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  1. DBoy_Min

    Myogi ruined my day

    All per-dreadnought BBs will seem odd and hard to play. Since they have certain designs that do not meet the modem design we know today. It gets better after tire VI.
  2. DBoy_Min

    Playing the Kronshtadt

    Kron is a BB against CAs, and is a CA against BBs. I see her do good work at flank force or push with BBs. But she dies real quick when she is not in a group.
  3. DBoy_Min

    Elite status on ships

    1. When a ship breach into 2 or more line, you need to research all lines to make this ship elite, very typical for tier 2 or tier 3. 2. Dismount modules needs doubloons, aka spend real money.
  4. DBoy_Min

    christmas in game sale

    We just have a new ship and new campaign bundle, it is not good marketing to put up sales of ships straight after. Maybe on Christmas day or later time.
  5. DBoy_Min

    PEF vs other premium tier 6 BB's

    PEF doent play like a BB, she is more of a CA than BB. Her guns dont allow you to trade fires with BB at range, but she does have BB armor. So run along with a flank force, or use her as bait when push cap.
  6. DBoy_Min

    Farragut or Monaghan

    Monaghan is great that you can have either configure it as gun boat or torp boat. Monaghan sucks that neither configuration is good. So you have a trade off.
  7. DBoy_Min

    When do Premium ships go on sale?

    Since PEF bundle just came out this Wednesday, I suspect the sale for ships will be at least hold off until Christmas day or boxing day.
  8. It depends on how much a person willing to spend on virtual goods. Not just how much they can earn. I know someone who only work part time, mid-low income. However, besides life essential like rent, food, electricity, every penny he got left goes into gaming. Thats almost $400 per months on different games.
  9. Only had some minor lag since update. But since I am in Australia, nothing new about that.
  10. DBoy_Min

    Extra Doubloons

    It is free doubloons after all, keep them and be happy.
  11. DBoy_Min

    Hello UU!

    You set that ship as prime ship, so it display onto the very left.
  12. DBoy_Min

    Lunar New Year event skins

    These camo make ships look like they made of wood, instead of steel. Very nice.
  13. DBoy_Min

    Idea, maybe?

    It is a interesting idea. How to implement it will be tricky and need to be careful. Some of these consumables make a ship or even a ship line unique, strip away them even temporarily may not be ideal.
  14. If you really want realism, 1% or less hit rate from BB guns is historical accurate. Do you want that? 1 hit every 5 mins?
  15. DBoy_Min

    Nearly 50gb install size?

    Mate, haven't you got NBN yet? I know NBN sucks, but it does give you much better download speed, when it is working properly.