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  1. contag10n

    Thanksgiving Super Container

    Perhaps the best one as well. Congrats
  2. contag10n

    Stealth Sale?

    Nope, rentals Nope rentals are gone. Shame, as usually you can pick up 3 ships worth of upgrades at 50% off
  3. contag10n

    Stealth Sale?

    100% XP bonus on first win as well
  4. contag10n

    Thanksgiving Day

    Today is the the day we in the U.S. set aside to give thanks for all good things big and small we have encountered over the year. I want to thank WG for providing hours of fun gaming. I want to thank all of the forum members for all the education, debate and entertainment I have received over the year. I want to thank all the players I've met who have improved my gameplay and game experience. 2020 has been a challenging year in several ways, but it has been nice to know I can escape for a few hours and just blow up boats. Here's hoping all of you have a great holiday season and a happy new year.
  5. contag10n

    When will be Black Friday in WoWs?

    I do find it interesting that here it is Wednesday, 2 days before the supposed sale starts and they have publish absolutely no info about it outside of on thing in early November. No Tuesday News or Dev Blog about it.
  6. It's another ship the FTP crowd can use and there was no " grind" to getting her. Texas is better in almost every way, but if you don't have a Texas it is a FREE premium US BB.
  7. contag10n

    So. uhh.. when does 0.9.11 go live?

    Just look at the schedule of updates that WG publishes. Here I'll post a link to it. Yeah, it's here somewhere, just give me a minute
  8. contag10n

    Pensacola vs Dallas

    Those were some of my earliest ships and the Pepsi did not like the way I played her. It was ugly. Now that I have developed into an "average" player I am enjoying Pepsi a lot more. Our Ovenchicken and the traverse mid on and she just barely out turns her guns now. I don't care for island camping so Dallas is a DOG (snowflake only)
  9. contag10n

    Weekend Spree 20-22 Nov 2020.

    Suffered through weekend M&M with probably 25% of the matches taking longer than 12 minutes. Got to play in a Typhoon match in CBs for the first time. Hoping for a 50% off sale on upgrades this week as I now have 8 boats without them. Watched some guy with a funny accent steam for a bit. He's fairly entertaining, y'all should watch him sometime.
  10. contag10n

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    Thanks for the review LWM. My limited play in this boat has relegated her to SFO status (SnowFlake Only)
  11. contag10n

    Premium Ship Review: Pommern

    Thanks Ms. Mouse!! Pom is my absolute favorite ship in the game.
  12. You know Ducky...... antibiotics can clear that right up
  13. contag10n

    Black Friday Crates

    Generally speaking you are money ahead to buy the specific ship you want rather than the loot boxes. But don't worry someone will post a shot of getting all 4 ships from 5 boxes on the first day, just understand if you buy 5 boxes your getting nothing but camos. Be sure you can live with that before you click purchase.
  14. contag10n

    Weekend Spree, 13-15 November 2020.

    Collect the last of my Storm Steel in CBs, picked up Smalland since it's going away and I have nothing better to do with FXP, reset a line with FXP. Worked with the KGV a little getting towards that 550 MB hits for Epochs mission. That is a really fun ship.