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  1. You do you, I'm just happy with the outcome, and appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into this. If you already have plans to eventually do cutesy christmas waifus (to replace the Santa Claus commanders) I can patiently wait for their arrival.
  2. Oh it was mainly an art suggestion. I was just curious if there were any plans of doing some custom commander art for the Santa Claus' commanders. No biggie if not, just thought it would be kinda neat. Wouldn't need any more lines I would think, unless ya wanted some x-mas themed lines to go with the commanders. I'm sure you've already thought of this though. Or it's already been suggested.
  3. Really like the project, was very easy to install. Was wondering if you all are taking suggestions and where to submit them.
  4. Pretty much the title. I was wondering today (after some especially rough matches) why this isn't already an option. Something we could toggle, to opt-in or out of. Simple as it sounds, turn it on, and it would allow quicker matchmaking via the current method of (up to) +2/-2 tier matches. Again, having the option ON would be for the current matchmaker. Turning the option OFF would allow for even/same tier matches ONLY, but at the cost of a longer wait time. Nothing else would change. This doesn't even have to be a "Oh let's enable this now" type of thing. I think WG could put it in as a test feature, run it for a month or two, and see what the data shows. If it the data shows that players are interested in the feature, then it stays permanently, if not, then it goes away. I see no direct downside to this feature, as it would basically stop the downtier 'seal clubbing' and put players on an even ground.