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  1. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Where have the camouflages gone in the premium shop?

    I agree OP. WG usually sells bundles of 100 or 200 anytime a new camouflage is released. I'd figured the new European camo would be in the Premium Shop. I missed being able to buy 200 Happy Pi Day camos this year. I wonder if the Stars & Stripes camo will be a no-show on July 4th, also?
  2. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    new ship after sinking orginal

    You won't have access to that ship, nor its captain until that previous game concludes.
  3. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    How did you come up with you account name ?

    Working a lonely night shift many years ago, a co-worker surprised me about 4 in the morning by showing up to chat, and he brought me a cup of coffee. He said may face lit up (at seeing a fresh cup of coffee, naturally!) so much he thought my foot was going to start thumping...like Thumper the rabbit. He nicknamed me right there, and it's stuck for almost 30 years. The D702 is just my employee number.
  4. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    No Pi Day camo? Booooo

    It didn't happen this year. I too was ready to buy a few hundred, to get me through the year. WG lost a huge sales opportunity.
  5. What's really sad is the OP started this thread talking about bundles for European dd's. The thread has devolved into a discussion that includes $10,000 toilet paper. Maybe it's time to get back on topic, and something remotely related to WoWs?
  6. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Happy Pi Day...apparently not.

    I guess WG isn't offering Pi Day camos for sale this year.
  7. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Is there a way to track oil transactions in a Clan?

    The Commander should demote any of his suspect XO's, and make them recruiters. Our clan has only ever had a max of 3 XO's and approximately 8 recruiters, and that works for us.
  8. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    how is the cheshire?

    Fun in co-op
  9. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Don't miss out on Jean Bart

    Watch some of the professionals playing her on YouTube. That'll give you an idea if she appeals to your play style. As a co-op main, I love JB, built as a secondary-build.
  10. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Now that Femennenly has left WG..

    I attended Anchors Away on USS Iowa last November. Of the WoWs staff present, Fem was by far the most engaging with the audience, and brought the most energy. She'll be hard to replace.
  11. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Epic troll by epic whiner?

    +1. It's tacky to use an avatar you know is already being used by another member. But, every member here could opt for the exact same one...wouldn't that be an odd sight.
  12. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Mercy Rule Tweak

    Bot ships don't run to the edge of the map and hide. As such, co-op games should not end until all red ships are sunk, regardless of points.
  13. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Jean Bart Removed... What's Going 2 Replace Her?

    Valid points, but we know that WG loves to make money. North American players would buy those ships as Premiums, no matter how similar to the 3 you mentioned.
  14. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    3rd set of directives

    Don't discount secondary-build Alsace for getting your hits...I believe they fire at 2.1 seconds, much like FDG.
  15. Your_Mother_WasA_Hamster

    Jean Bart Removed... What's Going 2 Replace Her?

    Maybe we'll finally get New Jersey or Wisconsin...with some play-style a little different from Iowa and Mo?