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  1. contag10n

    The change to unique upgrade was a mistake

    Yeah, but Elrod is a namby pamby wussy not even a real elf. He always waited for real leaders to make decisions while he sat on his [edited] contemplating. Isildur would have crushed him even w/o the ring.
  2. contag10n

    Ship Camo that means NOTHING to the player

    May as we reuse this one
  3. contag10n

    Expendable camo why?

    Yeah, how dare WG give us free stuff. Well I mean how dare they give us crappy free stuff. Well I mean how dare they give us free stuff that I think is crappy but someone else may like.
  4. Have too many T9 Premiums to bother with tech tree unless I'm regrinding a line.
  5. contag10n

    Dockyard - BXP Time

    Best description I have heard of those boats. Unlucks, like your unlucky if you have to play them 😆
  6. Was planning to retire next year, but after meeting with our financial/retirement advisor I will be continuing to work for the foreseeable future. Not because I have to, we have the means to retire now, but when he asked what I would do that would give me the same joy as my job I couldn't think of anything.
  7. contag10n

    Secret Santa 2022-3

    Merry Christmas @Cobarus
  8. contag10n

    Weekend Spree, 16-18 December 2022

    Flakes, Flakes and more Flakes. In doing Flakes I did complete DY stage 2.
  9. contag10n

    Brawls is Embarrassing

    Available today there are: ranked battles, clan battles, brawls, random battles, ops and coop. If you find one of these to be "not your playstyle". Surely one of the others will work. Or you can spend time complaining on forums. Maybe that is your preferred game.
  10. contag10n

    Brawls is Embarrassing

    It's Brawls. Load a game, if it doesn't work out you can load another in 5-6 minutes. Find it to be a great way to knock off flakes. More fun than coop.
  11. contag10n

    December Lighthouse Auction

    Quit confusing the issues with facts. There is no place in the forums for this.
  12. I have over 3M FXP and around 10K CT, so I got it. Need something to spend resources on. Not sure how much I will play the ship now. But you never know what the future holds.
  13. I do like this idea though.
  14. Ehh, with all the issues this game has, not sure selling perma camo for a few credits is where I want WG to spend resources.
  15. contag10n

    Coupon Fever..... ughhh (UPDATED)

    I understand @Col_Nasty. Have over 400 ships in port and any resource ship i pick up will see minimal play. I rarely play above T8 now, just don't care for the T11 meta. Don't do CBs any more, so steel is a little harder to come by. Fortunately nothing for steel that I just gotta have atm. I used the coupon on some coal ship a few weeks ago..... and sitting here cannot remember what it was.