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  1. CrusaderQueen

    Your best Big Hunt game(s)

    Now all of you do it without mods and lets see some real skill :)
  2. CrusaderQueen

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    Some bugs can't be fixed. so instead of whining, why don't you try it? its fun. does anyone besides me have a soh these days ? We are running a competition at the moment, in clan for people to get the most cits for this mode and we are up to 57, so far. Maybe other clans could do this or something similar and make it more fun for their members, or the one's who find it boring and a waste of time.
  3. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.9.11 - Bug Reports

    I know you said you fixed the previous battle screen from showing on results of present battle, but now there is a black screen showing also.
  4. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    In the " Other changes and improvements " Wow state this : The Key Battle ships have been removed from player accounts. Any XP earned playing those ships has been transferred to I Erie.
  5. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Getting rid of all tier 1 battleships, not nice thing to do. But looking at it further, Wow says key ships means tier 1? so we don't have tier 1 battleships, they're all ca's.
  6. CrusaderQueen

    Single Game Client

    And how would people using steam get round this exactly?
  7. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Having issues when coming out of battle, seeing previous battle results instead of present one and I play through steam and have validated files also.
  8. CrusaderQueen

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Codes aren't working from streams
  9. CrusaderQueen

    October call to action, a question to you.

    Travelling, cooking, writing poetry, painting and craftwork design.
  10. CrusaderQueen

    'Repair' button not working

    Yes still not working, in an earlier battle, i tried a ram in Alabama and it wouldn't repair after. Then tried it again in Monti, after just a fire, still nothing.
  11. How on earth can I link it when it takes me to the wrong site? I have an amazon account but not .com
  12. CrusaderQueen

    Waterline: What Will Happen Next?

    I think that snowflakes should be got by playing coop and other modes as well not just random. Random isn't for everyone , myself included, it creates a lot of stress from some people and coop is preferred . After all this game is supposed to be fun. And coop battle's aren't long enough as they are but there no mension of those in this update.
  13. CrusaderQueen


    It doesn't work on NA server either.
  14. CrusaderQueen

    Trouble with log in

    I've been logging in since day 1 with steam. and never had problems even with updates.
  15. CrusaderQueen

    Trouble with log in

    Cannot log in via steam and have run verify files. Can anyone help as its telling me username does not exist.