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  1. I'm not referring to the speed that the binoculars can move when I intentionally move the mouse. That is already fast enough for me not to have a complaint about it. This thread is about the maximum traverse speed for the binoculars when locked onto a target while not moving the mouse.
  2. I don't see how. Unless you misunderstood me and are referring to something I didn't discuss.
  3. With some of the faster-traversing guns, the binoculars auto-following a target won't turn as fast as the turrets can. In these cases, I can manually drag the binoculars left or right faster, and the aiming circles will follow. But this gets difficult when getting to the extremes of this type of situation. I just have to ask, why is it this way in the first place? Is there a reason for this design decision?
  4. It would be better and more consistent if the bots were just programmed to always preferentially launch a maximum-strength squad when available. I hate when one spends the last 5 minutes launching single-plane "flights" of rocket planes over and over when I know full well its bombers and torpedo planes are fully reloaded.
  5. You're confusing/conflating "random" with "random and uniformly distributed." A random number can be generated by any probability distribution and still be random, by definition. The definition you are using is only for random numbers generated with the uniform distribution.
  6. I don't really feel like doing that either. I suppose it would be faster than co-op, possibly?
  7. 11 losses in a row now. I just want to get my daily done without going in to co-op, but I guess now I have to if I want to get the second daily done in the time I have today. I'm not against co-op in general, I play a lot of it. I just felt like not playing it today....
  8. Well, I've been doing pretty bad for the past few days on win/loss. And I'm in a 9 game losing streak with only 3 wins at all today. On top of that, I'm playing today to try to feel better about external life issues that are pretty bad today. There's nothing I can do about those at the moment, so it's this or binge eating.
  9. As the title. I know the things I've been told I should learn, and I act upon them in games. My stats other than win rate are steadily climbing. But I have to ask if my losing streaks are my fault, since the attitude around here is that if you lose a lot it's your own fault.
  10. You forgot that it gets cruiser matchmaking. You logic fails for normal matchmaking, and also for clan battles, where BBs and cruisers have different rules for the team composition.
  11. The fact that your idea limits the number of games per day and has 1/10 the XP for a loss instead of the 1/5 XP that the 1v1 sprint had. It puts a lot of stress on people to try to get those rewards. I think the sprint had it right. I'd play 1v1 with 1200/250 XP rewards even without the sprint rewards. If your intention behind the limited number per day is to reduce server load, I think just having it available all the time should lighten demand. People hit sprints hard because there's a limited time to rank out. If you gave a one-time reward for getting, say, 30 wins in scenarios over the course of a particular week, scenarios would be hit really hard that week, too. Whether demand would be light enough to compensate for the fact that two people are using an entire match instance... /shrug? Maybe tune demand by adjusting the XP rewards.
  12. 1v1 sprint was really fun for me because it put less stress on me than randoms, even. Your suggestion adds stress-inducing restrictions and opportunity risk to the point that it sounds more anxiety-inducing than regular ranked, even.
  13. wjp120

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Great review. Also, I initially misread your section title "The Basics of Acquisition" as "The Rules of Acquisition." Which might be where the idea for the details of the dockyard pricing, directive requirements, etc. came from...
  14. wjp120

    So those flak bursts

    I think that if your squadron is still flying within the flak zone, flak can spawn in front of you, even if that's not in the "flak zone." So, I think the flak minimum and maximum range is where the planes have to be when the flak timer ticks in order for flak clouds to spawn, and is not a restriction on where the flak clouds themselves can spawn.