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  1. wjp120

    Every Stinking Update it's the same problem.

    You didn't say what resources those two machines have installed. The processor make and model and your RAM's amount, type, and clock speed are the most important. If you want to address what I think was the intended meaning of Navalpride33's comment, that is.
  2. I've aired my share of criticisms of changes to the game. So, I think it's only fair to also praise good changes. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for turning the signals into toggle buttons and getting rid of the confirmation dialog box. This is much smoother, faster, and easier to manage than the old system was.
  3. Some of the new upgrades are good, and offer new meaningful choices. But why, at the same time, was the slot 3 AA module made into a "never choose this" choice? At least, I haven't found a situation where it would be useful yet. And even if it was marginally useful for AA in a particular situation on a particular ship, one of the other options for that slot would still probably be better in any match that situation came up in. The "old" AA module we had for part of a year actually offered a meaningful choice on ships with both good AA and good guns. I used it on my Friesland, and definitely felt its worth, and felt the absence of the dispersion module when shooting at DDs more than 4 or 5 km away. Also, since the +2 flak effect on the slot 6 AAA2 upgrade is only during DefAA, there's really no reason not to bring back the slot 3 flak upgrade. They're two different effects already, so the slot 6 upgrade wouldn't have to be changed. If the combination of the new slot 6 and the older slot 3 did prove too effective, then perhaps the recent attack delay increase on bombers could be partially reverted to compensate. In any case, I wonder what was wrong with the older slot 3 AA upgrade. It seemed to fit the new upgrades philosophy better than its replacement does. And I'll say it again, I like some of the new upgrades. The new slot 2 engine+rudder upgrade is great. The new torpedo upgrade for slot 3 is interesting and offers a meaningful tradeoff with gun dispersion. The new slot 6 AAA upgrade is interesting, and possibly powerful enough to tempt some away from reload or range, though I don't think I've equipped it yet on anything. Anyway, what do y'all think about it? Why was the slot 3 AA upgrade changed, specifically? Why isn't there a way to get a persistent +2 flak clouds bonus? Or to get it at all on tier 5 to 8 ships? Is the current slightly toned down flak, plus nerfed slingshot better for the game than before? It seems like nerfing the flak potential of tier 5 ships would be bad for the general game experience. But, I'm not a game developer. /shrug
  4. wjp120

    IFHE change is trash

    If that were true, it wouldn't be solidly middle-of-the-pack in winrate for its class and tier. But it has been middle-of-the-pack in winrate for a while, even among top players, so....
  5. Last year in T9 Arms Race we could hold down Ctrl and point at the buff stack near the bottom center of the screen, and our current active buffs would be displayed. When I try to do the same thing now, nothing happens? Why was this feature removed?
  6. I set all my games to "full screen windowed" or the equivalent. It usually prevents this behavior, and in the case of WoWS, it works for me.
  7. wjp120

    Matching system is broken period

    That doesn't necessarily help. If someone in your bracket has been waiting almost three minutes and you join the queue, you can be put into their queue dump match immediately.
  8. The low bar I'd really like to set is being able to meaningfully protect any ship in my AA bubble. So, if I'm protecting a BB from torpedo, dive, or level bombers, it's usually okay if the CV gets off one full strength attack, since that won't likely take a significant chunk of the BBs unrepairable hit points. However, as things stand now, if I'm unable to completely deter or destroy a CV's attack planes, one attack pass can often remove 30% to 50% of a DDs health. And, that DD health usually can't be repaired, either, so all of it usually counts. Where only the unrepairable portion of what was done to the BB counts if they still have repair party charges. If I'm unable to use a ship with "strong AA" to provide roughly the same amount of relative protection to both, measured by the net effect on their hit points going into the mid and late game, then my AA has failed in some aspect.
  9. Why do you keep focusing on the entire chain of four missions when I specifically said that's not what I made this thread about?
  10. Like I said, I'm not complaining about the overall difficulty or time for all four missions. I want to know what you think about the difference between the amount of time taken for the first mission versus the other three.
  11. All of the ARP missions are relatively straighforward, which is nice. Looking at the requirements, I have no complaints on the event overall. So, this isn't a complaint, just a question and possible observation. It seems like the first mission is the most time consuming because of the middle base XP requirement. Am I wrong in my initial guess here? If so, does it seem a bit weird to put the longest mission at the beginning? Not bad, just... odd?
  12. That doesn't answer the question within this thread, though. If you want to list references to back up advice you were to give, that would be good, if you were to actually give concrete advice here as a contribution to the discussion.
  13. What is the recommended course of action when there aren't any "something else" to attack and no meaningful places to help with spotting? Situations like that can drag on for 5 minutes or more in some matches.
  14. I'd like to see a tier 10 "premium" CL with 6" guns. It seems a bit odd that most of the CLs are 6", but the only T10 with 6" guns are tech-tree. For that matter, it would be nice to get some 8" premiums at tier 10 other than the Salem, too.
  15. I'm not referring to the speed that the binoculars can move when I intentionally move the mouse. That is already fast enough for me not to have a complaint about it. This thread is about the maximum traverse speed for the binoculars when locked onto a target while not moving the mouse.