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  1. Angstroms

    Brawling and Pushing is Far From Dead

    Look at the lineup...All opposing BBs are AP-main like Georgia or Soviet Soyuz, and all enemy cruisers are super cruisers, which is an extremely rare case. A single KGV sitting back could ruin your push...
  2. Angstroms

    World of Thunderers

    “War (of) Thunder(er)”
  3. Angstroms

    How to use a PnFMod?

    Thanks for the reply! May I get notified (like a reply in this post) when it's fixed?
  4. Recently I downloaded a camo mod in a PnF format (a folder with main.py and files in a subdirectory, just like the DamageMeter mod). I tried to paste the folder under game path \res_mods\PnFMods but it doesn't work... when I tried to look at the ship preview, it is loading forever and sometimes errors pump up...so I guess I did something wrong/forgot to do something? Alternatively, is there a way to convert this PnF mod into a regular format that I can put under the content\gameplay folder? Thanks a lot for any help!
  5. Angstroms

    Stalingrad - New Player Question

    I'm sorry I checked your stats but the only purpose is to give advice that suits you better. Also, I assume you know everything about the gimmicks of this ship, like the armor profile, improved pen angle .etc (if not, check LWM's review for it). Before anything hardcore, I would humbly recommend playing more t10 games to get used to the environment and t10 ships, but the choice is yours. I consider myself a decent Stalingrad player (56% +1900 solo random). It's my first steel ship too and it is easily my favorite ship in this game so I hope I can help a bit :-). This ship performs better in Randoms with a more-of-a-kiting playstyle, just like you described in the first paragraph. However, you need to have the correct build if you want to do that. The commander skill build is not important for now, as the new commander system will come in a week. All I can say for the build is that take the max concealment and use the rudder shift mod (you may want to switch to propulsion for Ranked and CB) in slot 4. And always take the speed flag, which helps you finish the turning faster. Regarding the playstyle, I agree that you shouldn't get into a bow-tanking position too early, for the same reasons you said above. Before you start to kite in early-game, don't push too close. You want your concealment circle (14.2km) to overlap with the far end of the cap circle in front of you (= you are ~13.5km away from the cap circle center), so as long as no enemy is entering the cap, you know almost for sure that you won't get spotted. Also, make sure you are at least full broadside (or more turning out) to the enemy team (instead of turning in) before getting spotted. Once spotted, turn out and start to kite. This should guarantee your safety unless that's a Stalingrad/Slava/Petro right in front of you. The rest is all about the general game knowledge and experience so I'll stop here. The gist for playing Stalingrad in Randoms, in my opinion, is to avoid getting in a bow-tanking position too early. Note that I'm a passive player so it may not always apply. Hope you enjoy this ship!
  6. Angstroms

    PTS 0.10.0

    The latter, which is that Yamato shells will have better dispersion against red ships. Let me elaborate on the example: a Yamato (green team) has no red ships <14.3 km from him, then Yamato's shell will have 10% better dispersion when he fires at ANY red ships, like a Republic 20 km away. Whether this Yamato is detected does not matter. It is possible that, if this Yamato fired in the past 20s, that he could be spotted by any ship within his firing range as long as there is a direct vision path. Regarding the effectiveness, consider this dispersion buff as 1.5x the Aiming Mod on slot 3. Or, for a lower tier, Graf Spee has regular cruiser dispersion. Do not confuse this dispersion circle with sigma though, which works independently.
  7. Angstroms

    PTS 0.10.0

    So for example, a Yamato has 14.3 km concealment (with Concealment Mod in slot 5 and Concealment Expert captain skill). If there's no red ship spotted within 14.3 km of you, you have 10% better dispersion. The consequence of having this skill is, if you test it in PTS, very catastrophic. Thunderer now literally has cruiser dispersion, Montana has almost Slava dispersion. Yamato, despite the terrible vertical dispersion (IJN BB tradition), can still land 6 of 9 shells on an 18 km bow-tanking BB. All of this is too much IMO.
  8. Angstroms

    PTS 0.10.0

    1. Manual secondary, despite the longer range, is still not efficient enough. If you can't hit effectively, then 0-12km is no longer your advantaged range, and thus it is useless even if it's longer. 2. Dead-eye (-10% dispersion if no ship in detectability range) will ruin this game. The theory is that people stay behind because long-range fire is as effective as close-range fire. Now it's even more effective. Lots of CCs should bring this up as well so I don't need to say a lot here. That extra fire & flooding time should be the tradeoff here. 3. Senior Aircraft Armor Specialist (-33% AA shell explosion dmg) is too strong. I'm completely a newbie in CVs and for a couple of games in Midway I played, I can actually drop twice per quadrant on any ship, even when he has >8 dark clouds and I eat a lot of them. 4. Brawler in cruisers is completely useless. It is very very difficult to activate. Others look pretty nice to me, and I'm excited to try Henri IV with 20 km detectability (in order to obtain 21% more HE dpm) and new DD skills are fantastic.
  9. Thx! So all I need to do is to wait for the next round of PT test right?
  10. I'm new to PTS and trying to test ships like Stalingrad, Thunderer, or Slava (I have them in my regular account). One friendly random teammate told me I could copy them to PTS server as long as i have them in the normal server, but I don't know how to do it...thx for the help and Merry Christmas!
  11. Angstroms

