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  1. wjp120

    Do you favor species reintroduction?

    The introduction of a population of western elk into Pennsylvania, where the eastern elk subspecies went extinct in the 1800s, has gone reasonably well. Personally, I'd like to see wolves return, but... I can understand how people have gotten comfortable with a reality where coyotes and domesticated dogs gone feral are the most dangerous predators around. Where I live, coyotes don't feel a lot of pressure, so they almost never hurt humans directly. We do have to be careful to protect our pets and livestock when coyotes are around, though. In a potential sense, I suppose black bears can be dangerous as well, but in practice they are so intelligent and cautious that there's no reason to fear them around here. A bit further south, feral hogs are the most dangerous animal in the wilderness. An argument could be made that reintroducing wolves might make those areas safer to walk outdoors overall after a few generations.
  2. Yeah, my highest tier CV is tier 6 from the RN CV event. Can't use that for a tier 7 directive.
  3. In the past few weeks we got match after match with friendly bot CVs in coop, but now that there's an AA directive, I haven't seen a single CV all day.
  4. wjp120

    Who have you seen in game

    Got... let's call it "complimented" by @Estimated_Prophet just now. I was in a Haida, and 'Prophet was in a W. Virginia '41.
  5. wjp120

    Repuplic Token Event Terrible for New Players

    The real "major event prize" for this event is the Siroco, which is obtained after completing all four directives. It's the only one which is truly premium and will stay that way, after all.
  6. It still doesn't have radar, so I don't see how it can be impactful enough to be "overpowered." It takes up a cruiser slot, and can't even slot Hydro without giving up DFAA. It's concealment isn't even that great compared to how fragile it is.
  7. The biggest replay I have is a bit over 1500 kB. The raw data in the results screen is maybe a few kB. Probably around 1kB if formatted smartly, compressed, or both.
  8. It's there a chance the replay feature will ever have replays ending with the results screen instead of exciting just before it? Including the ability to manually tab back and forth between the results pages for as long as one wants before manually exiting the replay.
  9. wjp120

    premium ship pricing

    Strip Epicenter?
  10. wjp120

    Best US ship for Alexander Ovechkin?

    Weren't these supposed to come to the Armory at some point? I didn't know about the opt-in stuff on the website when I was starting, so I didn't get any of them when they were released. I'd really like the USA-usable ones for some of my DDs.
  11. The previous sprint just didn't feel like it was all one mode, since it used multiple different cap layouts. Including 2 circle Domination maps, which I wish were a thing in randoms and co-op.
  12. No, if you read my post you'd know that I was at 0 stars at an irrevocable rank. You'd be right if I was at a non-irrevocable rank, or I had 1+ stars at a rank. However, that isn't the case, so I'm pretty sure you aren't correct.
  13. I sank in a ranked match, so I left to port and started another one. The first match ended at 9:37 EST, and the second ended at 9:41. However, they show up in the battle log in reverse order, though the timestamps are correct. I was at Rank 3, 0 stars. If I had done the battles one after the other without leaving to port in the order they actually finished, I would have gained one star, but instead the log reported them in opposite order and I gained, then lost the star. Is this intended somehow, or a bug? If it's intended, this is the right forum to discuss it, but if it's confirmed as a bug, I guess I should post to the bug forum after this.
  14. HMS Agincourt was originally ordered as Rio de Janeiro by Brazil(before begging purchased during construction by the Ottoman Empire,) but HMS Erin was originally ordered by the Ottoman Empire as Reşadiye.
  15. wjp120

    Devblog on medium gone?

    I'm getting a 404 as well.