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  1. Pops_Place

    Happy 245th birthday US Navy Challenge!

    Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy!!
  2. Odd, my free camera will not engage using Ctrl+shift+Backspace
  3. Such nice comments guys, thank you all for your support and encouragement! And thanks for asking me to be a guest on your Podcast, I had a blast!!!! Stay safe out there my friends and HAVE FUN! Pops
  4. Pops_Place

    WHY THE HELL.......

    This topic interests me for various reasons. In actuality the solution is pretty simplistic and it wouldn't be that difficult to program for an outfit like WG. If we have 10 different consumables (but let's round that up to 15 just to be on the safe side for future expansion) then give EVERY SHIP 10 (15) consumable slots and lock the key binds accordingly or even make them programmable via key-bind settings (even better). THEN, each ship would ONLY show the consumable slots it has available to it (lie 1, 3, 5 & 7), all of the other slots would be empty and HIDDEN from view. Or anything along those lines would work. Smoke would always be the smoke key bind, radar always radar, etc. It works for me.....how about you?
  5. Pops_Place

    [ALL] ModStation

    Is it too much to ask that Mod Station actually tell you what Mods are being updated (unless I've missed something obvious)? I may have 10 Mods that I use and I get a notification that Mod Station is updating 5 but it doesn't tell me WHICH five are being updated specifically.
  6. Pops_Place

    Conquer the Stars in Master of Orion!

    I have this loaded in the WG CC however when I launch it it runs through the intro, comes up with the ELUA to accept but the mouse goes to the upper right corner of the screen and refuses to go anywhere else, even when Alt Tab to another screen/program, no mouse, is this a bug in the launcher? Anyone else experience this?
  7. Montana with special camo!
  8. Pops_Place

    Can't hear sound when alt-tabbed

    Does this still work? I tried it and it doesn't seem to so I am wondering if I may be doing something wrong...
  9. Pops_Place

    [ALL] ModStation

    I'm not 100% sure about this but it originally looked like a lot of my Mods were removed if not ready, then today it updated and grabbed 10 of the mods I had previously thought I had lost. I "think" mod station actually keeps track and brings them back when they are ready. You may want to check on it yourself to be sure...
  10. Pops_Place

    [ALL] ModStation

    Is it safe to assume that the Mods within ModStation are authorized for use? I use ModStation and got a WARNING that an unauthorized Mod was detected when I logged in to the game this morning and I only use Mods via ModStation...
  11. Pops_Place

    [ALL] ModStation

    I have JUST now loaded this and I'm seeing a lot of greyed out items as well. Does this mean that those particular items do not work with the current version (not updated yet)?