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  1. CrusaderQueen

    Carrier Plane suggestion !!

    They are capable and since its a suggestion there's nothing wrong with it. And seen as your idea is irrelevant, make a new topic instead.
  2. Based on this video, maybe world of warships could give carrier planes a slight advantage to avoid them getting shot down so much, such as allowing them to land on water as well as the carrier itself. It would be a challenge for people to shoot them down and it would also help the planes stay alive longer. Because, as we know they are at a disadvantage to the cv player at present. it would open opportunities for eg: whether to have them able to send torps while on water.
  3. I think lately, the rewards for some of these events are getting worse, they used to give out ships once, not missions to get them and in that whole list @z9_ , there isn't one. And not only that collections have become rare also.
  4. That would be fun!! @ZARDOZ_II I'm glad someone thinks of low tiers as well as me. !!
  5. CrusaderQueen

    Who have you seen in game

    Had a game with @IChase and @RandomBritishDude
  6. CrusaderQueen

    Naval legends code

    And you can redeem them all here : https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/
  7. CrusaderQueen

    Big dumb battleships that sail in straight lines...

    They obviously don't have the right cmdr skills on, making their armor weak,. i sail bb's all the time and 90% of the time survive in battle.
  8. Yes that didn't used to happen, shame they changed it.
  9. Well if people like you can't do it or struggle how is it going to be for newer players with premium ships ?
  10. it makes it more interesting cv's in ranked, its there to make the game more fun, if you don't like don't play it.
  11. CrusaderQueen

    Hey Wee Gee - your latest patch SUCKS

    it is still happening in coop unfortunately.
  12. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    There seems to be a problem with audio in battle. There is a constant wind blowing in every battle and its annoying with no separate slider for it. I've tried turning stuff down.
  13. CrusaderQueen

    Karma points in profile...what is it for?

    The problem is people abuse it. You would think that when you have a good battle, come first in base xp on results page, you would get a compliment, many times you get reported because of jealous players. And then crybabies who want to report for the slightest thing in battle.
  14. CrusaderQueen

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    When you say, As we all know, we don't all know at all.There hasn't been one news article stating this.
  15. CrusaderQueen

    Battle wins not counted

    i have done and had no choice to, as Steam restarted with update.