    Update of commander skills: questions and answers

    1. Possible typo in the Table of Secondary Range? From my understanding, [range with full build] = [base range] * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.05, which works for every entry in that table except for t10 other BBs. Should the full build secondary range for t10 other BBs be 11.5 instead of 11? 2. Flint cannot keep the 10.8 km range unbuffed. No. I understand that Flint performs way better than Atlanta now, thanks to the smoke and torp range. However, 10.8 km is not enough for the ship to even function, especially with the high price of coal. 12 km is the minimum value I think would be proper. The difference between the concealment distance and firing range is critical for smoke cruisers. Go ask CCs about the role of this value. 3. Ohio should probably have a buffed secondary range. I think WG's plan for t10 non-tech-tree ships is: Steel for strength, coal for well-balanced ships, and Research Point for special playstyle. However, Ohio now doesn't have too much specialty with the introduction of Vermont (these 457mm guns). The 40s-reload quick heal itself is not enough, and I think 12.5 km secondaries is a good feature. I'm okay that Massachusetts and Georgia don't have a buffed range, since MA is straight OP at t8 in every mode, and GA doesn't really gain too many merits from that 1 km more secondary range. A little personal thought here: this Dev Blog basically ruined my efforts in this game in the past 6 months, where I reset and regrind 5 lines to get Ohio (which will get effectively nerfed), gather and spent coal on a couple of legendary commanders (which now takes 2400k commander exp to start functioning) and Flint (which will lose AFT). It brings an insane amount of frustration to me that the developers can turn our time spent on this game into useless efforts so easily. If this new update comes online without changes, it will be my reason for quitting this game for sure.
  12. Angstroms

    Ohio Sec Build

    Depends on your playstyle... 1. if you are comfortable using the mountain as a half-cover: PT, PM / (enhanced)EL; AR; SI; AFT, Manual secondary; FP; 2. if you do open sea a bit more, you can change FP to CE. 3. if you don't necessarily need a full-sec build, you can drop Manual Secondary and take both FP and CE. IFHE is not recommended as it no longer pens 27mm. Just my humble opinion and it may be not optimal.
  13. Angstroms

    Secondary Build Under the New System

    I agree with this as well, at least that we should put on 3 4-level skills and 2 3-level ones. My only question (to WG, not to Glamorboy) is, is it worth it to give up both Fire Prevention and Concealment to get a full secondary build? In the existing captain skill system, giving up either one of them is already a pain (some people thus chose full survivability build for GK and give up Manual Secondaries for Ohio)...I'm just worried that people would tend to choose one from Fire Prevention and Concealment Expert, making Armament Reload Expert less meaningful.
  14. Angstroms

    How to Skane?

    It's a torp boat with (generally) enough gun DPM, AA, and heal to defend yourself. An important concept for these EU DDs is trying to cause perm-flooding. Keep a close eye on the enemy BB's damage control party usage and wait for 15s between two sets of torps. The super-narrow spread and fast reload of these torps when hitting bow/stern is highly rewarding.
  15. Like many, I just got my Kansas with the Golden Eagle camo today and tried it out...and of course, got quite disappointed as many of you as well. Besides the long reload and terrible max speed, here's something else I found unbearable: 1. Dispersion. As a USN BB, she doesn't have the regular dispersion mod on slot 3. With her1.5 sigma, the accuracy is far from being okay. 2. AP profile. The shell weight is around 900kg (10% less than that of her peers like Amagi, NC, or Vlad). This thing, coupled with the mediocre air drag, gives you the lowest penetration profile: 40-60mm less penetration at 15 km. 3. Worse-than average hull armor. 32 mm almost everywhere yields poor HE resistance, despite the fact that the torpedo belt absorbs some HE damage. She also gets a massive massive superstructure with almost 4000 modular HP. In comparison, Vlad has 1900 superstructure hp which quickly saturates. 4. Probably worst Engine power of her tier. Although her accelerating ability has been specially buffed, the overall propulsion is still terrible. There are more specs on this ship that are just average, like the DPM or concealment. The AA is nice though. So basically IMO the only good things in her are the alpha and the citadel protection, which is overwhelmed by these shortcomings...I really hope WG can give an instant buff before people lose interest as they did for British CAs.