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  1. contag10n

    Salem or Jean Bart?

    I have the same quandary, but I am going with the JB. I recently earned the DM and it's a very nice ship that I enjoy. I am opting to NOT spend resources on a very similar bote when I can spend those same resources on something that looks to be very fun and is different that what I already have.
  2. I'm kinda new to the game and did O.K. Purchased all three bundles (got Irian in Bundle 2) 18,000 Dubloons (750 Dubs x2, 1 duplicate Camo for 5K and 11.5 for the bote) Also got Anshan, Loyang (had Huanghe already) and permanent camo for all 3 Irian + Special commander. Note: I haven't done much with PA line yet, so the other 10 pt commanders help me too. 10 various camo packs 64 days of premium All for an end cost of 8,664 Dubloons Edit: Also 400 steel for snowflakes
  3. contag10n

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Skycancer, stupid autocorrect
  4. contag10n

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Alexander seemed to work well before, no need to change yet
  5. Ranked, Ops and CoOp, haven't run it much in Random yet. I figure I will get around to that next month. Only so much time to play pixel boats.
  6. I'm enjoying it and figure it will likely be a go to BB in T6 down the road. I found when I go toe to toe with Arizona and Warspite it doesn't work as well, but when I kited like a CA it did better. Her armor is not bad, but penetration is not good. I run a 2ndary build so it's fun to go into caps and blap DDs in CoOp, usually eat a torp or two though.
  7. 50 Papa Papa.. not a ship, but flags I will use
  8. 20 mid sized boxes 7 NYS Camo 1 Type 59 Camo 6 Flags (Sylla, Dragon, Lev, Hydra, Red Dragon, Orob) 1000 Dubs X3 Kryspy Kreme Okt. Revolution (Out of SC) Nueve De Julio
  9. 12 crates @$54 SLC x7 59 camo x2 35K FXP 14 days Premium 1250 Dubs Your welcome for funding the game, but RNG hates me. I had already bought the Mass cause it was the only ship I really wanted right now and I had a budget of $100 so gambled on crates with the rest
  10. I seem to run about 50/50 finding good groups. Gerfalcon took a few bad games to learn on my part, but now she is my first choice. I like her for the north tower run and she's nice in the mosh pit near Rasputin