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  1. wjp120

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Oh, I'd like to get some solid T8, T9, and T10 operations with no nation or ship class restrictions. I'd love to have single-tier operations where I could use Tirpitz, Salem, Musashi, Lion, Prinz Eugen, etc. And an operation where I could use Cossack alongside other T8s but have bigger things to shoot at than schnellbootes.
  2. wjp120

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Less lag and shorter or removed animations in the port screens. I'm very much looking forward to HMS Exeter, so I hope it goes live in a fun-to-play, competitive state.
  3. wjp120

    Potential Damage and Spotting

    Then again, I've had people complain that I was cowardly, sniping, or "all the way in back" when I was in the F,G area as soon as possible and for the entire match after that. Driving BBs, if that wasn't clear from context.
  4. wjp120


    Then why does it have 8 main battery guns with a 28s reload? Playing "like an AP slinging cruiser" includes being able to exploit brief enemy positioning mistakes with more than one reload worth of shots. If the enemy shows broadside for a bit over 20s, I can heavily punish that with a Scharnhorst or Kronshtadt. Not being able to fire twice in 20s makes P.E.F. not really feel like a cruiser. Also, it's slower than fast battleships in its tier spread, so it can't keep up with cruisers on speed, either. Maybe for a few seconds at a time when the stars align it can feel like a cruiser when double clicking to fire all barrels at an enemy who happens to make a mistake in front of it. But most of the time it feels like it is a collection of all the suboptimal parts from battleships at its tier or lower slapped together. Honestly, I fell like it wouldn't even be considered top of the range at tier 5 if you just made it a tier 5 without changing anything. It would be above average for a tier 5, but I think some of the existing tier 5s would still have more impact than it.
  5. wjp120

    Could we get an Italian heavy cruiser premium, please?

    I don't think "prepubescent" means what you think it means.
  6. Strange, because the "," key was rewinding for me fine just now. I just ran into problems at the end of the replay where it abruptly kicks me out of the application.
  7. I'm trying to get a screenshot of something that happens within the last half second or so of a replay. However, every time I fail at pausing at the right moment, I have to restart the whole thing because it exits when one team wins. Is there a way to make it pause or add a bit of buffer time to allow me to still rewind if I hit the end? Or maybe a frame by frame option instead of having to quickly mash HOME END? I'm new to using replays, and not used to the replay controls at all.
  8. I'm wondering if the sampling of wows-numbers and warshipstoday is truly representative of the player base. Or, does it only count players who are actively looked up? If so, would the averages change significantly if every active player was counted?
  9. wjp120

    Yudachi DD wish list

    I'd like her to be close to the same as a fully upgraded Shiratsuyu, but with premium benefits. Maybe have a special camo bonus like Anshan has but for a different currency. The IJN tree is lacking in a "normal" DD premium. The Kamikaze class aren't for sale, and Asashio is hyper specialized. I'd like something that serves a similar role for the IJN as the T-61, Z-39, and Sims do for their nations. Maybe I is like to see a raised white sail to distinguish her visually from Shiratsuyu? I can see that being controversial, but not much more so than adding Yūdachi in the first place so /shrug.
  10. A change that only affects two released ships doesn't seem very "global." Also, it's changing a stat on the ship that already existed. The change to Belfast and Kutuzov isn't comparable because the "detectability after firing main guns in smoke" stat didn't exist before that and was added to all ships. It was a literal global change that added a new mechanic. This change isn't the addition of or change to any global mechanic, it is adjusting one already existing stat of two premium ships that have already been released into the game and acquired by players.
  11. wjp120

    PSA: Opt-In Camo centered mission

    One of the qualifying camos is regular Type 5.
  12. I have the new French captain as well, but his skills show up fine.
  13. I got the Vasiliy Znamensky unique commander from the arsenal. In the commander interface in game, he has the yellow stripe indicating a unique commander, but no "+" signs next to his supposedly improved skills. Also, the numbers written on those skills(where applicable) are the normal commander values, not the improved values advertised.
  14. I'm really liking the Jutland. Both of its front turrets can traverse 360°. I wish there were more ships capable of that.
  15. ??? I admit I've only got 9 battles in mine, but the Nürnberg feels quite tanky to me. Then again, most of my cruiser experience is in the USA CL line, so I may have a low bar for what feels tanky.