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  1. ThumperD702

    Mercy Rule Tweak

    Bot ships don't run to the edge of the map and hide. As such, co-op games should not end until all red ships are sunk, regardless of points.
  2. Valid points, but we know that WG loves to make money. North American players would buy those ships as Premiums, no matter how similar to the 3 you mentioned.
  3. ThumperD702

    3rd set of directives

    Don't discount secondary-build Alsace for getting your hits...I believe they fire at 2.1 seconds, much like FDG.
  4. Maybe we'll finally get New Jersey or Wisconsin...with some play-style a little different from Iowa and Mo?
  5. ThumperD702

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    This is pretty much the look I get from Rocky when I inform her she's standing on my keyboard, interrupting my game.
  6. ThumperD702

    My Smolensk is out of lighter fluid

    So, that accounts for the first 20 seconds of the game...what happened after that??
  7. ThumperD702

    WG'S $100 LOSS times ?

    But, wouldn't you agree that it is "dumb" of WG to totally exclude the players who already have both ships, who would have bought the bundle just for the extra doubloon compensation? IMHO WarGaming totally missed an opportunity here, by being stingy.
  8. ThumperD702

    WG'S $100 LOSS times ?

    It's one thing for WG to crack down on doubloon compensation, but as the OP correctly pointed out, with this ahem, "sale" if you already have the ships you don't get anything...no doubloons, no credits, no Papa Papa signals, not even a flag that says, "I shopped at the Premium Shop and all I got was this lousy flag!"
  9. ThumperD702

    Commander Respec ended?

    Play one Clan Battle between January 22 and February 5 to redistribute Commander skill points for free.
  10. ThumperD702

    ARP ship missions NOT PAYING

    You'd think, after all these years, that "Credits Added" and other (important) notifications could be added to our notifications tabs. After all, I have a notification of every single captain, signal, and camouflage (unimportant) I've moved/added to a ship, fer cryin' out loud.
  11. ThumperD702

    Smolensk or Thunderer

    Smolensk is going the way of Belfast and Kutuzov. You really have to ask??
  12. ThumperD702

    Double drop same ship question

    OP--I got Hawkins and Devonshire in British Token crates, after I'd already received both 3 weeks ago, when I bought doubloon crates. I received credit compensation for both ships, and both of their permanent camos.
  13. ThumperD702

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    When do the T9 and T10 join the Tech Tree?
  14. ThumperD702

    Sooooo how to explain this to some people

    If they don't understand how the Wooster works, then you'll just be wasting your breath trying to explain it.
  15. ThumperD702

    How to guarantee a loss...

    That "lemming train" turned into a "death ball."