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  1. Again. My guns froze up when I was playing the G.Kurfurst, just starting pinging the minimap instead. This is a long on going issue with this game that needs resolved more than your graphic updates. Can you do something about this? Or is this going to fall into the category of a work around like the aiming bug where you have to constantly refocus a target? This is unacceptable and pretty bad for a game that mostly uses guns. I won't be on anymore. This was the last straw.
  2. Spy_c

    Subs need to be nerfed

    I would play more, know that
  3. Spy_c

    Subs need to be nerfed

    Subs should have their own campaign game like brawls. Leave them out of randoms. Keep the cancer contained in its own filth. Wonder if ppl would play more 🤔
  4. Yup it happened to me twice. Dont expect a fix since it's a WG issue. And this is why I don't invest my time in a dying game. I just shut WG off and find a different game that actually works.
  5. Spy_c

    Guns not shooting

    Broken main guns, broken subs, broken mm, broken islands, broken game. Make sure to invite your friends.
  6. Spy_c

    Guns not shooting

    That's hilarious 😂
  7. Spy_c

    This game is complete crap

    Stop playing it. Watch the numbers go down.
  8. Yup left fire button on mouse and keyboard not working mid game until the end of game. Love how you can get penalized for leaving game but when wows bugs out nothing, no reimbursement of coin spent going in. Fix the trash game already and stop making un-important content. You have all these testers and no one can figure this out? Laughing. Turned my game off immediately after. Side note, I didn't play the game for about 1 week before this happened. Yes I updated, yes everything was working on my end.
  9. Spy_c

    Is this game worth playing anymore?

    I think knocked down is a better term than dumb downed although I see why ppl would say that. The ships are not hitting like they used to, because ppl are not able to shoot like they used to. An increase in ship variables mainly subs, and bugs that are still not fixed. Especially the lock on bug. You shouldn't have to manually lock on a target every time mostly when one enemy crosses in front of another. By the time you do, that ship has disappeared and you are shooting at air with lovely air dispersion.
  10. I get that. Especially in a secondary build. But you don't last very long with the typical 4 dds, 2 subs, hybrid bbs with planes, and super CVs. Your mostly a sacrifice. But guns ablazing is fun I admit.
  11. Yes and playing a flank typically with only 3 ppl thanks mm, you being the only bb requires a sacrificial lamb so to speak. You can get lucky and do this in a bb t8 with low tier subs and get away with it. The higher tiers not so much. This is why a majority of the time now everyone is pushed back during a sub game. No one wants to be the lamb and no one wants to be in a bb chased by 2 subs spotted by a ghost.
  12. When you flank a bb in a sub you move that bb out of the map. This pushes any reliable heavy lifting away from the game and that said team suffers especially if that bb was put there as a lifter for balancing the mm. Consider it a loss if your bb leaves the flank. And add another sub and cv, yep no more bb to support you. This is why the current game is very unbalanced and unplayable.
  13. Spy_c

    Is this game worth playing anymore?

    The game is dying period. The subs that are not balanced, and shotgun you with no coarse of visual or way of killing before it kills you regardless if you try to run is a game stopper. The fact that this can happen and now super subs and cvs, bbs with OP planes, the obvious is that WG just wants to keep ppl unhappy and always thinking well maybe next time will be better, or it was my team not me. Truth is Subs homing torps and the Meta out right now will slowly but surely wither away any player base that has been a solid player for over 3 years. And anyone who joins into the crap randoms with the mm that's out is not worth playing against or with. Ppl are getting fed up and leaving. Stats will reflect this soon and weather or not WG will finally listen is up to them.
  14. Spy_c

    Artillary aiming bug

    Alot of ppl have been experiencing the island bug and aim bug. More so the Island one as its easier to catch.
  15. Spy_c

    Artillary aiming bug

    wasn't "trying" anything. I remember seeing this, and I was wrong about which game it was for.