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  1. There are supposedly daily "Token Stock" and "Small Token Stock" in the premium shop, but I do not see them in the premium shop on the Steam version of the game.
  2. Since the latest update, sometimes when I fire shells at a distant enemy, the impacts sound as though they are right next to me. I'm not sure if it is relevant, but I've been mostly playing USA destroyers with 127mm guns this week. I haven't done any comparison test on calibers, so I don't have any more specific observation than that. Edit: The noise is a loud clanging noise. I suppose it could be a new shell loading sound? If so, is there a way to turn that sound down without affecting the volume of any other sounds at all? Edit 2: Nope. I just tested by firing shells at empty water near a target that produced the sound. Firing at empty water nearby the enemy does not generate the sound, only impacts on the target do.
  3. ??? I wasn't talking about opening containers at all. That's a thing that also happens on the container screen, but I never mentioned it. I'm talking about the animation with the crane that brings in a new container every time one selects a container type. I'm fairly certain I mentioned the crane in my OP, and I haven't edited that.
  4. Is it absolutely necessary for the new container animation with the crane to disable all the controls on the screen, even the exit button? Is there a way to short-circuit the animation that I'm unaware of? Is there a deep software design reason that we should have to watch it in full, every time we select an XP container type?
  5. I feel like the OP is leaving some steps out of their argument, because I don't completely follow.
  6. Clearly spelled out... and also done in a way that I wouldn't expect to have to read the fine print about given how events have worked in the past. Every limited time event ship I recall has lasted until the end of the event. I never had a reason to think I should pay attention to the expiration timer until it was already gone. Also, I worked long shifts the past few days and just got off work. So even if I'd noticed, there's no way that information could have helped me if I'd noticed it even three days ago. I just feel hosed, and I don't feel like it's my own inattention that was the primary source of the hosing.
  7. ....Yeah....that's not very comforting to me right now. After the debacles over the past year, I also have basically zero hope of WG addressing this in a reasonable way. I expectthem to just shrug and leave it as it is.
  8. Well then.... I guess I get punished for clicking on the bundles "early" and having to work the past few days. I can't even call this "classic WG" since I can't think of any other special event that had different effective end times for differnt players.
  9. The announcment said submarine battnles end "Wed. Jun. 24 3:00 AM PT." However, just now at 10:00 PM EST the game told me my rental periods had expired on the submarines, and the submarines are no longer in my carousel.
  10. That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking abaout an effect on acceleration, not top speed.
  11. It seems as though, especially on ships with Propulsion Modification 1, acceleration is penalized much more than top speed is while the engine is broken with Last Stand selected as a commander skill. Is this true? Or am I imagining it? That is, is the proportional penalty to acceleration and decelleration more than the proportional penalty to top speed?
  12. You didn't say what resources those two machines have installed. The processor make and model and your RAM's amount, type, and clock speed are the most important. If you want to address what I think was the intended meaning of Navalpride33's comment, that is.
  13. I've aired my share of criticisms of changes to the game. So, I think it's only fair to also praise good changes. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for turning the signals into toggle buttons and getting rid of the confirmation dialog box. This is much smoother, faster, and easier to manage than the old system was.
  14. Some of the new upgrades are good, and offer new meaningful choices. But why, at the same time, was the slot 3 AA module made into a "never choose this" choice? At least, I haven't found a situation where it would be useful yet. And even if it was marginally useful for AA in a particular situation on a particular ship, one of the other options for that slot would still probably be better in any match that situation came up in. The "old" AA module we had for part of a year actually offered a meaningful choice on ships with both good AA and good guns. I used it on my Friesland, and definitely felt its worth, and felt the absence of the dispersion module when shooting at DDs more than 4 or 5 km away. Also, since the +2 flak effect on the slot 6 AAA2 upgrade is only during DefAA, there's really no reason not to bring back the slot 3 flak upgrade. They're two different effects already, so the slot 6 upgrade wouldn't have to be changed. If the combination of the new slot 6 and the older slot 3 did prove too effective, then perhaps the recent attack delay increase on bombers could be partially reverted to compensate. In any case, I wonder what was wrong with the older slot 3 AA upgrade. It seemed to fit the new upgrades philosophy better than its replacement does. And I'll say it again, I like some of the new upgrades. The new slot 2 engine+rudder upgrade is great. The new torpedo upgrade for slot 3 is interesting and offers a meaningful tradeoff with gun dispersion. The new slot 6 AAA upgrade is interesting, and possibly powerful enough to tempt some away from reload or range, though I don't think I've equipped it yet on anything. Anyway, what do y'all think about it? Why was the slot 3 AA upgrade changed, specifically? Why isn't there a way to get a persistent +2 flak clouds bonus? Or to get it at all on tier 5 to 8 ships? Is the current slightly toned down flak, plus nerfed slingshot better for the game than before? It seems like nerfing the flak potential of tier 5 ships would be bad for the general game experience. But, I'm not a game developer. /shrug