will also come with their own "maybe" conditions. Did WG go down to the horse track and hire some bookies to develop this game? How many millions of dollars were spent on decorating the sea floor? (Great job, btw, but Jacques Cousteau did a better job.) Really man, there's nothing like getting paid handsomely for recycling the same sub mechanics from Round 2 of testing back in 2019. Oxygen Meter Dive Capacity Emergency Blow Dive Depletion Etc, etc, etc. Etc, etc, etc. Back to the future: From Fall of 2019 -- or is it from 2021? Who really knows? In WoW, it's all relative.
  10. This is the most damage I have ever gotten from a single torp hit with Ryujo: That's the maximum I ever got, so it is 29 points below 6,000 HP damage. The real limit for Ryujo is 6 k damage.
  11. I have to say I never expected to attract the attention of Little White Mouse, so... something must be up here.
  12. That's all well and good, but it does not happen in the real world (of World of Warships). I think they need to be more realistic about what the REAL damage limit is. For Ryujo, it would be 6,000 HP damage -- tops (rounded up).
  13. I did hundreds of tests in the Training room on all kinds of ships from Tier 2 to Tier 10, and not one torp hit ever reached 6,000 HP damage. This is just based on my experience over the past two years and then noticing that the max torp damage was set at 6,500, which I never got under ANY circumstances in ANY type of battle mode. So...?
  14. I know. But they must have torpedo protection for that. Light cruisers don't have that, so that's where you get 5,900-seventy something damage. If ALL ships have torp reduction, then the max number is a fantasy number that does not belong in the game. It should be changed to 6,000 HP. (That's also a fantasy number, but I'm fine with rounding it up 25 hp.)
  15. After playing Ryujo for two years now, I can definitely say that the maximum torpedo damage of 6,500 HP is totally incorrect. This needs to be fixed. The absolute maximum torpedo damage on ANY ship in the game is 6,000 HP (rounded off). The actual maximum for Ryujo is 5,97... something. The absolute maximum torpedo damage for Furious is 4,500 HP. This does not count detonations, which could be as high as 60,000 HP damage. Why would WG list Ryujo's max torp damage at 6,500 HP when it knows that it cannot go above 6k on ANY ship in the game? Is this a bug?