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  1. ThumperD702

    New US Premium Cruiser needs a name

    USS Betty White. 'Cause yeah...she's still got it.
  2. ThumperD702

    Black Friday

    MrConway and Crystanos were on the WoWs Twitch stream two days ago, and I asked in chat, "Will there be new Black Friday ships this year?" Crystanos answered my question with, "mayhaps (maybe/perhaps)!" My port is ready for four more glossy black & chrome ships!
  3. ThumperD702

    Why no bonus for buying doubloons in bulk?

    When buying doubloons, I go for the "Admiral's Bounty" in the Premium Shop; 12,500 doubloons + 30 days of Warships = $48. So, for $96, you're getting $100 worth of doubloons, plus 60 days of Warships Premium time.
  4. ThumperD702

    Any love for the Vanguard?

    Monarch, I hated. Vanguard, I don't hate her, but I always go for Mass, Tirpitz, or Bismarck long before I consider letting Vanguard out of her port. I just find there're better bb's at Tier8 to choose from.
  5. ThumperD702

    Nice coal Crate

    When I hit "More Resources," that's the roll I always hope to get. Nicely done sir. A nice, courteous, quiet golf clap to you.
  6. ThumperD702

    Black Friday Ships

    Well, I just asked MrConway & Crystanos (WoWs on Twitch) about Black Friday ships again this year, and their official answer was, "mayhaps (maybe/perhaps)."
  7. ThumperD702

    modern stuff

    I'd like a Arleigh Burke destroyer, please. I'm guessing it'd be in Tier 15 or 16.
  8. ThumperD702

    Black Friday Ships

    Well, they were all Tier8's (Asashio, Atago, Tirpitz, Massachusetts) (2- IJN, 1 KMS, 1 USN) so based on WG probably wanting to mix-up the nationalities, here's my guess: Le Terrible Wichita Lenin Vanguard
  9. ThumperD702

    An interesting idea

    So, a ship in smoke can't do anything, or see anything??
  10. The German dd's have hard-hitting AP shells, and long-range German hydro.
  11. T-61...so 5,400 doubloons. I'll take 'em!!
  12. ThumperD702

    wargaming did something good :o

    My clan is casual/non-competitive, but we too had fun playing the 3v3 (both T10 last night, and T7 two weeks ago.) Although we lost more than we won, the games were very quick, highly rewarding (XP, credits, coal, steel) and taught me a lot about positioning and patience.
  13. ThumperD702

    Viribus Unitus

    I think Directive 4 gives a Tier-6 ship.
  14. ThumperD702

    Question about Wichita

    I'm a Wichita fan. I play her almost exclusively, when my clan needs me to play a Tier-8 radar cruiser in Clan Battles. I simply drop my 19-pt Halsey (from my Des Moines) into her, and go to battle. At Tier-8, that 27mm bow is hard to beat.
  15. "I Need Intelligence!" Uh, there's no intelligence here...nice try though.