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    PSA: Azur Lane packages on Premium Shop now

    Coming from a reddit post of some poor sap, it seems they're not compensated. RIP this dude
  2. Eilonwy

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I feel like comparing the animation to shows like 2199 and 2202 is a bit much. Space Battleship Yamato holds a special cultural significance that necessitates a higher quality, whereas Kancolle was new to the scene and something of a fad. There's also the matter of the artistic styles being a bit different, and in Yamato it's trying to be reminiscent of the original. I couldn't stomach the KC anime to finish it so I'm not really sure how good or bad it ended up, but I just think it would be better to compare it to other general releases at the time, not something like 2199. More on topic note: I just finished downloading Azur Lane, only to find out it's down for maintenance, haha. I look forward to giving it a whirl since I never got to try out KC.