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  1. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.11.6 - Bug Reports

    British Tokens are not being credited to accounts, from the bundles.
  2. So all the perm camo's we have paid out for like 10k doubloons are they are just going to get rid of? Such as crocasur perm camo or Norma space camo etc etc, Or are they just moving them to another section. Naval Community After the release of Update 0.11.6, all permanent camouflages for researchable ships, all expendable camouflages, and the Signal Spoils bundle will cease to be available in the Naval Community section. The tab now holds bundles with economic bonuses and the brand-new More Camouflages container.
  3. CrusaderQueen

    Logging in on support page not working.

    Having the same problem but through steam and I need to update a new phone number on my account so I need to get hold of support to do this because its not allowing me to. Can someone help because this has been an issue now for quite some time.
  4. CrusaderQueen

    Is support down ?

    I can't log into support to submit a ticket, via steam, is the server down?
  5. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.10.9 - Bug Reports

    Since this morning every time go into battle and others have said the same, game is crashing, and it happens especially when we have Naval Battle enabled.
  6. CrusaderQueen

    Has Subs hurt your clan?

    Subs has given NB another ship type and certain newer players have adopted them and play them skilfully, since their launch, I think it has helped more than hindered to be honest.
  7. CrusaderQueen

    Convoy: Defend or Destroy!

    Another mode for people to abuse the report system.
  8. CrusaderQueen

    Naval battle wth really

    It would be better to get as much oil as possible with each round number you can get nearest to. That's what we do, if we know we are going to lose, which isn't very often. I'm hoping once Naval Base is fully upgraded it can be put to some other good use.
  9. CrusaderQueen

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    You might have be careful there, do you have the standard Missouri or their " Flagship " . According to wargaming both are different.
  10. CrusaderQueen

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    I like the way you did this, with the story on the map and having to choose options, but when all missions are complete, when does Pearl Harbour unlock because it doesn't say in the news article.
  11. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    Resetting Stars in Operations With the release of update 0.10.8, any Stars earned in Operations will be reset. This means that the players who already received reward in Operation for a certain number of stars, can collect these stars again and receive corresponding rewards. So when you reset Stars for Operations, is that going to reset our achievements as well ? Also are you aware how long its taken some players to get stars for Ops especially ops like the current weekly one " Naval Station Newport " ? The changes you have added for Subs does not cover everything that's been a problem for eg: The US subs are not easy to turn and are bad handling compared with German Subs.
  12. Hope you come back to game one day.

    1. Gaelic_knight


      if crusaderqueen is as pretty as she sounds  i think new  players  should join up . time for a good whipping hehe

  13. CrusaderQueen

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    Now they have them in ranked, I think it's time they took them out of coop, because there's certain ships that can't be used due to them not having depth charges.
  14. CrusaderQueen

    Your best Big Hunt game(s)

    Now all of you do it without mods and lets see some real skill :)
  15. CrusaderQueen

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    Some bugs can't be fixed. so instead of whining, why don't you try it? its fun. does anyone besides me have a soh these days ? We are running a competition at the moment, in clan for people to get the most cits for this mode and we are up to 57, so far. Maybe other clans could do this or something similar and make it more fun for their members, or the one's who find it boring and a waste of time.