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  1. contag10n


    I've done both and found smoke helps my particular brand of stupid better than the heal. It's big, slow, did I say big turning circle can make it challenging to disengage. Smoke hides my overcommiting better than the heal does repairing it. Love the boat, very exciting matches.
  2. contag10n

    Moskva vs Stalingrad, do they play the same?

    The necro powers are strong with this one.
  3. contag10n

    New Free exp ships ?

    Where have you seen this? I've heard it speculated about in various forums, but I don't remember seeing it officially stated. I easily could have missed it. I'm not trying to shade you on this, genuinely asking where you saw it.
  4. IJN Gunboats Please dear Lord don't make me ever have to play one again outside Co Op. Just reset the line as it was one of the early lines I went up. Figured I had learned a bit since then and might be able to make them work better this time. Nope they're still garbage for me in randoms. There are BB lines that maneuver better, unless you're willing to wait on the A line for 10 minutes best leave them in port.
  5. contag10n

    My 2021 Black Friday haul

    My Dunk B results..... pretty meh
  6. contag10n

    Coal and Steel ship preference?

    Pin this post. Really good answer 👏
  7. contag10n

    Get a coal ship vs. get Lutjens?

    ^^^ Best advice posted so far and almost identical to what I would have said. A few premium ships in your early stage of play will serve you better than the commander. Later once you have some versatility in your port Commanders become much more valuable.
  8. contag10n

    We NEED a Captains Lounge....OR SOMETHING

    Silly me, I was hoping for a place we could get free coffee a croissant and maybe a chicken biscuit.
  9. I loved the Lion, just a low HP Conqueror. Spam HE at mid range, watch your sides, let fires burn then duck behind an island and reprint your ship. Then do it all over again. I liked the FdG the first time through. Then I got a Pom. Now I'm trying to play FdG 2-3 times/week just to have the XP built up for the new T10. If I don't make it, well then I have something to spend my FXP on.
  10. contag10n

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    The only one I "missed" was ZF6 and it was missed intentionally. But I really don't play to DY much any more. Odin, Anchorage, and Hizen are all port queen that I would be happy to exchange for the dubs spent. Puerto Rico is a good ship that I don't play often and I always wonder why I don't play her more. I'm enjoying D7P. It's a little underwhelming but I'm enjoying trying to figure out the air drop. I'll probably be missing a lot more DY events unless there is a very compelling boat involved.
  11. contag10n

    Man Brawl is built for MASS.

    Had that same reply typed and said. "Naw, too easy".
  12. contag10n

    25 German Battleship Container Haul

    Sometimes RNG works out, just not very often
  13. contag10n

    Chances as a new player

    This game has a lot of nuances that take time to understand. Those nuances change as you get higher tier. My recommendation to new players is take your time in tiers 2-4. Until you better understand aiming and turning and angles and ammo types and armor values and detection and many other things you will not have much fun in T5 and above.
  14. contag10n

    submarines need airstrikes as well

    Subs need to add: Rapid fire quad mount 16" guns to make them more effective on the surface Dutch CA level of AA firepower in case they encounter planes while surfaced Radar that works while submerged (Hey it sees through mountains, why can't it see underwater) Speed boost consumable to help them get into position earlier Super heal similar to British BBs Depth Charge mitigation consumable
  15. contag10n

    Des Moines legendary upgrade or range

    IMO the shells are to floaty to make range mod worthwhile. I run LM, but if I didn't have it I would go reload. Note: I rarely play it now outside of CW because I hate floaty shells.