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  1. ThumperD702

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    Exactly this. As soon as I saw Wichita was available I quickly checked its stats, decided it was good enough for my interests, and then bought it. As you allude to, I never solicited the opinions of, nor validation from random internet users prior to deciding how to spend my money/play my game.
  2. ThumperD702

    Fleet Tactics Friday - The Cruisers

    Already bought Wichita. Gudbote IMHO (only 2 games so far.) I now have a Premium US cruiser at T8 that I can swap my 19pt Des Moines captain into, for a little variety. Use my cruisers to try to kill enemy DD's, then assist BB's by lighting fires on enemy BB's.
  3. We also refer to something transported by a truck/vehicle to be a "shipment", but something transported by ship is called "car-go".
  4. I actually like FDG, and play her him (German bote) quite often. Her His secondaries are amazing, and he's got a 26-second reload with the optional smaller main guns. p.s.--I'll never sell Bismarck. Fun bote to play. Note: I often forget that Germans refer to their ships in the masculine, instead of feminine.
  5. ThumperD702

    Jean Bart?

    My highest-ever score (co-op guy) was in my JB, just a few days after I'd bought her. She's a good brawler...don't let her gun arrangement fool you. I bought mine with coal, steel (some people say that was a mortal sin!) and a coupon. Zero regrets. Love the bote!
  6. ThumperD702

    Premium Ships

    You forgot to tell him about those powerfully-armored sidewalls on the ship!! Always, always keep those robust broadsides showing to enemy bb's!
  7. ThumperD702

    Grind Goals for the Year

    I've got some Russian captains in reserve, so in preparation for the upcoming Russian bb's, my main goal is to start throwing Elite Captain XP on at least one of them, until he has at least 14 points. That means grinding where I already have 19-pt captains...all the other bb lines.
  8. ThumperD702

    free Capt respecs, how about moving?

    I've moved at least 6 captains to other ships in the last few days. No doubloons, no charge for "retraining."
  9. ThumperD702

    My first super container in the new update.

    So.......what was in it?
  10. If you enjoy your Tirpitz for the way it can brawl, and dish out secondaries shells also, then look at Mass as your next T8 Premium bb.
  11. ThumperD702

    Free Respec ends Friday morning

    Agreed. They need to keep it open. I'm a co-op only guy, and none of my captains are currently spec'd for any AA specialties. There's no need for it right now (no bot cv's in co-op), so I'm utilizing their points elsewhere.
  12. ThumperD702

    Free Respec ends Friday morning

    Remember...Santa boxes disappeared a couple of days before they were reportedly supposed to. I got all my captains done tonight...just in case.
  13. +1. No kidding...I know I spent enough money on Santa Gifts to keep the lights on for a while at WG. Oh, and yup, GC was delivered by Santa.
  14. ThumperD702

    Watch your aim

    When playing my Tirpitz last night, I sent a salvo of torpedoes at the red Musashi I was battling, only then to see a friendly Richelieu b/t the two of us! Thank you for seeing my frantic "Richelieu TORPS!" in the chat box. He hit the brakes enough that all 4 torps went just in front of his bow, and into the red bote instead. So again, thank you...sorry I almost hit you, and I would have totally earned the pink had it come to that.
  15. Things could be worse. This game we love could have been made as "World of Soviet Warships." I'm just glad we have a ton of variety. A new ship popping-up every now and then--no matter what nation--keeps this game fun and interesting.