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  1. thx! btw just got my Suzutsuki in E2 XD
  2. Thx for the advice! It just feels horrible when, for example, you in a smoke CA following a DD who yolo'ed into a suicidal run, or when the enemy rocket planes coming to you in a DD and your CV just passed through you leaving nothing. The monitor sometimes predicts that for me. Anyway, I guess I'll move on without the MMM for a while...
  3. I know I need to improve myself before blaming the matchmaking. I'm not a great player but at least from my stats, I think I'm doing my job and tried my best. In the past two weeks, the matchmaking for Randoms has brought me a lot of frustrations. For my Akizuki, the WR of the opposing team is constantly ~2-3% higher than mine (9 out of 14 games, not consecutively). Sometimes even if the matchmaking swap one ships between each team things would be much better. Does the matchmaking spend any effort balancing it? Also, how do you veterans deal with this feeling? I love this game (except the balancing team) but this really gets me a bit disgusted...
  4. Angstroms

    Completed Legendary Mission But No Module

    You can't mount UU for CV's for now but (I'm not sure if it is still the case) if you check your inventory under your account menu you should be able to find it?
  5. Angstroms

    Need to use 6/22 coupon; what should I get?

    Definitely aim for Kuznetzov if possible. Otherwise, if you don't have Azuma, you can try Yoshino for this playstyle. Or if you have Hindy or Mainz, Günther Lütjens would be a good addition. If you are confident about aiming and have a good hit ratio on ships with garbage ballistics, Marceau might be suitable. Also, Salem is becoming a choice for competitive games after the nerf on DM's UU. Hope this can help!
  6. That's when I was in a 25-bow cruiser and thought the incoming shells were 305 (instead of 380). Sry about the confusion. English is not my 1st language.
  7. Me in Skane: let's bully this cute Akatsuki...wait why her guns hurt this much??? Same thing for me when I saw Alsace as Alaska and try to bounce shells with my 25mm bow in cruisers...
  8. thank you! I just got on 2 hrs ago. Hopefully it'd still work.
  9. How will we obtain the combat mission for super containers? I've linked the account and successfully got 1 twitch container (credit+signals+upgrades). Will it be the same way like this (like a notification saying something)? Thx!
  10. Angstroms

    A listing error for IFHE pen values in port?

    I was hoping WG could follow the math but the truth is they set numbers arbitrarily. Can you imagine 180mm guns share the same HE pen value with 100mm ones?
  11. Also the one with 60mm deck because of the disappearance of IFHE super-cruiser and Hindy, the one with small superstructure for 152mm CL to hit, and the one with 150mm upper armor to prevent small-caliber AP. I'm not talking about Russian bias here. No.
  12. Same situation here. Grind all daily ones and directories with no ship drop. I HATE this new form of infinite bundles so much...With Italian cruisers and this and PR event, I think I'm not far from AFK now.
  13. Angstroms

    The Kleber is a JOKE

    I think one of the primary reasons for the nerf is its performance in Clan Battles...I agree that the torps are fun and a good feature but there were a couple of clans using Kleber groups (>4 Kleber in a single team). With capt skills & conceal & YOLO torps & reload consumables the game was a nightmare.
  14. Messaged my info! Thanks for the hard work for writing this. I'd have to wait for one more day to join new clans so if it looks good just let me know! Thanks!